What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 198

Choose your words carefully

Chapter 198: Choose your words carefully


“Okay, Trimal~ You’re so cute~.”

Johan pets Trimal, who leaps up to the height of Johan’s face. After he swung it into Johan’s hand, Trimal dropped to the ground again, and then jumped up again to the palm of Johan’s hand…. He was repeating the same thing, and it looked like he was dribbling from the side.

So, what’s Johann’s plan?

Roland urged him on, looking at the items Johann had taken out.

“I’m sorry, Trimal’s just so cute…”


Trimal also looked down at his eyes apologetically.” I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m too pretty.” I think he’s saying, “I’m sorry.

“Trimal, Meteor Bird’s pre-evolutionary form… Does that mean it’s an evolution summon?

“Yes. But not with Trimal’s skills… I’m going to use it to evolve!”

Johan smiled and took out a palm-sized piece of gorgeous jewelry.

It has a golden frame embedded with gems that glow like sunsets. And a cord to hang it around your neck.

“This is the [Sky Medallion]. It’s an item in Bachimon’s story, and it’s what the kids use to evolve Bachimon!”

The item [Medallion] has an important role in the animated version of Virtual Monster. Now, it has been implemented.

You can get a [Medallion] of each Battimon by spending Event Points.

And Johan’s medallion is the medallion corresponding to Trimar.

“I see… Medallion. I knew it was a medallion… I’m sorry. I misspoke. So please put down your upraised arm. And Trimal… Trimal… stop attacking me!

“Here. This medallion can do the same thing as [Evolution Summon]. So let’s go, Trimal!”


The energy hidden in the medallion is released, and as if in response, Trimal’s body glows…

“Evolution–Meteor Bird!”


A firebird with a meteor-like shell appeared. Meteor Bird, who hadn’t appeared in a while, rubbed his cheek against Johan’s happily.

“It’s wonderful… You’re feeling more powerful than usual.”

“Yes. [If you evolve with the Medallion, you can take over its pre-evolution stats and skills. That alone makes it stronger than the usual Meteor Bird…” Sucha.

Johann holds out the medallion again to Meteobard.

“And now we’re going even further…”

The medallion glows and the meteobird’s form is engulfed in flames. And a giant birdman emerges from within.

“Meteor Phoenix. A higher form of the Meteor Bird. Its body has changed to a humanoid form… and its wings have moved to its back. The meteorite shell that once encased its body has now released its hidden power and becomes red armor to protect it. His special move is…”

Yo, Johann? We have to hurry.

“Hmm… I was right… Meteor Phoenix! It’s that Demontulus! You did it!


With its wings flapping behind it, the Meteor Phoenix flies towards its enemy.

“… I was usually left behind…”

Roland, who was supposed to fly away on Johann’s summoned beast, looked off the Meteor Phoenix’s back.

“He hated me because I called him a pacifier.”

“Ggh. I didn’t mean to offend you… But the enemy’s a raid boss. Meteor Phoenix won’t be able to fight it alone. I’ll have to go with you.

“Will you be riding the sword again?”

“That’s good, but… There’s another way.”


Roland smirked and pulled an item from storage.

“Is that… Bachimondriver?

Very good, Mr. Johann. Did you know…”

BachimonDriver. This is another item you can redeem for points from the Bachimon Collaboration Event.

It is an item that can be worn on the arm as an accessory, and looks like a basket with a slot for an LCD monitor and a summoner’s set.

When you set a summoner to this slot, you can activate the skill of the summoner you set.

It’s like a simple Johan Starter Set.

But there is a condition.

Unconditional summons can be used up to Beginner level. The summoner can only summon monsters up to Beginner level.

“But it’s enough if you can use it at the elementary level.”

Roland smiles briskly and sets the summoner’s stone in the slot.


“Yes. The summoner that Johan and I got together…”

Roland sets the summoning stone of the elementary summoner Ultra Masked Roots One .

“This makes me Roots One.”

That’s not right, is it?

“Skill activated– [electronic merging]!”

Skill [Electronic Combination]. lets you combine with your [Electronic Beast] summoner.

For that effect, Roland chose [Dragon Wing], which can gain the [flight ability].

Roland’s back was outfitted with green feathers.

“Combine! –Roland Dragon Mode! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.”

Roland gets wings and flies into the sky with tremendous tension.

“Holy shit!”


I could hear voices around me. From the looks of it, the boys seemed to like it. Since the Bachimon Driver is a relatively easy item to get, we might see more players like that in the future.

“Well, you’re good, Mr. Roland… But I’m going to get past you, aren’t I?”

Meanwhile, Mei is sweating coldly as she watches Roland fly away.

Johan doesn’t seem bothered by that, but he’s still trying to make up for the earlier loss.

“I’m going to take your story, Mr. Roland… I’ll be your inspiration.”

Mei put her batimon driver on her left arm as well. She sets the Loot One summoner’s stone.

“Summon the Summoner–Yggdrasil Fortress!”

A turtle summoner the size of a dump truck emerges from a geometric magic circle…


And with the roar of the Yggdrasil Fortress, May is given a new skill.

“Let’s go, e-beasties– [electronic fusion]!”

The Yggdrasil Fortress roared heavenward and seven magic circles expanded around Mei.

From there, other electronic beasts are summoned and disassembled into disparate parts.

The parts gather around the largest Yggdrasil Fortress, and a new summoner is born on the field.

“Come forth, Orochi, the mighty electronic beast!”

When she sees Orochi, who doesn’t really look like an eight-forked serpent, appear, Mei activates more skills. This time, she activates her Loot One skill [Electronic Combination] with her Bachimon Driver.

‘”Ultimate Combined Warrior–Ultra Mask The Susanoo!”‘” ‘

“Mei… Mei-chan?

”Please wait, Johann. I will definitely be of help to you.” ”

Roland in dragon mode. And Mei, the ultimate combined warrior. With their new powers in hand, the two players take to the skies in pursuit of the Meteor Phoenix.


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