What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 59

Members Decided

Chapter 59: Members Decided

Zecca logged in that day and received a message. When he opened it, he saw that it was a reply from Solo, who had sent him a message the other day.

I am very glad to hear your invitation to join the guild [Dragon’s Chicks]. However, as the name implies, I am a solo player. I’m very sorry, but I’m afraid I must decline your invitation to join this guild.

“Surprisingly polite…”

Of course, after consulting with the other members of the guild, they refused to accept the guild’s invitation, which they had been trying to do.

“I thought Mr. Solo would be a great asset, but no…”

Yeah. Not even Zaniko told us. All the dragon chicks agreed that it would be impossible for the six of us to win the Guild Tournament. But each of us has our own ideas about what to do next.

Johan, Smokejaw P, and Lemma think it’s okay to have fun.

Con, Donald wants to make the guild bigger and stronger. However, this is a long-term plan, and they do not want to win the next Guild Tournament.

Zecca doesn’t want to lose to Zanko in the next guild competition.

“If Mr. Solo didn’t make it… Good.”

As Zecca made her way to the guild home, she pondered who she should recruit next.




Oh, Mr. Zecca. Just in time.”

When Zecca entered the meeting room all the members except Zecca were there. This was a rare sight on a weekday. Zecca immediately wanted to talk about recruitment. But there were two other players there besides the Dragon’s Hatchlings that he didn’t know.

“Oh, you’re here, Zecca. Look at these two. Oga and Mei. They’ve come to join our guild.

“Yo, nice to meet you.”


A boy with dark brown hair and a girl with light chestnut hair. Their names are Oga and Mei. They are elementary school players. Johan and Smokejaw P are acquainted with them, but Zecca has never met them before.

(Are you a great player? !)

They are disappointed. The levels displayed above their heads were 28 for Oga and 25 for Mei.

“Oh, yeah. I don’t mind.

“Permission granted! Then, Mei, I’ll give you a good lesson!”

“Please, please… Please.

Kong is so happy to see the new summoner Samoner, he’s rubbing his cheeks against Mei.

Welcome to our guild.

“I’m gay.”

“Yo, nice to meet you.”

Meanwhile, Auger was surrounded by Donald and P. Smoke, and his face was drawn.

And when the mood to welcome the two newcomers had died down… Zecca made a proposal to everyone.

“Well, I’ve got a list of players I’d like to recruit to the guild next.”

When the players’ information was displayed on the whiteboard, Con and Donald showed some difficulty.

“You need to stop this [Casanova] guy. He’s a known troublemaker.

“You shouldn’t have [Vector] and [Blip], either. They’re not good for you.”

“With all due respect, I’d also rule out [General Rampage]. I’ve partied with him before, but he’s not someone I’d want to be in a guild with.”

“Hey, hey… So you’re against letting these people in?

Con, Donald and P. Smoke nodded at Zecca’s words. They were good players, no doubt, but if you asked them if they were fun to be around, they would say no. If anything, they could be the source of problems. If anything, they could be the source of problems.

“Oh, no…”

“Zecca-chan…are you aiming to win the next guild war? Are you aiming to win the next guild competition?”

“Yes… I want the furthest sword… I really want to win against Giltea.

We’re the same way. But… But I don’t think it has to be right now. We’ll grow this guild and one day we’ll win…”

“When? When? When? ! If we don’t win now… What’s the point?

So you’re telling me to put in a guy with a personality problem so we can win?

“Stop. Calm down, both of you. The new guy’s freaking out.

Johann stops him. Johan hugs Zecca gently and speaks to her in a gentle tone.

“What’s wrong? Zecca wouldn’t let someone with a problem join the guild. Something’s wrong, isn’t it?”

“Ugh… Mr. Johann. Well… Gilteer made fun of our guild a lot… calling us lax and soft… And then… I’m going to win and show her what we’re made of…”

Zecca’s eyes filled with tears. Johan sees this and smiles tenderly.

“So… You were angry for our guild… Thank you, Zecca.”

“… But I think it’s true that I’m both loose and lukewarm.”


“But, but! “And other things, like killer clowns and perverts… They made fun of me.”

“Ha-ha-ha.” That’s what they say, Mr. Donald.

“I think the pervert is probably you, Smokejaw P.”

“What a surprise!”

“Well… Aren’t you guys mad at me?

“Well… Hey?”

It’s the truth.

“… It’s good to be loose.”

“Hey, hey, hey~ I’m not a murderer~”

“I’m not a pervert either, but…”


Zecca wondered. A moment ago she had been so filled with unforgivable feelings. Zanjutsu’s blatant provocation… Zekka’s heart had calmed down enough to be able to forgive her.

“Wow, these guys are awesome… Oh, my God.”

Zecca smiles. And then.

“I’m sorry for being so weird earlier, guys. I’ll stop looking for members by force. Let’s see how far we can go with this group in the next round. I’m going to enjoy it.

The adults smile at Zecca’s comment.


Well, if you find someone you like, we’ll have to discuss it.

And so the mood in the guild returns from tense to warm.

“Huh, it was a little scary, but I’m glad you got it together.”

Mei, who had been watching the exchange from a distance, spoke to Auga who was standing beside her.

“Yeah. And I’m glad to see you’ll be participating in the guild war… I am, after all…”

Auga glares at Johan with determined eyes.

“I’m here to find out how to get the unique. And we’re here to beat Cross.”

And slowly, he makes his way to Johann. And…

“Johann. No, Guillermas. Will you duel with me?”

He recklessly challenges Johann to a fight.


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