What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 46

Ting Tong

Chapter 46: Ting Tong

One weekday night.

When Kong arrived at the meeting room of the Dark Castle, the guild home of the [Dragon’s Chicks], he found unidentifiable objects lying all over the place. And in the corner of the room, there was a depressed Johan sitting on a gym chair.

“What the hell is this? What happened?


Donald told the story with a laugh at Con’s question.

About an hour ago. We’ve finally decided to use transcoding to increase the capabilities of our equipment.

But unlike items, transcoding alone is not enough to strengthen equipment, and people with production skills are needed. But such people are not available in the current dragon hatchlings. But there are no such people in the current Dragon Hatchling.

”I’ll ask someone I know~”

So Donald reached out to a production player he knew.

‘No. They’ve already received requests from other people and they don’t know when they’ll be able to do ours.”

Yeah. It’s already been a week since the third level was implemented. Players who cleared the hidden events were getting [Transcode] one after another. Also, with the guild competition coming up next month, guild members can’t be relied on (because guild members have priority), so free production players are in high demand.

I’ll try it then!

Johann came forward. He thought he could be of some use to me, since his skill level is 1500. With the extra ranking points I had left over, I got the [Elementary Production] skill. I made a sword out of some materials.

Is that what that sludge thing is made of?

“Yes, he’s numerically dexterous, but… But Johan himself is not good enough.

“But then I started making the sword and all of a sudden some weird rhythm game started… I didn’t hear anything about that!”

In GOO, a rhythm game-like mini-game starts when a producer creates an item. You have to press the buttons at the right moment.

The difficulty of the game increases with the rarity of the items you produce and enhance. The result of this game and the result of the player’s dexterity will determine the success or failure of the game.

If Johan can’t produce an ordinary sword, he won’t be able to successfully strengthen the unique equipment.

“But I’m at a loss. It’s a shame we can’t enhance it now that we’ve got the transcoding.

“Yeah, I know. “But there aren’t any good production players available this time of year…”

When the older students were in a quandary, Remma, a girl in a gorilla costume who had somehow arrived at the scene, told them.

“… I have an idea.


“… Yeah. You know, when I met your sister for the first time, I had a producer’s headband, right?”

“Oh, yes. Zecca said that only skilled production players can make them.”

“… He’s the guy who made that. Maybe he’s not in the guild yet. It’s worth a try.”

Johann, Kong and Donald looked at each other.

Well, maybe I can get you to introduce me.

“Yeah. If you’re good, I could recruit you.”

“I can’t wait to see what he’s like.”

“… Don’t worry, he’s got the skill and the design ability. After all, he’s the one who designed this gorilla armor.”




The three of them suddenly felt uneasy.




Johann, Donald, and Lemma have arrived at the central square of the Citadel on the second level.

“I’m looking for someone named [煙条えんじょうP].”

The actuality that the actual production player is actually a man in his thirties, according to REMMA.

“What the hell is with that stupid outfit?”

You’ve got to be kidding me!

“You’re disgusting, old man!”

No, no… This is a powerful and unique piece of equipment.

This is not a game!

“Don’t come in here with your feelings!”

There seems to be some sort of dispute. It seems that one of the male players has been kicked out of the party.

Above the head of the man hanging down was the sign [煙条PLv40]. That man seems to be the one Johan and the others are looking for.

“He’s… But he’s dressed like…”

“… Well, it didn’t look like that before.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty crazy looking.”

Donald Smile, who is known for his intimidating looks and badassery, has called him “crazy looking. The man who is known for his intimidating and dangerous appearance, Donald Smile, is called “P. Smoke.

Yeah. For some reason, he was dressed in a revealing female idol outfit.


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