What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 66

Paid Leave

Chapter 66: Paid Leave

It’s been a little while since Johann and the other dragon chicks decided to participate in the guild war [Killing Festival]. It was Monday morning about two weeks before the battle.

Kei Aikawa aka Johan was standing in front of the manager’s desk with a nervous look on his face. He looked nervous as he stood in front of his desk. The muscular manager is comparing Kei’s vacation request form and the schedule on his computer with a stern expression on his face.

Hey, Aikawa.


He has a clear expression on his face but Kei’s legs are trembling and his back is sweating like a waterfall. The aura emanating from the director in front of him is only allowed to be worn by those who have survived in the battlefield of society [the high spirits of a director].  Kei put pressure on his abdomen and waited for the director’s next words with determination.

“He wants to be paid on Friday the 19th…”

Yes. Is that too much to ask?

“No, no, no. Why don’t we just use the five days from the 15th to the 19th?”


Kei was taken aback. He hadn’t thought of that.

“I’ve got the week to spare. I could use five days of your pay here.”

“But if I use it here, I won’t be able to rest when I have plans later.”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Five paid days is the minimum you have to use. If you have future plans, you can use the rest of your pay. That’s what everyone does.”

“Well… Well, I’ll be out for a week next week.

“Oh. Go stretch your wings.”

Bowing lightly, Kei returns to his desk. He circles the calendar on his desk with a red pen. I’m off Monday through Friday, so the weekends before and after are connected…

“Oh, my God, nine days in a row… That’s awesome.”

I’m chuckling to myself. But I’m out of work for a week. Even though it’s not the busiest time of the year, I have to get some work done this week.

All right, let’s get to it.

Kei sips his coffee and strikes a gut-punch to get himself in the mood. Just as he’s about to get down to business… A junior colleague appears out of nowhere.

“Aikawa-senpai, are you serious about taking next week off?”

“Yeah. I’m kind of busy.

“Pien, I miss you.”

 The actuality that she is usually a nuisance to me, but I honestly thought this was a cute thing to see.

“If Aikawa-san isn’t here, who should I ask to follow up on my mistakes?”

“If you’re a member of society, try not to make mistakes. You’re gonna get a lot of people in trouble.”

“Eh~ But I’m a well-loved character, aren’t I? That’s why everyone laughs and forgives me… Huh?

Just when the younger one was saying something lame, they suddenly felt pressure and both of them turned around. The manager of the department who had been at his desk just a few minutes before was standing there looking down at them. The manager looked at the junior and smiled at him.

“Hey, did you have fun at Disneyland?”

“Yes, I’ve been playing with my boyfriend all day and dreaming of him at night.”

“Really? But I saw a line addressed to Aikawa.

“No, no, no, that was a hallucination…I had a high fever of over 42 degrees Celsius and was having a near runaway hallucination…”

“Oh, hallucinations. That must’ve been hard for you. By the way… I hear you’re still making mistake after mistake and causing trouble for Aikawa and the others.

“Yeah, well. I’m sure it’s because my OJT instructor, Omoimo Omoimo, didn’t teach me well. Well, it’s natural to follow up on your subordinates’ mistakes.”

“That’s right. We’re the bosses and we’ll do our best to catch your mistakes. But you’ve got to be ready to step up to the plate. That’s why…”

The boss smiles and tells him about the hellish proposal for the juniors.

I’ll personally instruct you while Aikawa’s on vacation.


The teary-eyed junior looked at Kei. The clinging look on her face is very protective. I’ve been in the same department as her for a long time as her senior and junior. I can tell what he’s trying to say just by looking in his eyes.

‘Help me.

That’s what the younger man is saying.



I gave him a look.




And then Monday, my first day of work.

After completing his real life tasks, Johan logs into GOO early in the morning and heads for his guild home, the Castle of Darkness.

“I think I’ll just go back to my room and smoke some Hinadora for now.”

Each guild member is assigned a room in the guild home. You can customize the interior of your room. Johann does not care about the interior. But in Johann’s room, known as “Paradise,” there are Hinadora and Bachimon summoned by the castle system.

It can be used for touching, pillow, cuddle, play, suction… the possibilities are endless. However, you can’t just go to your room and have fun when other members are around.

Johan is a working man. He’s a working man. He hugs his little baby girl and says, “meow meow meow!” “meow meow meow” in her arms.

If I stayed in my room too long and the other girls looked at me with pure eyes and asked me to show them my room… I wasn’t sure I could refuse them if they looked at me with innocent eyes. If they saw my room full of beeswax…

“You’re ruining my image of you as a sissy…”

Johan, clinging desperately to the fragile and fragile image that is already crumbling, arrives at the conference room and finds Lemma sitting there.

She’s not dressed in her usual gorilla suit, but as a pretty blue-haired girl dressed like a town girl from another world. Ranma looks surprised. No wonder. Johann usually logs in at night, but he shows up on a weekday morning.

“Good morning, Lemma.”

“… Good morning. I’m surprised to see you, Lisa. I didn’t expect to see you this early.”

Didn’t I tell you I took a day off?

“… Paid work? I’ll remember it if I hear it, and I don’t think I told you.”

“Oh, dear… What are you doing, by the way, Ranma?”

I looked at Rengma’s hand and saw herbs and bottles were arranged in a methodical manner.

“… I’ve taken the mixing skill. [I’m making potions for the Killing Frenzy.”

“Smokejaw P said he’d take care of that kind of work, but…”

“… Yeah… But I’m sure Smokejaw P’s busy making equipment for the elementary school group right now. I’m the one making these supplies. I’m only good for this much.”

“… Lemma-chan.”

(He’s so sweet.) He’s so cute.)

Johan’s eyes are watering.

I’ll help you.

“… I appreciate the sentiment, sister. You’re a good girl, so don’t touch me.”

“I’ve been let out of the line of duty.”

Johan is shocked that he’s no longer being taken seriously. Renma takes pity on Johan and opens her mouth.

“… Why don’t you go do your thing, sister. You logged in this early. You have something to do, don’t you?”


Johann is at a loss for words.

I had things to do. But after seeing a girl like this working so hard for the guild’s victory… going to her room and indulging her desires… I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. So I lie as quickly as I can.

“I thought I’d explore Aska City. See if you can find any hidden skills?”

“… Aska City. I haven’t explored it much because I thought it was a copy and paste.”

Johan has little experience, but there are humanoid NPCs in the central city at each level, and you can take on various quests. Some of them give you skills.

“… I’ll go with you.

“Great. Then let’s both go play.”

“… Yeah. It’s been a while since my sister and I went out.

Ranma smiled with a lovely face that made me want to take him back to my room, and he happily navigated through the menus and donned his usual gorilla suit.

“Oh, I knew you’d wear that.”

“… Yeah. I’m too embarrassed to walk out.”

Yeah, I know.

Thus, the Demon King and the Gorilla headed for Aska City, the largest city in the third layer.


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