What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 44

The Sword of Example

Chapter 44: The Sword of Example

[Advanced Summoning.] This skill, also called Extra Summoning, can be learned when a summoner with [Intermediate Summoning] reaches level 40, and is used to summon advanced summoned beasts.

But summoning an advanced summoner is different from summoning a mid-level summoner. First of all, there is a cost to summoning an Advanced Summoner. When you summon a summoner, you must destroy at least two summons controlled by you or your allies as a cost. The number of costs required depends on the summoner.

However, since it is practically impossible to meet this cost by yourself due to the weakening of the example, you can summon it by paying a lot of MP instead of the cost as a remedy.

However, the amount of MP required is far beyond what you can afford, so you will need to be creative and use items that can overload the MP consumption, as Kon did.

That means that summoning advanced summons is a lot more trouble than it sounds. This is why Kong prefers to use intermediate and beginner level summons.

But just because it takes more time to summon them doesn’t mean that the higher level summons are weaker.

“Ku… Get… Let go of me… Get off of me!

A hydra-plants that materializes by binding up Gilthia’s body. This dragon-like creature is a rather high-cost monster that costs four units to create. The ivy holds such a high-level monster in place. There is no easy way out.

“While you still can, Zecca! Decide!”

Roger that, Mr. Kong! –Grand Crow…

Zecca is getting ready to launch her big move. But…

“Don’t lick it! [refit]… Sword Armor!”

Gilthir uses his Transmutation skill to change his equipment from golden armor to bladed armor.

Sword Armor. This armor is not unique, but it is very aggressive.


Then he activates his Swordsman’s Attack skill with the blade of his armor and cuts through the ivy that binds him, escaping the Hydraplants’ bonds.

That’s no way to get out of here. What a… How did our best trick get out?

“You underestimated me!”

Snickering, Giltier lands on the ground. He activates the disguise again. He changes his armor back to gold armor, and in his right hand he holds a new sword.

That was…

*Imaged figure

It was Johann in the audience who first noticed the sword’s true identity. The sword was twice as long as its owner, and the blade was white with golden letters engraved in various places.

The name is [Omega Sword]. It is a sword based on the motif of Omega Prime, the most powerful sword in Virtual Monsters, and is a unique equipment that can be obtained in the Virtual Monsters collaboration event.

Wait. What was that? I’m pretty sure that’s the guy Roland was bragging on Twitter about how he got it! Why does he have it?

“That’s her… That’s the power of Giltea.

Gilteer’s unique skill is [Collector]. This skill allows her to receive non-transferable unique equipment. Gilthia herself has never acquired any unique items. But she has been able to get the unique equipment that her brother Roland collected with the power of Collector. Note that the Collector can only transfer one unique item per item, so it is impossible to trade or exchange unique items through Gilthia.

“The original owner of all the unique equipment she’s used so far is Mr. Roland. But he’s not interested in unique equipment. After showing off his equipment, he gave it to his sister.”

“Idiot… No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that sword is…

“Yes. This Omega Sword has tremendous power over summoned beasts. I’ll show you now.

Gilteer raises the Omega Sword to the sky. She seems to activate some skill built into the sword.

I won’t let you, Hydraplants!

Under Con’s orders the Hydra Plants extend their countless tentacles and attack Giltea. But…

“Oh, no…”

The tentacles released by the Hydraplants disappear as if they were bounced by an invisible barrier.

“This sword is the most powerful anti-summoner equipment. As long as I have this sword, I’m immune to all attacks and skills from summons! Fox, your trump card is useless.

“Oh, no… My hydraplants…”

“Not only that… Activate the skill contained in this sword–[All Deliver]. Destroy all summoned beasts in range unconditionally!”

A black wave of energy shoots out from the Omega Sword held aloft. When it touches the Hydraplants, their bodies are instantly annihilated.

“Damn… I guess a weakened Summoner can’t beat the best swordsman.

Mr. Kong…

Giltear laughs as Kong hangs his head in shame.

“Well, I’ll give you credit for doing well against me. You were probably stronger before I weakened you. But now that I have this sword… I’d have won even if you hadn’t been weakened.

