What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 92

Why did you start this game?

Chapter 92: Why did you start this game?

A few minutes before the start of the second day, Cross logs in. He arrives at the meeting room of the guild’s home, the Citadel of Sorrows.

Is this… Is that all?”

And to my surprise…out of 60 members (10 left yesterday, so there were actually 50), only 15 of us were there. There were only about 15 of us there.

“Mr. Cross… I think we should change our plans. We’re not going to attack Oga’s guild with this force.

Zoma makes a suggestion to Cross. Last night, in the worst possible mood, it was agreed that we should defeat Ogre’s guild and regain Gaikis’ trust. “and regain the trust of the Gaikis.

But either you don’t trust me anymore. Or maybe you just don’t care anymore.

Many members were absent without notice.

“I agree. Unlike yesterday, we’re surrounded by stronger guilds today. The assault will be harder.”

“Yeah. Let’s all play defense today.”

“Depending on the guild’s deployment tomorrow, we’ll have a better chance. So here’s the thing…”

No, no. I’m going to beat Johann.

“Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Cross…”

“You’re an idiot.”

“I’m not stupid. We’re not just 15 strong. Use the guild home feature. Summoners. If we put the summons on defense… we can defend it with the unique skills we gave you…”

You’re wasting your time.

Zoma interrupted Cross.


“Oh. Did you forget? Our only summoner, tomahan, quit yesterday. Of course he did. He lent you all his skills and now they’re all useless, so he just sat here yesterday.

“What about… Huh.”

“That’s right. All the summons we used to use were his. Of course he took them with him when he quit. Our guild doesn’t have any summons we can use for protection now.

“Damn… I can’t use this anywhere…”

“Hey, Mr. Cross. Hey, Mr. Cross, switch it up. I need you to figure out a way for us to win with what we have. You could…”

Zoma hoped that by letting him know the truth Cross would come up with a plan to get through the day. His friend Ogre was a man of vision. He hoped that Cross would lead them to victory.

But the words that came out of Cross’ mouth disappointed Zoma.

“You idiot… If Tomahan quits, I won’t be able to use his skills… My God Seven won’t work… Why did he just quit on his own?

Cross… You…”

Zoma and the others looked at Cross with pity and left the meeting room.




The second day of the guild war [Killing Festival] begins with a deafening buzzer sound.

While the Second Stage players were wondering what to do, a player approached them in the guild home area.

They are the top players of the guild [Sword of the Farthest End].

There were four intruders…

We’re going to intercept!

Leave three players with unique defensive skills in front of the guild crystal.


“Damn… What the fuck?

“Our skills aren’t working at all.”

Zoma’s [Skill Lock] and Pancho’s [Kiai Ball] are all cut by the sword, and do not work on the enemy.

“Ha-ha-ha. What’s the matter? Is this the best you can do with your unique skills? Is that all you got?”

Wielding a sword in nobleman’s clothes and smiling is Kai, the second-ranked man in the GOO Rankings. He acts as if he’s just met them for the first time, but he’s already learned all of Zoma’s unique skills the day before.

“He’s got no unique equipment… He’s too strong.

Yuya let out a weak cry. Kai, however, answered them with a serious face.

“I don’t have a unique? I think you’re mistaken. I have unique equipment too. And it’s not like yours. It’s a very powerful unique equipment!”


Then why?

The students are surprised. Kai looks proud of himself, perhaps pleased by the reaction of the schoolchildren.

Zoma and the others wonder why he doesn’t use it. Kai answers their question immediately.

“But you are not worthy of my true power. “If I’m dealing with amateurs… This fashion gear will suffice.

Fashionable equipment is equipment that focuses on appearance without regard to performance, in other words, it’s a lickspittle declaration, and you’re being mocked.

Pancho noticed and said, “You son of a bitch.” but Zoma and Yuya were different.

“You have a unique…?”

“Dare to seal…?”

“”That’s kind of cooler!!!!”” “

You guys, get a hold of yourselves!

Pancho tried to rush in, but it was too late. Kai passes between the three of them at a tremendous speed, and in the blink of an eye, their HP is reduced to zero. Kai mutters as he gazes boredly at the three elementary school students as their bodies turn into particles and disappear.

“Bullying the weak is boring. There’s nothing more exciting than fighting a strong enemy.”

Kai glares at Cross in midair. Cross is momentarily intimidated by the intimidating stare. Kai sees this and sighs lightly. He turns and heads for the west exit of the castle. He seems to be leaving.

“Don’t leave without me! Don’t leave without permission! Giltear’s angry voice was heard, but Kai’s foot didn’t stop.




Cross flies over at God Halo just as Zoma and the others are being killed by Kai. Kai turns his back on the guild and leaves.

“Is that guy not coming this way… Ha.”

That’s when Cross got upset.

“Stupid… I just… You’re relieved?

When Kai left, he was overwhelmed. For a moment Cross was relieved. He was relieved that he didn’t have to fight it. But it was a great humiliation for Cross.

“Dung… Dung ohhhhhh!!!”

He shouts and loads the arrows of Aurvandil. Ready.

“I know you… I know you’re the boss!”

And he tries to activate his ulti on Gilthier, but… But he’s blocked.

“Why can’t… Why can’t we target her?

