What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – I am, we are, Hinadora!

Short Story 1: I am, we are, Hinadora!

Short Story 1: I am, we are, Hinadora!

[GOO] Overthrow Johan [Victims’ Circle] 36.

21. avenger masso

We will now hold a regular meeting of the Committee to Overthrow Johan.

22. black goat

Now, anyone who sees Johann today, report back to me how he is.

23. Gangham.

He was cute.

24. yippatsu

He looked like he was having a good time.


Is that what a kindergartener thinks?

26. girl power

You had a happy look on your face and you hugged Hinadora.

27. Doroso.

I see… As usual.

28. black goat

I don’t envy you Hinadora.

29. avenger masso

I haven’t been able to encou…

Lucky for you, you got to see it.


No, I’m not saying we got lucky, but we need to find some way to take Johann down…


I have an idea…

32. avenger masso

Hou… You’re new.


We made it. There’s still one sane person left.

So, did you find any weaknesses in Johann?


Johann loves Hinadra and often hugs her as a sign of affection… I mean…


I mean… I’m excited.


If we become the Hinadra, won’t Johann give us a hug?

37. yuril

… What?

38. black goat

I don’t… I don’t…

39. yippatsu

oh! (startled)

40.5 doloso.

This is…

41. girl power

Oh… God…

42. Gangham.


43. avenger masso

You… Genius…


So… What if we pretend to be Hinadra, catch Johan off guard, and then take him out?


Huh? Why are we taking him down?

46. avenger masso

Are you nuts?


Oh, my God, these people!

48. yippatsu

But when it comes to Hinadora, there’s one word.

49. girl power


50. black goat

In GOO, you can change the appearance of the equipment you produce as long as you make a CG model. You have to go through a procedure, though.

You’re gonna use that feature, aren’t you?


Yeah. That’s right, man.

52. avenger masso

I see… So who’s going to make the CG models?


I’m telling you, I can’t do it.

54. black goat

I don’t have those creative skills either…

55. play modeler

I’ll take care of it, okay? I work for a computer graphics company.

56. beauty



Well done.

58. Avenger Masuo

I’ll have you rewarded later.

59. play modeler

Okay, let’s get to work.




several days later




450. play modeler

Thanks for waiting. It’s done.

451. black goat


452. yippatsu.

Come on, let’s see it.

453. play modeler

Don’t panic…



455.5 Gangham.

This is… I don’t know.


We’re having a serious conversation, okay?

457. Gargarozzo.

If you’re going to joke around, now’s the time to do it, okay?

458.Avenger Masuo.

Wait a minute.

Playmodeller. Let’s hear why.

459. play modeler

Three reasons.

One. If you turn your entire body into a Hinadora, you lose your operating range as a human being.

Two. If you cover your whole body with Hinadra, even if he hugs you, you won’t be able to feel Johan’s touch.

Three. I reduced the amount of fabric on my body as much as possible so that I could feel Johan with all my senses when he hugged me.


I guess that’s two reasons after all.

You’re not hiding your desire.


That’s great. It’s important to be able to feel what it feels like to be hugged.

But let’s just cool things down a bit.

462. play modeler

I’ve been cool about this.


Calm…? You’re cool with this?

464. avenger masso.

You’re a fool. Use common sense.

The head may be a Hinadora, but do you really think there are women out there who would want to hug it?

465. play modeler

It’s possible. Anybody here with a woman?

I’d like your opinion.

466. yippppatsu.

There ain’t no women here.


Sad revelation…

468. play modeler

Damn… Then this CG model…


You’re dead…




A few more days.




611. play modeler

This is the second prototype of a compilation of the opinions expressed in the discussion. Take a look.

612.Girl power

Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Certainly the drawback of being hard to cuddle is better, but…

614. avenger masso.

It’s more like she’s being attacked by Hinadora…


It looks like you’re asking for help.

616. play modeler

Damn… You’re right…


And the good thing about being able to feel Johan all over you from last time is gone.

618. Gargarozzo.

This is a mistake.

619. play modeler

damn (adds emphasis and or annoyance to next word, e.g. damn hot, damn kids, etc.

Is there anything… There’s nothing!

What a groundbreaking idea to combine looks and range of motion!




Another few days.




891. play modeler

It’s done.

892. Gargarozzo.

Well… So you’ve finally become a full-body Hinadora.


But it’s stuck, isn’t it?

894. play modeler

I don’t know about that.

Look at this!


This is…

896. doroso.

This shape

No, no, no…

897. play modeler

Yeah, no way.

I’ve finally completed the Transform Transform at GOO!


That was the starting point and it’s usually awesome!

899. black goat

You look like a beastformer.

900.Play Modeler

As you may have guessed, I used as a reference the transformation mechanism of Samerobo of Beastformer, a famous animation in which animals transform into robots.

This way, she can lure Johan into her Hinadora form, and transform just before she’s about to be hugged. This way, she can enjoy Johan’s embrace!

901. Gargarozzo.


Just thinking about it makes me so excited!

902. girl power

The Nobel Prize is yours!


That’s what I’m talking about! I knew you could do it.


Well then, let’s get to it!

905. avenger masso.

Can I tell you something?


Oh, come on, Avenger Masuo.

907. Doroso.

What’s wrong with this flawless CG model?

908. avenger masso.

What? When I was a kid, I had a Beastformer Samerobo.

Which is why I’m curious about one thing.

909. play modeler

910.Avenger Masuo.

You want to show me the deformation sequence?


What’s wrong with that?

912. play modeler


Mr. Playmodeler?

914. play modeler

There are three steps to the transformation…

First of all…




You don’t really think they’re going to be able to separate and merge?


You’re not going to replace it, are you?


This is useless… I can’t believe I had to remove my arm to transform…

919. play modeler

I’m sure you’ll get there if you put your mind to it.


Don’t get messy all of a sudden!

921. play modeler

Damn… This isn’t working. I can’t… What are we going to do?

922.Avenger Masuo.

Hmm. But not a bad idea.

923. play modeler




925.Avenger Masuo.

I said that the point of view of deformation is not bad.

How’s it going?

Let’s pool our collective wisdom and develop a mechanism to transform completely into Hinadora!

926.Girl power


927. black goat

Now is the time to show our power!

928.5 Gungum.

Wait for me, Johann!

We’re gonna be the absolute perfect Hinadora!


Oh… This is getting weird again.




Later, the people of the BBS acquired various specialized skills and succeeded in developing a CCG model that allowed them to transform into Hinadora without pain or disassembly.

All we have to do now is to submit the CG model to the GOO administration and wait for their approval.

Finally, the story ends with a message from the management.

‘The model you gave us is very similar to the character [Hinadora] from the Virtual Monsters copyright, so we have decided not to use it.’


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