What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 82

Its strength is 1000% of Kwaggaiger's

Chapter 82: Its strength is 1000% of Kwaggaiger’s


“Woah woah woah!!!”

Zecca arrived at the deepest part of the World Tree, the guild home of [Eternal Summer Vacation], and was engaged in battle with the player who had entrusted [King] to him.

The player who has the King has all stats multiplied by 5 only in the guild home. And the enemy is a spearman, a very agile and powerful man.

Using even the walls and ceilings as footholds, they attack in every direction in three dimensions. Even a single hit is fatal.

Zecca would’ve had a hard time with this. But…

Zecca had spent the last few days training with the strongest player in the game, and had learned a number of new skills.

Invoke one of them.

“–Sword Dimension!”

Six swords float around Zecca. They are unused one-handed swords buried in storage. They form a line and float protectively around Zecca, waiting for your command.

“– attack the enemy.”

At Zecca’s command the six swords point at the spearmen. Each of them moves separately and charges at the spearmen.

The AI is in control of this sword, so there is actually a pattern to it. However, it would be impossible to detect it at first sight.

Zecca herself will join in the attack… so that her opponent will not become accustomed to sword strikes. And…

Sneak. You switch only one of the summoned swords to manual control so that your opponent doesn’t see you.

(You can’t operate all six, but you can manually operate just one.)

And with you and your five swords, you will draw them to you…

Oh, no, you’re going that way!

The enemy spearmen know what Zecca wants. But it is too late. His sword pierces the enemy guild crystal and destroys it. This permanently halves your [Eternal Summer Vacation] points from the Killing Festival.

“Damn… You fucked up… You’re not getting out of here alive.

Well… I don’t know what to do.

You’ll only get 1 point for your efforts in defeating this opponent. As Zecca is trying to figure out how to escape from the enemy she’s facing, she receives a message.

(MESSAGE…) Is that Johann? I can’t confirm… I’m afraid that’s not possible right now.)

Zecca clicked her tongue lightly as she looked at the enemy wielding the spear with bloodshot eyes.




An hour later.

As promised, all the intruders have been dealt with. Johan and Mothrae are waiting impatiently for the cocoons to hatch.

And when the cocoon glows, the ultimate metamorphosis begins.

“Holy shit!”

Click… Click… the cocoon cracks and a giant insectoid monster emerges from inside.

This monstrous insect has a forward leaning posture and a head with five horns, which looks like a combination of a Caucasian rhinoceros beetle and a giant stag beetle.

And we can see powerful insect parts such as praying mantis blades and moth wings.

The shell covering its entire body is colored gold, giving it a strange sense of unity.

“This is the ultimate metamorphosis of a worm… King Beetle!”

“The Ultimate Pervert King Beetle.”

“That’s a great status hahaha. This is worth the six hour wait!”

Mosler checks King Beetle’s status and gets excited. Then he smiles and looks back at Johan.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Johann. We’ve finally created the ultimate monster… You’re no longer needed! Go King Beetle! Burn it down!


“What? What’s up, King Beetle? I don’t know. That’s him. He’s the one who defeated the Mad King… What? Move… Move… Move… Move, you piece-of-shit summoner!

King Beetle doesn’t move and Mosler kicks him. He takes reflex damage and crumples to his knees.

“Uh-huh. Don’t do it, Mosler-chan. If you bring out a strong summoner, you’ll have to take precautions against control transfers.”

“Control transfer…? No way…!”

“Yeah. No way. The moment he was born, I used my Temptation Eye skill to take control of him.

The Temptation Eye is a powerful skill possessed by the advanced summoner Monolith. It is a powerful skill that allows you to wrest control of your opponent’s summoned beasts from the summoner.

With this vicious skill, the monolith is the first thing to be guarded against in a battle of summoners. Mosler is aware of this danger and has countermeasures. If Johann had summoned a monolith in front of him, he would have taken immediate countermeasures.

But it was unexpected that the summoner would directly activate the skill.

That’s what you’ve been trying to do all along…

“That’s what I meant. I’ll just borrow it then. King Beetle-Golden Laser!

A powerful energy wave shoots out of King Beetle’s mouth and smashes through the wall. Johan mounts King Beetle’s back and leaps out from it, flying away. He flies out of it and flies up to the very top, where Zecca is fighting.

Mosler’s “Demon!” on the back. Demon! You’re getting old!” but I ignored it.

“Oh, Zecca’s fighting… You look like you’re in trouble… King Beetle, one more shot.

King Beetle, under Johan’s direction, fires a golden energy wave, the Golden Laser, at the spearmen fighting Zecca.

“Mwah… Did that Mosler guy make it? No, no… Oh no!

The spearman was swallowed by the light and vanished.


He lands with King Beetle on Zecca, who waves to him.

“Is this the ultimate perversion?”

“Yeah. I looked at his stats and he’s even stronger than Kwagiger and Crystal Leo.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect this, but you’re really strong. I mean, you took it.”

Yeah, I had some ideas. I’m sorry I had to take control.

Zecca was impressed, but then she said, “You know what?” He clapped his hands.

I just got a message from Mei.

A message? What is it?”

I’ll open it.

Zecca opens the message. It contains a startling message.

‘Get back here as soon as you can. We’re under attack from the second stage right now.


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