What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 202

Maihama is not Tokyo

Chapter 202: Maihama is not Tokyo

“So the Friend Medals were given out as a login bonus…”

The [Tomotachi Medal] is an important item for making friends with monsters. Dr. Medamon didn’t explain anything about it, but it seems that you can get it as a login bonus.

Open the menu and take one out to try it out.

“Oh, my… I might have missed it a little bit!”

A medal 4 cm in diameter and 8 mm thick is held in his hand.

The center part of the medal is made of plastic, and a die-cast ring surrounds it, which is quite elaborate and heavy.

The moment I hold it in my hand, memories of my childhood come flooding back.

“You know, I think I might have had one of these medal toys. My sister wanted it so bad I gave most of it away.”

Johan enjoyed Medamon from kindergarten to second grade.

Since I was still very young, my father used to buy me Shokugan and Gacha-gacha (toy toys) that contained Buddy Medals.

But my sister loved Medamon more than me, so she used to cry and scream, “I like my sister’s better!” she used to cry and scream.

In that case, he gave the medal to his sister.

At first glance, Johan felt sorry for his sister, but he loved the way she smiled after he gave her the medal, so it was all right for him.

Johan squints with nostalgia as he recalls a certain sister.

“Oh, Johann!”

As I was walking out of the lab, a familiar face approached me from around the entrance.

Zecca runs up to me with a smile on her face.

“Zecca? Are you done with your errands at home?”

“Yes. I just got home! And Mew told me that Johan finally participated in the Medamon event! I logged in to play with him!”

“That’s good. I didn’t really know where to start.”

“Oh, it’s surprisingly unkind – this collaboration .”

The two of them leave the institute while having a conversation like this.

As soon as he left Zecca pulled out an item that looked like a map.

It’s a… A map?”

Yes. It’s a volunteer map.

Zecca nodded.

“This event… Genesis Omega Online GO. It’s also known as GOOGO G.O.O.G.O…”

“It’s hard to say. It’s hard to say.”

If you’re going to abbreviate the alphabet, at least keep it to three letters or less, Johan. I can’t remember more than four letters these days.

I’d like to think it’s not aging.

“At first, I thought, ‘There’s no medamon at all! There’s not enough Medamon at all! But gradually, those opinions faded as the fun of collecting familiar monsters began to fade away… But the fun of collecting familiar monsters gradually faded away, and the hardcore players started to get serious about completing their friend’s picture books.”

“So this map was made by those hardcore people…”


That’s great…” he mutters. Johann looks down at the map.

It was a map of the whole of this 1.5-layer Mega-Tokyo (it was a simplified map of Tokyo), and a summary of the main points of the monsters to be on the lookout for.

Tokyo Station and Medamon Institute are depicted in the center.

And extending in a circle from Tokyo Station is…

It’s like the Yamanote Line.

“Yes. The Imperial Palace is just ahead. In GOOGO, it’s an area for beginners called [Fureai Park Area], and it’s circling around there. .”

“Wow.” I’m impressed, but looking at the map, there are stations in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara.

“You can take the train!”

“Hmm… I ride it every day, so it’s not very exciting.”

However, it is said to be useful when you go to [Shinjuku Labyrinth] or [Shibuya, the City of Fear] on the other side from here.

You may use it later.

“So, Johann. I’d like to propose that we go somewhere together.

Yeah, okay.

Yes! So where shall we go?”

“Anywhere is fine. What do you recommend, Zecca?”

Zecca groans before answering Johann’s question.

“There are a few options. First of all, if you want to see the best part of the Medamon event, practicing getting friends and seeing the Medamon, you should go to the Imperial Palace… I think it’s better to go to the [Fureai Park Area] again…”


“Or, if you want to go for a monster that hasn’t been registered in your friend’s directory yet… [I think it’s the Black Mouse from Maihama Cinderella Castle.

Black Mouse?

“AKA the Black Devil. Simply too powerful a fighter to be friended.”

“Just hearing that sent shivers down my spine…”

GOOGO is an event that has already been going on for a week now. Johan thinks that the monsters that are too strong to be friends with are too much for him to handle.

Because this event is not just about beating them.

“There are lots of other mouse monsters around Cinderella Castle.”]

“Hmm. Maybe we should go to a normal beginner’s place and practice getting friends.”

“Then that’s the Fureai Park area over there. The raid will start in an hour, so let’s practice making friends along the way.”


“Yes . There are raid battles several times a day. Of course, you can make friends with them if you beat them. The rewards are great, so you should be sure to participate.”

Okay, okay.

“Come on. Let’s go!”

With Zecca in a good mood, Johan steps into the [Fureai Park], the Imperial Palace in the real world.


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