What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 69

The Last Batchimon

Chapter 69: The Last Batchimon

Second day of pay.

Johan has been visiting the girl’s house to help with the event. Lemma is with him today.

Then let’s go to the ruins your father was studying.

You silently follow the girl’s directions. From a hidden room in the library of the city there is a staircase leading down to the basement, which leads to an underground aqueduct.

How the hell did this girl find out? And why would she let him in if she did? Johan convinced himself that it was just a game and he would follow.

And this time, I’m bringing along Warfenrir, who was a big hit last time. He’s a higher level summoner, but I’ve been summoning him with Inukoro’s Evolve summon.

Johann let Wurfenrir carry him like a princess all the way today. He seems to have gotten a taste for it.

Ranma looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth.

Johan, who was on the second day of his holiday, was excited with an Chapter about the sewers in his childhood, and they arrived at a very large space. The square floor is like a battlefield, except for the path Johan and the others have taken, which is like a cliff. It was a dead end. And at the bottom are thick thorns. Johan climbs down from Warfenrir and looks at the bottom.

If you fall, you’re gonna pay for it.

“… It’s like a death match scene from a shounen manga.”

“If it were real, I’d want a harness.”

“Oh, your dad’s not here?

The girl screams, and a man appears on the other side. Is it the girl’s father? I thought so, but no. It was one of the three men I killed yesterday. He was the tallest of them.

“You’ve been lured into this by false information.”

“… We’re in a battle here.”

I’m sorry, but we’re not enemies. I’m gonna kill you.

Even yesterday, when all three of them attacked us at the same time, it was a piece of cake. Today it’s just one. There’s no reason for us to lose. But the man laughs at Johann and the others.

“Don’t think I’m the same man I was yesterday. I’ve reached a new level. No!”

The man takes off his jacket and strips naked. His well-trained body is revealed…

“… What’s the point of taking it off?”

“I wish you wouldn’t show me so much dirt.”

“You call my body dirty? Fuck you, fuck you… Watch… Haaaaah!”

A man shouts. A glowing red pattern appears on his upper body. The pattern glows a dull reddish-black like a snake’s trail. I can feel the man’s magic power growing.

“Here we go. This is what I’m made of!”

And the man took out a black summoning stone.

A black summoning stone? I’ve never seen one before.

“… Maybe the enemies in the quest will use it for a limited time… You should be careful, sister. They’re probably pretty strong.”

“–Summon the summoner! Dark Spider!

A monster appears from a geometric magic circle. The monster is a sphere. Eight spider legs of various sizes sprout from the sphere, supporting the sphere-shaped body. Its body is covered with countless mouths and eyes, giving it a very eerie appearance.

Come on, bait… Eat me, Dark Spider.


The man hurls his summons at the Dark Spider. The summons were sucked into the circular mouth at the top of the Dark Spider, one after another. The Dark Spider’s body swelled to nearly double its size after taking in dozens or hundreds of summons.

“Whoa. I’m scared.”

“This is… This is creepy. Does it take other summons and power them up?”

Johann glances sideways at you. Johan glances to the side.

I’m in.

“I’m sorry it’s just a wait-and-see kind of thing, but…”

I don’t care if it’s one-on-one, I’m not gonna lose.

He can switch to his summoned state at will. Warfenrir leaps forward.

I’m gonna go.

Warfenrir put his hands on the ground. He prepares to activate his chain binding skill [Grapnir].

I’m not gonna eat that hand.

Just before the chain shoots out of the ground the dark spiders leap up… and land upside down on the high ceiling. He lands upside down on the high ceiling. It bobs and swells, as if something is growling inside it.

What the hell?

“Ha, you’ll know it when you see it.”

Immediately after the man says this the mouths of all the Dark Spider’s bodies slam open. The summonses he has just taken in are spewed out from his mouth one after the other. The summons are covered in a thick, sticky mucus that clings to the walls and floor with a sickening “nuchiri! They stick to the walls and floors with a sickening “nuchiri” sound.

I won’t let you.

I don’t know what they’re after, but I won’t let them get away with it. Warfenrir thinks so and tries to attack. He jumps up and aims at the Dark Spider on the ceiling, but the summons hits him in the torso. The impact sends you to the ground.


“Gosh… This is nothing.

“Hee-hee… I don’t know about that.”

A man laughs. And a black magic circle spreads out from inside Warfenrir’s body. Or more precisely the summoning stone inside Warfenrir is activated.

“Ggh… Gghhhh…”

And the summoner that had been summoned from inside his body came out through Warfenrir’s body.

“… This is disgusting…”

“My Wharfenrir…”

What came out was a chimerical insectoid monster that looked like a composite of various insects. It was about 80 centimeters tall.

Not yet… Wake up, babies!

With the man’s call, monsters of the same shape as the insects from earlier are summoned one after another from the summoning stones scattered around the area.

“Did you see that! This is the Dark Spider’s skill [Madness Egg Dance]! It can turn all the summons it takes in into babies!”

It’s a desecration of the summoner.

“… Disgusting.”

“You may be sick, but your strength is real, okay? Come on, babies!”

All the babies in the field turn to look at Johann. He opens his mouth and shoots out a jet of acid. Johan is now wearing normal clothes, not Chaos Apocalypse clothes. If he gets hit by this attack, he will be killed and his quest will fail…

I won’t let you!

A scarred Warfenrir stepped in between them, his body taking all the hits.

“Are you all right, Warfenrir?”

“Ha… Don’t worry about me. You’ll take care of it, Master.

Johan put his hand on Johan’s head and with that Warfenrir disappeared.

“Really. He seems calm and cool, but he’s the most passionate about friendship, just like in the original…”

Johann smiles sadly and puts the summons for Warfenrir and Inukoro into storage. Then he takes out a new summoner.

(Sorry Warfenrir. This fight was a little tough for a man of your stature. I’m not ready for this as a Summoner.)

“Summon the summoner–Hinadora!”

And summons a new novice summoner, Hinadora.

“Mochu… Momo-mo-mo?

Hinadora came out with great enthusiasm, but when she saw the baby chimera insects filling the air around her, she was startled to the point of giddiness.

“Hinadra, I know it’s early. Warfenrir was killed earlier… Let’s avenge him.


Johann’s words change Hinadra’s expression.

Hinadora, evolve!


Then, activate your third skill, Evolutionary Summoning. In exchange for all of Hinadra’s MP, you can summon a new summoner from storage.

“… Here on the Chrono Dragon?”

“No. This is another evolution… The Metal Black Dragon!

Here, at last, the last of the eight summons for the Bachimon Collaboration Limited Summoner has made its appearance.


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