What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 47

everyone is Different and Everyone is Good

Chapter 47: Everyone is Different and Everyone is Good

My player name is [煙条P] and I’m a 35 year old working adult. He is already married and has a daughter who will turn 10 this year. Yes, he is neither a pervert nor a psycho.

Let’s talk about the cause of this↑.




At the end of last year. He got a VR game at a bingo event at a year-end party, but at first he didn’t want to play it. He didn’t want to play the game with his daughter and wife around. But his daughter is now old enough that she doesn’t need her father to play with her every time. And my wife said, “You like games, don’t you? It’s a good stress reliever. Why don’t you try it?” I decided to start playing with her.

The reason why I chose Genesis Omega Online is because it’s a cheap monthly subscription with no fees as long as you buy the package.

I started the game as a spearman with the same name [煙条P] as I usually use when I am active on the net. I started the game as a spearman and enjoyed making items and equipment.

GOO provides a service that allows you to bring 3DCG created by an external company into the game and change the appearance of common items. The service allows you to change the appearance of common items. Smokejaw P, who used to work for a design company, created a variety of clothing and equipment, and became a popular production player.

It was only about a month ago that his smooth sailing gaming life took a drastic turn.

Idol Stars collaboration event. The moment he saw this announcement, an electric current ran through him. It was about 15 years ago when THE iDOLSTARS came out. Smokejaw P, who was a university student at the time, was fascinated by the idols in this game. He had been creating derivative works in order to spread their charms to the world.

His passion at that time came back to him, and he produced more items [Producer’s Hat] to increase the number of drops. He gave them out to various parties to help them out, and played through this event. But he wasn’t fighting. He’s been watching the singing idols from off-stage, pretending to be a producer. (Of course, he’s agreed to this with his party members.)

Thinking back on it, the foundation of his 3D modeling skills was acquired when he was working hard as a secondary creator. The existence that used to be behind the screen, but could never be touched. The sight of his idols, so near and yet so far away, singing in front of him, makes his eyes burn with excitement.

It’s the last day of the event. The idols who had finished their performances were usually supposed to disappear into particles. But on that day… they came offstage… and looked at Smokejaw P. And then…

“Producer. Hi-Touch!”

She holds up her hands. Smokejou P. is so overcome with nostalgia and emotion that he can’t move for a moment, but slowly he high-fives her as if he’s chewing on something. Then he smiles with satisfaction, and the idol disappears.

Then you’ll get a message.

‘Sakura Happiness SF Series’ head, body, right arm, left arm and leg

Defense +30, Agility +30, Non-transferable, Non-destructible, Non-saleable

Equipment Skill:Live For You!

<Conditions for obtaining.

This is given to the player who watched over all the idols’ live performances in the limited collaboration event ‘Idol Stars’. There were many players who peeked at their skirts from a low angle, but you were the only one who watched over them as a producer.

“No, why are you dressed like an idol?”




Johan was moved to tears as he listened to the story. Perhaps he could see himself and Hinadora in the story of the idol. He could also sympathize with the part about how she was in trouble because of the idol’s costume. Johan himself fights with Chaos Apocalypse equipped, but to tell the truth, I really wanted to have equipment based on the main character Bachimon.

“I know~ the first time I put on my unique gear, I was so embarrassed.”

“…? No, I’ve never been ashamed of this equipment.”



Johan is upset by the serious scowling face of the man in the idol costume sitting in front of him.

“This is my strongest costume from 15 years ago when I was enjoying Idol Stars. I know it looks old-fashioned and a little bit sweet potato looking now, but I think I inherited this costume from the girls. But I think I inherited this costume from the girls. I’m not ashamed of it at all.”

(… A little bit.)

This could be a really bad guy. So I turn to Donald and Lemma, who are standing behind me, to ask for help.

“… What?

Johan turned around and was surprised.

Sitting there is Donald, a red-haired, all-back, clown-makeup, muscle-bound guy.

And then there was Ranma, the badass in the round gorilla suit.

He turns around and sees an old man in an idol outfit with beautiful eyes. Johan finally realizes… He realizes that everyone around him is a monster. This place is now balanced by the fact that everyone is dangerous.

“I understand your passion, Smokejaw P. By the way, we’re looking for skilled production players right now. Are you going to join our guild?”

Yeah, but… But…

Smokejaw P looks at Johan and Donald alternately in a cold sweat. The Demon King and the Clown. They look terrifying to be honest. He’s especially wary of the clown. Putting himself on the shelf, of course.

I feel like you’re being incredibly rude.

But at the same time this thought crossed Smokejaw P’s mind. I’ve been misunderstood and ostracized from the party because of this equipment, but I thought that I wouldn’t be so conspicuous amongst this group of strong members. I thought. Then I could go hunting and work on my gear like I have been doing.

“Very well. Please let me join your guild. I’m still confident in my skills at making equipment.

“Hmm, we have a deal.”

Johan and Smokejaw P shake hands.

“This is a pretty crazy addition.”

“… He’s a decent guy on the inside… Maybe.”

Johan added a production player, P. Smokejaw, to the guild. Thus ended the recruiting activities of the guys who all thought they were the “most decent.” The recruiting activities by those who think they are the “most decent.


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