What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 199


Chapter 199: Victory


‘Kerakera kera kera’.

“Oh, did he avoid me?

In the sky above the battlefield that resembles a satellite, the Raid Boss Monster Demontulus, Roland who gained the ability to fly, Mei who turned into a god of war, and Johan’s new friend Meteor Phoenix are battling it out.

“Miss Mei, aim for the moment the enemy lands on the dome wall.”

Okay, okay. [Time Boost…] Yakuzaikazuchinokami!


The neck parts of the electronic beasts were clothed in an aura of lightning and bit down on Demontulus’ body as if to hold him down.

‘Git… Kerah’.

“Now, Meteor Phoenix! –Final Meteor Impact!


The skill inherited from Meteor Bird is activated and Meteor Phoenix’s body is enveloped in holy fire.

Then he charges at Demontulus with his arms outstretched in front of him at great speed.

‘Tch tch tch.

But the mouths of all of Demonturus’ bodies click their tongues as if in mockery. At that moment, the enemy is freed from the restraints of the [Yakuzaikazuchinokami] and ducks Meteor Phoenix’s attack.


Mei shouts in frustration.

“Vicious Hacking again? [I can’t even use Yakuzaikazuchinokami? Why am I the only one?

“Calm down, Miss May. The time between your last use and your current use of Vicious Hacking is exactly two minutes. That means there will be no interference from that skill for the next two minutes.

“Oh, Mr. Roland, you were measuring?”

“In my head… But… I can assure you it’s accurate. Now, let’s keep working.


Johan watches the battle between the two and the one from the ground, and thinks of a plan.

“How about this, Johann?”

It was Miu who showed Johan the summons. In his hand was a Fenrirborg.

“It won’t be decisive, but with her barrage of attack skills, she should be able to limit the enemy’s movement well.”

“Well… Well, let’s try it then.

Johann is currently summoning an airborne Meteor Phoenix. So he decides to activate the skill himself.

“–[Cybernetic Blizzard]!”

Eight magic circles have formed around Johann. From them countless missiles of all sizes are launched and ascend into the sky.

“Okay, me too!”

‘Charge’, ‘cha-cha-cha.’

‘Full Charge! Final Attack [Fenrirborg]!!!”

And he swings his sword. And eight magic circles expand around Mew. Missiles are launched from them.

The missiles fired by Johan and Miu follow random trajectories, hunting down Demontulus like wolves on the hunt.

‘Gee… ‘kerah-kerah’.

Demontulus avoids the cybernetic blizzard while evading and intercepting. However, the overwhelming force of the surface attack finally makes it impossible for him to evade.

‘Gee… Giggity’.

One of the missiles grazes the enemy’s leg. It explodes blue. A moment later the explosion turns to ice and slows Demontulus down.

“I hit it!”

“Okay–now, Meteor Phoenix!”

‘Giggle… Giggity?

Meteor Phoenix seizes the opening and seizes Demontius’ right arm.

I’m gonna let you fall to the ground.

And Roland’s left arm is in a bind. Roland and Meteor Phoenix drop to the ground, holding their enemy down. They slam Demontulus’ body into the ground.

Demontulus is trying desperately to escape. But…

“I won’t let you get away this time~ [Amanohabakiri] ooooooh!”

The final blow is coming toward Demontulus, who is held back on the ground on his back. May swoops down with a blunt sword made from surplus parts that weren’t used in The Susanoo’s merging.

Demontulus resists. But Roland and Meteor Phoenix do not let their enemies escape.


‘Gee… Gah’.

May’s Amanohabakiri pierces Demontius’ face. The tip of the sword has been thrust so deeply into the ground that the foe will be unable to move.

Now! Let’s go! Let’s go!

“””” wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .”” “”””

The players on the ground begin to attack.

‘Gah… Gyaa…’

Of course there was some resistance from Demontulus, but since his movements were fixed on his face, there was no tremendous attack.

Eventually, after about three minutes of intensive…


With such a burst of sound, Demontulus’ body scattered in all directions.


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