What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 48

I'm really sorry

Chapter 48: I’m really sorry

“Damn… I can’t get any party members.

At the entrance to the ice dungeon in the second level, the elementary school player Ooga clicked his tongue. Unlike normal dungeons, the dungeons that lead to the next level cannot be entered again once they have been cleared.

Since the most notable players had already moved on to the third level, Oga had not been able to put together a force strong enough to defeat Crystal Leo.

“Then why did you leave the guild? You’re such a thoughtless person.”

The one who complains about him is [Mei], another elementary school player. Her occupation is a summoner. She is a beginner player who started playing GOO because she admires Johan, who received the Chrono Dragon at that time.

“Because… You know I don’t think well of Cross, right?”

“Yes, yes. We have a history. Well, I don’t think you’d be a good match for Cross at all.

What the fuck?

“I’m not completely defeated by your face, your talent, your income, or your abilities.”


Auga cries out, his heart beating in his chest at Mei’s clear statement. Cross is an elementary school student who earns money from a video site and brings home some money. His mother and Cross’s mother are extremely close to each other, and she’s often quoted and criticized by her mother. This is probably one of the reasons why he hates Cross.

“Well, I mean, so what? I’d rather be with you than with Mr. Cross.

What? What did I say?”

“Uh… Nothing.”

We can’t go on like this anyway. We’ll never make it to the third level.

I don’t like that. Get someone strong to help you…”

Hey, you guys!

Then I saw a familiar face.

“Oh no! Master Johann!

Mei looks at Johan with a vacant expression like she’s looking at a handsome actor. Oga makes a disgusted face. Johan, who has taken off his Demon King gear, comes up to them waving his hand.

“Johann m… Johann. What are you doing here?

When asked by Mei, Johan makes a troubled expression on his face.

“Well… I have a new member in my guild, but he hasn’t cleared the ice dungeon yet. I’m looking for someone to team up with.”

That made them both gasp. He’s a good player in Johann’s guild. He must be strong.

Then we’ll work with you.

“Yes, we were just looking for some friends to challenge the ice dungeon.

“Oh, really? “Oh, really? Good. I’ll go get her then. You wait here.

Johan walked out of the room.

“Oh, Johann… You look so nice back there.”

“Really? She’s kind of tall for a woman. I don’t like her.”

“Don’t be silly, you’re a model! I bet you’re a model or an actress in real life. Every girl wants to be a model… Oh, she’s back.

“Oh, yeah… What? Is it me, or is there something weird back there?

“It’s not my imagination. What the… Ow.

“Don’t tell me you’re the newest member of the guild…”

Johan came back with the P. Smokejaw. The strong man in the idol costume smiles when he spots the two school kids. Sweat runs down their backs like a waterfall.

“Oh, you’re a schoolboy player. That’s nice. I have girls your age. Well, I’ll have to work on that.”

He’s posing to get into a spirited mood. Whenever Smoke Strike P’s muscles swell up, his already tight idol costume seems to tear to shreds, which is heartbreaking.

“A schoolgirl… Oh, my God.”

“Oh, my God, your poor daughter…”

This is P. Smokejaw, and he’s just like he looks. And these two are Oga and Mei-chan.

“Oga and Mei… I see… I remember. Then let’s go to the dungeon.

The three shook hands, formed a party, and dived into the ice dungeon. Johan bowed 90 degrees to the two pale-faced schoolchildren as they walked away.


And he apologized profusely.


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