What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 88

End of, Day 1

Chapter 88: End of, Day 1

Located in the center of the event area, Aska City contains many small and medium-sized guild homes.

Due to the small to medium size of the guild, there were no crystals in the guild home and there was no risk at all for everyone to go out, so there were skirmishes between players everywhere.

Their motivation was to promote their guild by getting results. Or, it was a battle against players in guilds that they could not usually experience.

However, on the first day, Aska City had not been caught up in the war between the major guilds, and even with one hour remaining, there were still many players still alive.

That’s when…

What the hell is that?


No, no, no.

From somewhere, a monstrous purple ray of light shoots out toward the Aska Tower in the center of Aska City. As soon as it lands, the entire city is sent into a tremendous shock.

And then a mushroom cloud like you’d see in a war movie formed, and a dirty-colored rain poured down all over the city.

Is this some kind of event?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, you’re not listening to me.

“Wow… This rain is sticky.

It’s creepy.

But this is where the real hell for the rain-soaked players begins.

“Gnuh… Stunned? I’m stuck.

“Oh my God… Poisoned.”

“Hey, hey, hey.

“Calm down. In times like this, you need to use your skills to heal… My skills are sealed!

I’ve got everything… Get up.

Players who are exposed to the rain are affected by various abnormalities.

“Anyway, detoxify, detoxify, detoxify… “Detoxify, detoxify, detoxify, detoxify… Oh, no, not again!

The rain had stopped, but the city was already shrouded in fog. Even if you don’t breathe in the fog, just touching your skin will give you some kind of abnormality.

What the hell?

I can’t recover!

“Hey, someone pass around some holy water to lift the curse!”

I’m too busy! I’m too busy protecting myself!”

“God damn… Who the… Who did this to you? !”

Players in Aska City are falling one by one.

Except for the player who used the rare item [Sacred Tree Drop], which prevents all kinds of damage, all players were reduced to zero HP and died without exception.




“You did it, Johann!”

May is riding on the back of the King Beetle, checking out Aska City in the distance through a monocular.

Then, he watched the secondary debuff fest that [Toxic Eraser] was throwing up, and he struck a gut-punch.

Zecca and the others look up at the scene from below.

“… You’ve thought of everything, Mei.”

“I never thought I’d pay attention to the range of King Beetle’s skills. Are we really in elementary school?”

Renma and Zecca are impressed by May’s plan.

When May borrowed King Beetle, she looked at [range], which is the item that determines how far away the skill can affect the player.

The wide-area annihilation type skill [Toxic Eraser] had an unbelievable range among all skills.

And he’s enhanced his range with the skill [Extend Range].

Range Extension triples the summoner’s range. The disadvantage is that the hit and damage rates are greatly reduced, but due to the nature of Toxic Eraser, it is not always necessary to hit it directly. With this combo, May now has a way to attack other guildhomes unilaterally without leaving his guildhome.

The Dragon Hatchling’s guild home, Castle of Darkness, is positioned at the northern edge of the city. From here, five more guildhomes are within range, not counting Aska City.

“Range… I’ve never even considered that concept.

Johan is standing in a circle with his six alter egos, holding hands with them. Behind him is a Chronodragon. Johan buffs King Beetle with Flower of Life from here. Johan splits his MP with [Magical Link], and Chronodragon resets the MP and Skill Recharge of Johan and the others, including his alter ego, with [Space-Time Reincarnation]. King Beetle’s magical status is greatly enhanced.

This infernal combination had made King Beetle’s attack something of a weapon of war.

Furthermore, since you are only activating your skills unilaterally and not in combat with the enemy, you are not relayed to the waiting area.

Mei checks the map and recharges her [Toxic Eraser] skill with the item [Relize Code]. The Relize Code is a rare item she’s been collecting with Kong, but she decides now is a good time to use it.

And then fire [Toxic Eraser] at the guild home of the Thirteenth Band of Death, currently in 10th place. A new hell is formed.

Then attack the two guilds in the same way. Destroy them and earn points steadily.

“I’m… I’m getting pretty tired.”

“… Five minutes left. The remaining guilds are…”

“The Guild Home of the Sacred Elysian Order… [Holy Seraph]!”

“Mei! This is the last one! Good luck!”

I’m on it, Johann! King Beetle, one more shot, go for it!”


With Mei cheering him on, King Beetle fires one last shot at the sacred seraph. A venomous purple spiral of light travels in a straight line…

“Oh, my God. What is that?”

Toxic Eraser is on the verge of attacking the sacred city of Seraph. The space distorts and a large hole opens. The hole sucks in the Toxic Eraser and vanishes without a trace. The space is restored to its original state as if nothing had happened.

“What’s wrong, Mei?”

“Oh… No… A big hole appeared… The attack was blocked.

May is stunned.

“… How is it possible to prevent Toxic Eraser, which has dozens of times more firepower with continuous buffs?”

Of course, if you want to be invincible against enemy’s attack, guardians such as Renma can afford it. However, it can’t protect you from the subsequent damage by pollution.

But that big hole prevented the attack itself.

“I’ve heard of that.”

“Do you know, Zecca?”

“Yes. The Sacred Elysian Order has a player with the unique skill of a saint. She’s known as Jeanne d’Arc of the Iron Wall. Maybe she has a skill to nullify attacks…”

“Wow… There’s such an amazing person.”

And while Johan and the others were talking, King Beetle and May came down.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t make up my mind at the end.

No, that’s enough.

“Yes, yes. Great job, Mei!”

“… Our ace of champions.”

“Eh… Heh heh heh. I’m glad I could help.”

Mei smiles happily, and at the same time a deafening buzzer sounds. It seems that the first day of the event has come to an end.

In a little while, the guild home will be returned to its original location, and Donald and Smokejaw P will be back. Then I will ask them how the waiting area is going.

And then King Beetle, who has achieved great success, begins to disappear. Everyone thanks each other and watches King Beetle disappear, and the final ranking for the first day is updated.

1st [Second Stage] 1140P

2nd [Sword of the Farthest End] 910P

3rd [Sacred Elysian Order] 720P

4th [Dragon Chicks] 710p

5th [Minna Lancers] 660P

6th [Eye Opening Bows] 320P

7th [GOO Support Department] 290P

The first day of the tournament ends with Mei’s great performance, which has greatly improved the ranking of the Dragon’s Chicks.


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