What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 81

I'll Give You One Hour

Chapter 81: I’ll Give You One Hour

Johan and Zecca have killed all of the assassins from the Kakushi Kororo Hobby Club and are now on their way to the furthest sword guild home [castle of chalk].

But in the process, he found the guild home of the guild [Eternal Summer Vacation].

“I know it’s a joke of a guild name, but it looks like we’re currently in 8th place…”

Let’s just crush him.

So the two of us attacked.

The two of them ravage the guild home, which looks like a giant hollowed-out tree in a fantasy world.

It seems that most of the stronger players were out of the game, and I was able to break into the home center without any difficulty.

Johan and Zecca discovered something strange just as they were about to reach the deepest part where the Guild Crystal is located.

It was a huge white cocoon, maybe four or five meters long, that was stuck in the corner of the room. It was covered in a faintly glowing effect, and pulsed like a heart.

“Are there silkworms?”

I think it might be an alien egg. What do we do, Johann?

“I have a bad feeling about this… Let’s destroy it.

As Johann moved to release the Black Flame, a voice came out of nowhere.

“No, no, no, no, no!”

A girl in a scholarly white coat with round glasses rushes toward them. She dodges and gets up again, and stands over Johan and the others as if protecting a cocoon.

Mosler Lv:50 Summoner

He is about the same age as Zecca and Renma. Her pretty face is contorted as best she can as she glares menacingly at Johan and the others.

“Intruder… Don’t touch my summoner!”

A summoner? This?

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Thanks to Con’s strategy, the dragon hatchlings have almost all of the summoned beasts except for the unique ones. Even Johan and the others had never seen a cocoon like the one in front of them. Seeing Johan and the others tilting their heads, Mothrae began to grin.

“What? You don’t know what a worm is? You’re a summoner too?

Mosler is so happy that he’s mounting Johan and the others in this situation.

“I don’t know, Johann. I don’t know who he is, but… Should I just kill him?

“Yeah, well. We’ll figure it out later.

“I’m sorry, I got carried away, I was in the middle of begging for my life, please let me go.”

Make them realize that they have the right of life and death in their hands, and ask them why they are doing this.

Then Mosler began to talk happily about this cocoon summoner.

This summoner is a caterpillar-shaped, low-level summoner. It’s a normal summoner, nothing unique. It has a skill, but it’s not really a practical one: cocooning.

Your stats drop to their lowest when you turn into a cocoon. You cannot move or fight. Instead, if you survive in this state for 6 hours, the worm will undergo the ultimate metamorphosis.

They don’t evolve into a certain form, but evolve into a being that can overcome the situation at the time.

The AI automatically generates CG graphics, status, and skills.

“Oh, you know… Kon-chan said something about… “Interesting storytelling skills…”

“That’s unusually harsh for Mr. Kong.”

“Yeah. I heard it’s a hell of a thing to consume six hours of a working man’s valuable time off.”


[Cocooning.] This is an interesting and powerful skill, but few GOOs have succeeded in using it.

First of all, being a summoner, the summoner needs to stay by the side of the stuck worm for 6 hours. In a VRMMO, waiting around for 6 hours without doing anything is quite painful.

And even if you get stuck, you can’t summon any more summoned beasts because you’ve already summoned one. If you’re attacked by an enemy, you’re out. Cocoons are easily killed by small fry. This means that another player will have to stay with you for six hours to protect you.

So why don’t we do it in a safe city? you might think. However, [cocooning] is a skill to transform yourself into a figure that can overcome a situation. Even if you defend for 6 hours in the city, you will come out as a worm because there is no situation to overcome.

It was the same at the guild home.

But during the last guild home raid, Mosler noticed.

I thought we could go for the ultimate perversion now that the guild home’s become a battlefield. I think.

But since the attack event was in real time and there was not much time, we could not experiment. But not this time. Time acceleration is taking place. Mosler saw this as the perfect opportunity to cocoon himself in a cocoon.

That’s how you found us.

I’m sorry. Yeah! Yeah!”

No way! What if it hits me?

Zecca swings her sword at the cocoon and stops it. Mosler sees this and snaps.

“However, now that you’ve heard what you’ve just said, we need to make sure we take this one down.”

“Yeah, I’m sure there will be a summoner strong enough to kill me and Zecca-chan in an instant.”

“Please, do something about that… Please. I’ll do anything if you let me go.

“Mmm-mmm, no.”

Johann points his hand towards the cocoon.

“Fuck… This is gonna be… Oh, my God.”

Mosler jumps on Johan in desperation and punches him in the face with his black armor. He rolls to the ground, clutching his hands, unable to do a single point of damage.


I didn’t do anything, okay?

“It’s okay, Johann. She was defeated before the overwhelming difference in status.”

“Oooooh!” Johan and Zecca look down at Mosler as he rolls over. Mosler says, “Fuck… Damn…” he said with tears in his eyes.

“The ultimate metamorphosis… If only I could do the ultimate metamorphosis…!!!”

It was a total lose-lose for Mosler. It ends here. That’s why it was just a sore loser that spilled out of his mouth.

But on the contrary, his enthusiasm moved Johan.

“Is this ultimate perversion thing really that great?”


“…? Yes, yes. With a powerful player like you by my side… I’m sure we’ll be able to create a summoned beast that’s beyond powerful and godlike…”

“God… Mosla-chan. How many more hours until this girl’s ultimate metamorphosis is complete?”

“Chan”? I’m, uh… I thought it would be another hour or so.

“One hour… I’ll be right back. Mosla. I’ll stay here and help you.



“Let’s witness this historic moment together, shall we?”

It was Zecca who was puzzled by Johann’s outrageous proposal.

Are you out of your mind, Mr. Johann?

“Yes, I’m serious. Zecca, wouldn’t you like to see… The ultimate summoner.

“I don’t want to see it.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Well, then, Zecca. Go upstairs first and destroy the Eternal Summer Vacation guild crystal.

“Hey… What are you talking about?

Mosler is having a hard time with that.

“Oh, that’s okay, isn’t it? I’ll let you get away with that cocoon, and if you want, I’ll protect you from the rest of the guilds that will be coming after you.

“Ggh… Well, if I get to see the ultimate pervert I’ve always dreamed of… I don’t care if our guild loses.

However, Mosler was smiling secretly. Even if the Guild Crystal was destroyed and his points were permanently halved from now on, he knew that he could still get his points back in the remaining time if he succeeded in his ultimate metamorphosis.

Then I’ll make Johan cry too! I thought secretly.

Zecca heads upstairs with a somewhat confused look on her face. A few minutes pass in silence, and then noisy voices approach from downstairs. It seems that another guild has broken in.

Come on, come on, you’re up! Protect me and the cocoon!

“Mmm-hmm. Of course, you promised… Oh, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Johann laughed grimly and extinguished the intruders from downstairs.


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