What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 76

The First Line of Defense

Chapter 76: The First Line of Defense

Five minutes into the killing spree.

All 120 members of the guild [The Overthrow Johan Gathering] had gathered in front of the Castle of Darkness, the Demon King’s Castle.

“Can’t we all just come here?”

The young player, Ecks, tried to say something like that, but stopped.

 The guild based in the castle of darkness in front of us has a total of eight members. There’s no advantage to raiding this place at the moment.

But that is only if the goal is to win the event.

The members here don’t want to be the strongest guild from the start.

I just didn’t want to stay here until we lost.

Now then, let’s get to work.

The leader of the group, Avenger Masuo, mutters something like that, followed by the shouts of his comrades.

“I’m so excited… I’m so excited!”

“I’m coming!”

“I’m… We’re Johann!”

“Together we can win!”

The excitement is so great that the morale of the men is second to none.

Okay… Let’s go!

“”””Woah woah woah woah .”” “””

And then, leaving the bewildered Ecks behind, the players charged into the Demon King’s castle.

The plan is… No.




When Ecks and his friends invaded the Demon King’s castle, they were greeted by a large garden and a crowd of defensive summoned beasts.

There must be about 400 monsters just by looking around.

As a resident of the forums, X knows what each summoner can do. However, data on summons that are relatively new, such as the Bachimon Collaboration monsters, is scarce.

Because with fewer summoners, there’s no one left who can release skills.

Some of the forum members had changed their jobs with the extremely rare item [Change Ticket] in order to collect data on Bachimon, but after the dragon chicks bought up all the summons, they couldn’t get the higher level Bachimon themselves.

In other words, you never know what [Chronodragon], [Metal Blackdragon], and [Warfenrir] will do. You should be wary of them.

“–Final Saber!”

X unleashes his strongest attack skill as a swordsman and buries the summoned beasts in the garden in a straight line. A small path to the castle is now clear.

Now’s your chance. Let’s go.



I head towards the entrance of the castle with a few others around me. There are still many of our comrades around who are being held back by the summons, but we don’t have a plan of action to begin with.

It seems like the best move is to go when you can, so X charges into the castle.

As I was running through the garden, I looked to my right and saw an elementary school girl who looked like a member of the Dragon’s Chicks. The player named Mei was not doing anything special, she seemed to be looking around and sending messages to someone.

“I can’t believe I’m leaving you in the hands of one schoolboy like that…”

“I bet he’s so confused he doesn’t know what to do. I’m so sorry.”

“Elementary school… Heh heh heh.”

You want me to call out to him?

No, it’s Johann.

Behind X, his comrades are talking about it. It certainly looked to the outside world like they were on edge because they couldn’t play a major role. In fact, they’ve allowed Ecks and the others to break through.

Forget about the schoolboys. We’re going to the castle.

Doroso, the oldest member of the board who was running ahead of X shouts out and everyone’s faces tighten up. I wonder what kind of hell awaits us.

X and the other six gulped hard and opened the door.




Mei is sitting on top of the head of the Brave Mammoth, and has taken on the sole responsibility of guarding the garden.

“Well… I just sent six men your way. And…”

May sends a message to Kong, who is in charge of guarding the lobby. She gets a message back immediately: ‘Ok! I’ll be back in a minute.

One minute…

Check the stopwatch on the menu and look around.

“Let’s go with them next time.”

He then activated his skill when he caught the five enemy players fighting closest to the entrance to the lobby.

Command]. This skill allows you to command defending summons in the same field, and can only be used by one player in each guild home. Mei uses this skill to retreat two Hydraplants that are fighting with five others.

Under May’s direction, the Hydraplants dash off in search of another enemy. The intruders are taken aback by the summoner’s eccentricities. However, they soon set off for the entrance before them.

“It’ll take you about a minute to get there.”

And also, I’m going to type a message to the con.

This time Dragon’s Chicks’ defense strategy. It’s to “Dare them to breach the defense line.” That’s it.

In the Castle of Darkness, you need to go through the garden, lobby, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor before you get to the throne room, but don’t go all out in each field, By letting a small number of players break through to the next level, each line of defense can fight for a long time.

At first, Mei didn’t really understand what Kon’s plan meant, but now that she saw the situation, she understood.

The first attackers were 120 men. All of them were level 50, so they must have been very good players.

If they had fought a defensive battle with the garden’s forces against such players, the summoned beasts would have been annihilated in an hour.

But Con had sent about 20 people to the lobby at first, and from there the party gradually began to pull out the number of people in each party unit.

It is not an army of fifty men, but four or five groups of four or five, individually and in isolation. Not even a hundred defensive summons have been defeated yet.

The enemy forces are divided in the garden, and they are destroyed individually in the defensive area behind.

It was the best defense style for dragon chicks with few members.

“Grown-ups are awesome… They come up with these kinds of plans. I admire that.”

Muttering this, Mei sends the other five ahead and sends a message. Then she looks over and sees that the remaining enemies are low on HP.

May murmurs, “It’s about time…” and gathers her spare strength.

I’ll get the rest here… I’m gonna beat you!”

May’s voice was quite excited, as if she was finding this operation worthwhile.


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