What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 91

The Dark Game

Chapter 91: The Dark Game

Only 10 minutes into day two.

The Dragon Hatchling Guild Home The gates of the Castle of Darkness were filled with a strange atmosphere.

“I told you we’re going in first!”

No, we need you to give it to us.

You guys screwed up yesterday, didn’t you? So why don’t you let us handle this?

“What? We’re rather trying to attack here, aren’t we?”

“A small guild… You’re not wanted here.

The guild [Johan’s Gathering] and the guild [27 Brothers], which is currently ranked 10th, have been booked. They’re arguing over which of them will attack the castle first.

“Mr. Avenger Masuo.”

Watching from behind the scenes, Ecks, a young member of the Johan’s Overthrowers, overheard the leader of the group, Avenger Masuo.

“27 Brothers is a strong guild. If we let them get there first, they’ll wear Johan and the others down… Wouldn’t it be smarter to pull back?”

X. We’ve been playing Johann and his men 50-50 for some time now.

“50-50″? That’s crazy. That’s not what I remember…”

“We’re proud of that. That’s why we can’t be such cowards.”

I don’t know if it’s fair…

“I’ve heard your story!”

Then a voice echoes from above the gate. The voice belonged to Johan, Lord of the Dark Castle. He stood with his arms crossed, his black cloak fluttering about him. Perhaps he was intimidated by the theatricality of the voice. The guilds fall silent and wait with bated breath for Johann’s next words.

They’re arguing over who gets to attack the castle. Then let’s settle this with a death match!”

Death match? “””

“Yes. The guild that destroys the enemy first will win the right to attack our castle.

Woah woah woah woah!!!! Johannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!””””” “””

Members of the overthrow Johan gathering in high spirits.

No, wait. I just thought of something…”

“Yeah. Usually if we work together…”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to attack…?”

Meanwhile, unfortunately, the 27 Lancers regain their composure at this moment. But it’s too late. The psychos who’ve been obsessed with Johann and the others won’t stop.

“Hey you guys… We’ll give you Johann’s head, why don’t you join us?”

“No questions asked!”

“Die, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“What the hell? What the hell is wrong with these guys?

You’re fucking crazy.

The people of the forum, who have gone crazy after seeing their guesses live for the first time in a long time, start attacking their enemies without asking any questions.

“Don’t be afraid! We may have 120 members, but we’re just an unknown guild!


“Ggh? What the hell are these guys… They’re useless!

The 27 Brothers squad is made up of 20 players, including the top ranked players. The 27 Brothers’ squad was made up of 20 players, including the top ranked players, while the BBS members had 120 players. But with Johan’s mental buff, the BBSers showed their extraordinary strength.

“The Defense Penetration I acquired to counter Johann sticks unexpectedly!”

“I’m going to [Magic Break] all of you wizards and lock your MPs eh!”

“Oops, this one’s deactivated… I’m going to remove the buff I worked so hard on, aren’t I?”

The people of the forum were surprisingly ahead of the rest, perhaps because the skills they acquired to counter Johan were more effective than they expected.

“Calm down, everyone! This is Johan’s trap! The hardest thing for him would be if we all attack together… It’s all a mess!

Ecks was the only one who remained calm. But when he realized that he couldn’t talk anymore… he drew his sword and joined the fight.




“Is that the way it’s supposed to be?”

Johann muttered as he sneaked a peek outside the gate.

It’s very effective. Perfect, Demon Lord.

It’s Con’s idea to encourage the two sides to smash each other. He’s smirking as he looks out.

“We can’t keep staring at them, we should get going.”

I’ll take care of it.

Yes, sir. I’ll just sidetrack them at the right moment and wipe them out.

Con waved gracefully and watched Johan, Donald and Smokejaw P escape out the back door.

“Well… After all this time, wouldn’t it be better to have Johan take them all out at once?”

Kong watches the battle with a grin on his face, and Mei, who is still in charge of defending the garden, asks him.

“For the points, maybe it’s better. But you see…”

May looks in the direction Kong pointed. Then another party from another guild is approaching.

As you approach to see what’s going on, you are attacked by the people on the message board and caught in the middle of it. Another guild’s advance party, who had been watching from afar, also felt threatened by the strange atmosphere and turned back.

“Oh, you saw the battle at the gate and turned back?”

“We’re in fourth place. There will definitely be more raids than yesterday. So today we’re going to leave the points to the Demon Lords and focus on defending the Guild Crystal.

“I see. It’s like this mess is buying us time.”

“Yeah. Thank God they’re in the mood.

And about two hours later.

“Ha-ha-ha… I got ’em all.”

“In the end, we ended up fighting with a guild that came in halfway through the battle.”

I can now focus on conquering the Demon King’s Castle without worrying.

No, you can’t do this.

The battle raged even more intensely after that, involving raiding parties from neighboring guilds that had gathered to attack the guild home of the fourth-ranked Dragon Chicks.

There were only five of us left on the board, including X. They were not strong enough to attack the other guilds.

“What? There’s only five of us left.

Johann’s not thinking this far ahead.

“Oh, shit! You mean I’m being set up?

“No, you should have known from the start!”

X runs into it.

But, you know, there’s nothing else to do, so…

“Will I die fighting?”


“Good work, everyone!”

a voice called out to the survivors of the forum. Kon is waving affectionately at them.

“Oh, I found a beautiful woman.”

“She may not have a great personality, but she’s beautiful in her own way.”

No, wait, this is a trap… It’s a trap…

X realized Kon’s aim, but he was too tired from the battle to react quickly. While the people on the message board were looking at Kon, May’s summoner, Brave Mammoth, rushed forward from the other side of the gate. The people on the message board are hit by the attack, and their HP, which was barely enough to hold them together, drops to zero and they disappear.

“Damn… Mei got me again.”

“One step forward, two steps back…”

“Tomorrow is the day…”

“It’s not just for tomorrow… I’ll be back after the event is over…”

“… Because we’re not stopping.

Looking down at the people on the disappearing message board, Mei muttered in bewilderment.

“These people… They’re gonna come back… Why?”

Now, why is that?

Kong chuckled as he answered May’s question.


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