Giltear laughs as he shows off his Omega Sword to Kon.

Now, get me another summoner. I don’t think you can do anything now that you’ve lost your most powerful summoner.

“Kkk… “Kuh-kuh-kuh… Just kidding.”

What? What are you…

You said earlier that Hydraplants were our trump card… That was a lie.

“Is… Lie?”

“You don’t know anything about summoners. They’re just a big fish that costs a lot. I’m sorry you were fooled by their visuals.”

“Kuh… Then summon your true trump card! No matter what kind of monsters appear, I’ll make them disappear with this sword!”

“Well, I’ll take your word for it… Summon the summoner– back up Cheerleader!

An angel in a cheerleader costume appears from a geometric magic circle.

“That’s the most powerful…”? Well, okay. Die– [all die].”

Girtia raises her Omega Sword to the heavens and tries to activate her summoner annihilation skill. But…

The black wave never left.

“Oh no… I thought the charge was complete. What? Is it buggy?

“What are you gonna do? Then back up cheerleader Zecca with a power cheer.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kong.”

“Just… Why are you… Why is your skill… Oh, for God’s sake! [refit]… What? It’s not working?


Girtia is puzzled when her skill doesn’t activate, and Zecca, who has gained the effect of increased muscle strength from her Power Ale, slashes at her. Giltear fights back, but she is holding a five-meter long sword in her hand. She is at an overwhelming disadvantage against the speedy Zecca.

“Oh my goodness, Giltia-han? Why aren’t you doing what you do best? You can’t beat Zecca-chan with that clothesline, can you?”

Shut up! What did you do?

“Oh, it’s our fault? No, it’s not!”

Angry Guiltier and agitated Con .

Of course, the anomaly that happened to Gilthier was Conn’s doing.

[Triple Disaster.] This is a unique skill of Kong. It is a terrible skill against players, using a summoner you summoned as a medium to inflict an invisible condition on the player you kill.

Kon has succeeded in planting a [Dark Virus] in Gilteer through Hydra Plants. The effect of the Dark Virus blocks Guiltier’s last three skills for the duration of this duel. In other words, [All Deliver], [Conversion], and [Slash] cannot be used in this battle. With disguise blocked, Giltier will have to use the menu to change his equipment. But Zecca will not give him that time. He pursues Gilthier with a swift two-fisted sword-fight.

“The Hydraplants being taken down was part of the plan. All to create this situation… Now it’s just a matter of time before they do.

Con looks at Roland. His sister is on the defensive, but still no sign of movement.

“Damn… I can’t… I’m…

Gilthier fights back with his long clubs. But he was unable to match Zecca’s speed, and even with the defensive power of his golden armor, his HP had reached its limit.

And .

“… Grand Cross!!!”


Zecca’s strongest attack hits. But it doesn’t finish him off. Giltear activates his Guts at this point, and he survives with 1 HP. He survives with 1 HP and is invincible for 10 seconds. But Zecca doesn’t plan to wait for that. [She activates her Invincibility Penetration Skill and delivers the finishing blow, but…


I thought I had killed Gilthia. But it was Roland who caught Zecca’s blow with his sword.

It’s too early to start cutting… No, it’s not…”

Giltear has moved to the place where Roland was just now, and he’s already using a potion to recover his HP.

“You switched places…”

“That’s right. Position changes aren’t your thing. Aah!

Roland pushes back Zecca’s sword as they exchange blows, then crouches down and pushes off his foot. Zecca is caught flat-footed.


“–Slash–Power Slash!”

Zecca’s HP is reduced to zero and she is sent to the audience next to Johan.

“Ku… Zecca’s been killed… But it’s not every day we get to fight Roland… Let’s have some fun!”

Kong smiles wryly. But after recovering and switching equipment from the menu, Gilthier joins Roland.

“Mmm-hmm. You’re gonna tell me what you did to me.

“Well, shall we go alone this time?”

“I can’t… I’m so sorry, I can’t…

I can’t do it. Con throws up his hands and surrenders.


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