It seems you’re right on target, Mr. Gardomor.

I see…

The large man in armor known as Galdmor stands concealing Gilthir and holds up his shield. Swordsmen can use their shields to protect their allies, though not as well as guardians. The Swordsman is more aggressive than the Protector, and can be used solo.

“Decoy… It’s a skill that focuses the enemy’s attacks on you.

And the decoys that allowed him to focus on his target limited Cross’s aim to himself.

“Huh, you want to take your leader’s place… “Or you can die, you little shit!”

Cross fires an arrow. The arrow hits easily. But Gardomor’s HP does not drop to zero.

“Why won’t… Why won’t you die?

The three men on the ground were considering Cross’s attack, while Cross was astonished. Their expressions were calm and gamer-like.

“Combined with the information we had beforehand… It seems to be an attack that [unenhance before calculating damage], which has been increasing recently.”

“Seeing as how you didn’t load the next arrow, I’m guessing you’re limited to having only one of those arrows.”

Well, it’s possible he’s just an amateur.

“Ba, idiot… What have you done? If you fire it like this, it’ll do five times the damage…

Cross was flustered, and Gardomor on the ground replied with a cool face.

“Oh, 5x damage… That’s awesome! It’s just… Damage 1 times 5 is still damage 5, right?”


You’re only level 30. There’s no way you can damage Gardmor, the greatest shield swordsman in the GOO.

“Ha-ha-ha, Guillermas, don’t be so mean!”

“Fuck… You fucking… Ugh.”

Cross grits his teeth in frustration as he ducks just in time from a ground attack. The man in the silver robe standing behind Giltear fires a shot.

It was Grace, the wizard.

“Hey, Guillermas. Can we take this guy down now?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I’m sure you can spare a few magic attacks.

“Okay! Okay, let’s see… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Before Grace could raise her wand, Cross had withdrawn into the citadel.

“Hmm, I’m being a little mean, aren’t I?”

“Gilmas has a bad personality, a bad eye, and a bad bottom line…”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s why I often get into fights with my friends.

He’s a waste of time.

“What a waste. What?”

“He was alone, right? If he had someone around him, someone to protect him…”

“He would have been a formidable opponent for sure…”

Well, at least… I’d have struggled a lot more than I am now.

“Oh, what a waste. It’s a waste.”

Grace mutters sadly. “We can’t be bothered…” Giltear said “I guess so…” The three of them enter the fortress.




Cross came to the top floor of the citadel where the Guild Crystal is located. He is met by the three remaining defenders.

“People are dying all the time, but…”

“What the hell are you doing, Cross?”

How strong are they?

The three of us are in a panic.

“Don’t worry. I’m a genius, okay? I still have a chance… Hey, Tomahawk, give me the role of king.

“What? Okay, okay.

If you take the position of king, all your stats will be multiplied by 5 while you are in the guild home. This cancels out the difference in stats due to the difference in level.

“And Tyranno, give me your unique skill set.”


Cross can borrow one of your ally’s skills by using his unique skill [Forced Collection]. Tyranno’s unique skill [Jurassic Howling] has a disadvantage, but it is a powerful skill that can stop the enemy’s movement.

“No, no. I want to fight too!

“Idiot! An ordinary guy like you can’t win this fight… Just give it to me!”

“Hiccup… No, no, no, no… Dad… Mommy… Oh, God.”

Tyranno started to cry. Cross is even more annoyed by that.

“Stop crying and lend me your skills! Why don’t you lend me your skills? Who do you think you got that skill from!”


But Tyranno did not lend his skills to Cross. He just logged out of the game when he went through the menus.

“What the… What the hell is that fat fuck doing…”

“You… You really don’t know what it’s like to be human…”


Tomahawk, who had been watching the whole thing, sighed. Then he opened his mouth angrily.

“Right. You’re always saying you’re the chosen one. You’re always talking about being the elite, pretending you’re above it all. But then, when the chips are down, you just go around blaming everyone else… Hurt everyone. It’s all about you from start to finish. You never think about the people you’re playing with. You’re an asshole.”

“I’m a… You think I’m an asshole? I’m… I’m doing everything I can to win.

“Best”? Well, here we are. Well, I’m out of here. See you later, genius. You’re on your own.

And Tomahawk logged out. And the last of them.

“Playing this game with you was so boring. I mean, why did you even start this game?”

And then he logged out.


Cross, the only one left behind, hears a voice in the distance.

“… There don’t seem to be any traps… Not even a defensive summoner.

Cutlet… Cutlet… Cutlet…

Giltea and the others attacked. Cross grips his bow tightly.

“I’m… I’m… I’m…”




“Oh, my God. Is anyone here?”

Guiltier and the others reach the back of the fortress and find the guild crystal left unguarded. There was no sign of life.

He’s on the run.

What the hell were you thinking?

“I don’t understand. Well, okay. Mr. Gardemol. Nice to meet you.

I’ll take care of it!

Galdmor draws his sword and without hesitation swings it down at the Guild Crystal. Two blows! Three blows! and the Guild Crystal collapses with a resounding crash.

Giltier smiles at you.

“Now my guild is number one… Are you watching? Zecca…”

At this moment, the champion [Sword of the Farthest End] is back in first place in the rankings.


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