What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – The interlude story Aikawa, the younger sister

The interlude story Aikawa, the younger sister

The interlude story Aikawa, the younger sister

One Sunday.

Masumi Aikawa, Kei Aikawa’s younger sister, is in the kitchen preparing lunch. In the living room, her son and her sister Kei are playing a racing game called Marion Kart.

Lunch is ready! Okay, game’s over!

Masumi told them in a brisk voice as she laid out the curry on the table. Masumi looked at the screen and saw that the game had just finished. On the screen of the first place player, which was controlled by his son, the golden letters “1st place” were shining.

“Sister… You don’t have to go easy on her just because she’s a child.

Masumi never cut corners in a fight, even with his six-year-old son. The stronger man wins… The weaker cannot win. That’s his philosophy.

But the older sister, Kei, who was approached, did not move an inch.

“… Sister?”

Masumi turns around and looks into his face.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m on my way.

Sister, you can’t be…

“No, don’t say…”

Seeing Kei’s face turn so pale, her sister Masumi is convinced.

(Don’t tell me you lost to a 6 year old even though you didn’t take it easy on him at all?)




“But still, he’s Masumi’s kid. He’s strong as a demon in the game.”

After lunch. My son started to take a nap, perhaps because he was tired of playing, so the two sisters had a leisurely chat over a cup of coffee. Kei, who had unexpectedly been defeated by a six-year-old, has regained her composure.

“You were always good, weren’t you? I can’t remember ever beating you at Marion Karting in Rokuyon.”

Well, I was a genius.

Masumi was a frighteningly good girl compared to Kei who had always been clumsy. Kei could hardly remember ever having beaten her sister in anything.

“I envy you. I wish I was a little better at games so I could be useful to everyone.”

“Is that the GOO thing you’re working on now?”

“Yeah. It’s a lot of fun, but you know, I’m not very good at games. So I’m worried that everyone will think I’m stupid.”

In fact, they’re afraid of you.

Well, my sister’s a terrible gamer.

Masumi imagines that the other players are drawn to her because she is so bad at it. In fact, sometimes she is too strong for them.

“But you made a new friend, didn’t you?”

“Yes. They’re younger than Masumi, but they’re good kids who I respect.”

Well, that’s good. That’s more important than whether you’re good or not.

Kei, my sister, sipped her coffee happily. She looked really happy… Masumi opened her mouth unintentionally.

“Oh my god. I wish I wanted to play a VRMMO too.”

“Why don’t you try it? You’ve got the equipment, right?”

Masumi once planned to start a business with her husband. But with a child, one of them had to be with her… In the end, they didn’t touch anything other than travel software.

“I’d love to, but this girl… I can’t keep my eyes off her.

If I ask you, will your husband watch over me?

“Well, he’ll watch over me, right? “But why should I play while he takes care of me?”

“It’s definitely a little awkward.”

“It’s not like we’re taking turns, is it? It’s definitely more fun to do it together.”

I’m going to wait until my son is older, Masumi said as she collapsed on the sofa.

“I’m looking forward to it. He’s a good gamer like you, so I’m sure he’ll be number one soon. You’re unbeatable.”

“Invincible. I don’t know about invincible.

What do you mean?

“I think kids need to experience defeat in moderation.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Look, wasn’t she born in April?”

“Yeah. What about it?”

April-borns live the longest of all the students in the same grade. In Japan, where students enter school in April, being born in April is a big advantage in life.”

For example, professional soccer players are most likely to be born in April and least likely to be born in March. The earlier the birthday of a child is, the faster his or her body grows within the same school year. The physical advantage is enormous, and the player can play an active role in sports from an early age.

Successful experiences from childhood will lead to a great self-confidence and will improve your life later on. In other sports, the birthdays of professional athletes tend to be from April to June.

“Birthday… I never thought about it.

By the way, Kei’s birthday is in March. Although Kei is tall now, he was always in the front in the order of his height until he became a senior in elementary school.

It’s pretty important, you know? As usual, in kindergarten, you’re last in line. He never loses the running race.”

“It’s not a good thing… I’m so proud of my nephew.”

Masumi doesn’t feel bad when he praises her son, but she keeps talking.

But there’s no data to show that April birthdays are always successful in life. Remember, sister? We used to run track, remember?


Kei also ran short distance track and field until high school in order to strengthen his body. He had achieved good results up to junior high school, but after entering high school, he focused more on his studies and it became almost a hobby for him.

“Why did you put so much emphasis on your studies? Was it for higher education? Wasn’t it?”

His sister reminded Kei of this.

“Oh, by the way. It was my first tournament since high school, and the level of competition was so high…”

I lost my motivation. I mean, I’m broken. I couldn’t win even if I tried for three years… That’s when I started studying… I remember that.

She switched like that and went to a good college. I think her strength lies in her quick and indifferent attitude.

“You’re indifferent…?”

“But there are a lot of kids who can’t recover from that, right? Elementary school, middle school, high school, college. Every time you advance in life, every time you expand your world, there’s always someone unbelievably awesome. Just like in a boy’s comic book. Life is a series of setbacks. It’s inevitable. That’s when I want you to have the strength to get back up again.”

“So that’s Masumi’s theory of education.”

“It’s more of a mentality.”

Kei still thinks it’s better to live a life without losing. but his nephew’s mother is his sister so she doesn’t interfere too much. The point is that Masumi probably thinks her son is a pretty good guy. That’s why she doesn’t get all uppity… I want him to understand that and not forget to make an effort to improve himself.

“That’s why I wish your sister would have at least twisted my son up a little bit in the game…”

“Oh, that’s not… I’m having a little bit of luck with the items.

“Mnya mnya… Oh Kei-chan is still here! Let’s continue!”

“Oh, you’re awake! Do you want some water?”

I don’t want it. Come on, come on, come on.

“Okay. I’ll beat you next time.

“All right, then, son. Now let’s get my mother in the game.



“I understand my son, but you don’t have to be a jerk to your sister too…”

And after this Kei was beaten up by his sister and her son for a long time.


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