What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 53

This can end now

Chapter 53: This can end now

11:00 AM on the final day of the event. There have been regular raids on the Dark Castle where the dragon chicks call home.

Zecca, who was in charge of defending the garden, was fighting in a garden where over 2,000 enemy and friendly units were regrouping. There was one more, Smokejaw P., but he fell early in the battle due to the concentrated attacks of the enemy. He is now unable to participate in the defense this time.

Zecca, left alone, silently wielded his sword. He no longer knows if the monsters he sees are friend or foe. Belial Karsan has already invaded the castle. All Zecca can do is to leave the rest to her companions, and to kill as many of the enemies as possible to prevent the monsters from rushing into the castle.

“I’m… I’m almost… I’m almost…

I fought well, but there were too many enemies. There was no time to recover with potions. Zecca’s HP was about to run out.


Suddenly the sky shines. A great gate appears in the sky and slowly opens. And it sucks in all the enemies on the ground.

“Is that… An angel?”

The player who seems to have opened the gate descends slowly with a halo. It’s a player who shouldn’t even be here…

“The devil… Johann?

Johan, who was scheduled to join us on the last night, is coming down… He’s logged in.




Friday, the day before. Kei Aikawa went home after finishing a light overtime work, but he went to sleep and overslept the next day due to the accumulated tiredness of the week.

You log in as Johan and rush to the guild home to find Zecca struggling alone. He jumped off the Meteor Bird he was riding and launched Gate of Heavens at the enemy.

Johann. You’re supposed to start tonight.

“We’ve had a change of plans. We can play all day.”

Really? Yes!”

“So, what do I do?”

In the meantime, I’m going to kill all the enemies in here.

“Well, that’s easy.”

Now with the Gate of Heaven’s, we’re down to about 150 enemies, and not counting our allied summons, we’re down to roughly 150… Or maybe even zero.

Can we go?

Zecca visits, using the potion.

“Well, let’s see. Let’s start with… [power yell]!

Johann uses his Intermediate Summoner Backup Cheer skill [Power Ale] on Zecca ten times.

This adds 1000 to Zecca’s Strength.

“Thank you! This will cut my enemies like tofu!”

“Good. Well then, I have some preparations to do. Can you keep them away from us until then?”

I’m on it! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Zecca runs out into the enemy lines, full of motivation. Johann unsummons Meteor Bird, and summons a new Prelephua. He gets Preleafur to use Flower of Life, and uses Flower of Life himself. You also use [Multiply], and create two more alter egos.

“It’s just the same old thing… It’s impossible to defeat all of them at once.

You don’t have to beat them all at once.

“But now that I’ve multiplied, I can operate I can use every skill I have. Which means… “Multiply.”

Johan commands his multiplying self to use more multiplying. Two new Johans are born from each of the multiplying Johans. More multiply. And more multiply.

“Ugh… I’ve got a headache. I think I’m at my limit.

After creating thirty Johans, the main Johan suffered from a light headache. It seemed that the limit of simultaneous operations had been reached.

I was really hoping to get 48 of them, but I guess that’s not gonna happen. Too bad. Then let’s all do it together! [Flower of Life.

“””” Flower of Life.”” “””

“Go on [fighting spirit, pole].”

“””” fighting-spirit-polar.”” “””

With thirty alter egos it was almost impossible to control them individually. So Johann lined up his thirty alter egos in a row with his back to the castle and had each of them use their enhancement skills.

“Then let’s all go at once…”

And the main body and its 30 alter egos all assume the same pose.

“Hercules beetle stance, wave!”

A total of 31 Johans unleash Buster Beetle’s Terror’s Blaster at once. The enemy notices the attack, but cannot avoid it. No matter where you try to avoid them, there is no escape.

“Eh… A lot of Johan’s posing weird… Huh?”

Zecca, who had been fighting on the front lines, is also engulfed by the light, though she is undamaged. And all the enemies in the garden are destroyed.

“Hmm. We made it.”

Johann walks towards the fallen Zecca, high-fiving the others as they disappear.

“I’m sorry, Zecca. I didn’t mean to drag you into this.”

“That’s great, but… But what was that pose you just did?

Yeah, it’s called the Hercules beetle stance…

“Wow, that’s a weird pose!”

“It’s so cool… What, weird? Weird?”

“Yes. But since you’re doing this, Johann, there must be some big secret to it, right? Is it kobudo? Or… Johann? Where are you going?

“Sigh… It’s nothing.

Johann swore he would never pose like that again! he swore as he walked into the castle.


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