What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Yuya



Born in May, 145cm

Occupation: Swordsman / 6th grade elementary school student

Looks:Brown hair,mash,mature impression


Dislike:Homeroom teacher


He is weak because his character development plan changes every time he comes up with a new and unusual strategy. He is treated lightly by his comrades, but he sometimes does extraordinary things, so he is looked up to by them.

Penis Man(12)

Oga’s friend who has somehow disappeared. His identity and even his gender are unknown. He is shrouded in mystery. He disappeared from the story before I knew it… I’m sorry… I named the other elementary school students at random… but I felt embarrassed afterwards and pretended he didn’t exist…


Born in April 156cm

Occupation: Destroyer / 6th grader

Appearance: Short-cut black hair, neutral and handsome at first glance, usually covered in silver and blue full plate armor.

Likes: exercise in general, games, cards, collecting stickers

Special ability:Lifting

Things I don’t like:Talking about love,Taking a hot bath(I can only take a lukewarm one)


He was on the same football team as Ogre. He thought he was a pathetic guy when he lost his position, but after watching him try his best, he fell in love with him.

She thinks it’s more fun to play with boys than with girls. He sees the girly Mei as his rival and gets depressed when he compares her to him. But she has the potential to make May say, “If Pancho gets serious…” He also has the potential to make people say, “If Pancho gets serious, he’ll be in trouble.

Eternal Summer Vacation



Occupation: Summoner / High School Student

Appearance: Round glasses, black hair, white coat

Favorite thing:Insect collecting

Special ability:Fieldwork


A character introduced as foreshadowing of the final development .

“Hee hee hee hee.” and you don’t throw your opponent’s trump card overboard.

By the way, her record after that.

DAY TWO. Kai’s going to take me down.

DAY THREE. Successfully hatched, but died at Johan’s Gate of Heaven’s.

Holy Elysian Order


Born in January 167cm

Occupation: Guardian / High School Student

Appearance: Blonde hair when she is a saint, a costume that combines a holy robe and armor, a slit that lets you enjoy her thighs, and a wide-open bosom.

Favorite thing to do:Shopping

Special Skill:Pose for men

Weaknesses:Weaknesses in pushing


A boy starts a game in search of manhood. But he was tricked by bad men and before he knew it he was an idol of the Holy Elysian Order.

Her Unique Skill [Saint] gives her an iron-clad defense, but she has no offensive ability, so if your opponent’s player skill is high, you’ll be outclassed.

I’m quitting this guild! No more saints!” But every time he’s said that… he’s been taken in by Lyle and the others.



Occupation: Swordsman / College Student

Likes:Man’s girl

Special ability:Storytelling

Dislikes: books that take your penis


The guildmaster of the Sacred Elysian Order and the leading fan of the saints. After the weakening of the summoners, the Order was supposed to be the top guild, even if only temporarily, so he should definitely be a good guy…

Eye Opening Bows


Born on December 25th 145cm

Occupation:Destructor, junior high school student

Appearance: Vestments, black hair in twin-tails, slender

Likes:Yakiniku,Japanese clothes,Big Buddha,

Special ability:Hair clipper

I dislike:Sitting on the floor,Japanese food


Me me me girl. A girl who likes to wear kimonos. I can’t exorcise spirits, and I’m not psychic, if that’s what you’re asking. I enjoy being idolized by the bowlers.

the others

Masumi Aikawa(26)

Born in October 174cm

Occupation: Housewife

Appearance: Black hair in a ponytail

Likes: My sister,Family,Shonen manga

Special ability:Household chores in general (I think about how to finish them efficiently and in a short time)

Things I hate:Cockroaches(If they appear in my house, I’ll have my husband kill them),Father(deceased)


She was a delinquent because she rebelled against her strict father, but she was rehabilitated when she met an upright, strong and kind-hearted young man. That’s her husband… That’s her current husband. She has a good relationship with her sister.

He is a joke, of course, when he talks about liking ho-ho-ho in the movie.

Kei’s nephew (6)


Likes:Mom and Dad,Ultrider



Better at games than my aunt Kei Aikawa, and bored out of her mind.


Born in December 165cm

Occupation: Company employee

Appearance: Semi-long chestnut-colored hair, Cute beauty, Big tits

Likes:Dogs,Shokugan collection

Special ability:Piano,Cooking,Cleaning



She is fond of Kei Aikawa. Behind the scenes, she and Kei are called the “beautiful sisters” and are secretly popular among the male employees. Her dream is to get married and have a happy family. If her partner’s income is not good enough, she wants to support him by working herself.

However, I often get rejected because I talk about such things to others and they think I’m a heavy person. Every time I get rejected, Mr. Aikawa, my senior, comforts me.

It seems that I recently spent a week in hell, and my skills as a member of society have grown a lot.



Occupation:Working adult

Appearance: Macho, split hairs, black with gray hairs.

Likes: Peace,Muscular Interaction

Special Skill:Machinery,Meat



He is in charge of the floor where Kei Aikawa is. He has always taken the side of his subordinates when there have been conflicts between superiors and subordinates, so he is shunned by the higher-ups.

He should be an executive-level fighter, but for the reasons stated above, he is still stuck in the position of a department manager. He is the only one whom the president, the strongest existence in the company, fears.

Miu / Miyu Kambara(16)

Occupation: Swordsman / High School Student

Looks・black hair,bob

Favorite things/small animals (I recently started to have a pet)


Coming Soon…


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