What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 197


Chapter 197: Demontourous


A virtual monster in humanoid form with a giant spider face on its chest and shoulders.

He is the boss character of the movie version of Virtual Monster, who attacks with tricky attacks using his unusually long hands and eight spider-like tentacles sprouting from his back.

Demonturus laughed, his head shaking as he stuck his back against the dome’s ceiling.

‘Kerakera kerakera kerakera kerakera kerakera kerakera’.

Laughing like a baby.

But it’s something you’re used to if you’ve been playing the collaborative events.

The players were nervous, but no one was afraid of the sight of him.

Let’s Play!

As the enemy says these words, the mouth on his chest opens wide. Countless energy projectiles rain down on the players from there.

“””–[Luminous Eternal]”” “””

All the other players who have been participating in the game as stray players activate their [Guardian] skill at once. Invincibility is applied to all of them, protecting them from enemy attacks.


“You’re working fast!”

New players embarrassed by the words of Roland and his team.

Okay, now it’s our turn. Summon the summoner!


Johann activates an elementary summoning technique and a young black dragon appears from a geometrical magic circle.

The materialized Hinadra looked up at the ceiling and howled hostilely.

“Let’s go, Hinadora–[Evolution Summon]!”


Hinadra’s form is enveloped in light, and the jet-black Chronodragon appears to replace it.


“Okay, I’m going to go on the offensive…”

Wait, Mr. Johann!

Johan was in high spirits, but someone was waiting for him. It was May.

“Johann-san, since we’re here, why don’t we try a combined evolution?”

“Combined evolution… So that means Mei is too?”

“Yes! I got Fenrirborg just to fuck with Johann… Come on Inukoro-kun!”


Mei summons Evolution with Inukoro, which she had already summoned. Inukoro’s body glows, and Fenrirborg appears.

Clad in silver bio-metal, and with wings of ice for increased mobility, Inukoro’s final form has revealed itself.

“Come on, Johann! Please call Omega Prime!”

“Ehh… Uh… I mean…”

Johann looks at the glowing [Fusion Summon] text displayed in front of him and wonders what to do.

I can’t betray May’s feelings, which are 100 percent good intentions.

“Well… Mei, I want you to use your Fusion Summon here.

Are you sure?

“I want to see you looking good, Mei~?”

“Oh, really? If you insist, Johann… I’ll take your word for it – let’s go, Fenrirborg!”


“Are you sure…?”

While watching over the excited Mei, Miu asks Johan a question.

Johann replies with a calm expression.

“It’s okay. I’ve seen you having so much fun. Besides, there’s no need to save the first summoning.

“Well… I mean, yeah, I know.

“And if it was Hazel, I’m sure she’d agree to a situation like this without hesitation! Because, look! My little Mei is so cute!

Johan points to Mei, who is raising her hand to the sky and activating her skill.

Activate [Fusion Summon]! Come–Omega Prime!”

Johan’s Chronodragon and Mei’s Fenrirborg form intersect as particles and gather in the center.

It eventually forms a humanoid form and gradually materializes.

“Okay, come on out– Omega-Pla– what?”

The most powerful Batchimon is about to reveal itself… Just before that, a giant hourglass icon surrounds Omega Prime.

The hourglass mark turned and the Omega Prime disappeared without materializing.

“What? I can’t even use Fusion Summon anymore?

Johann, what do you know?

“They didn’t use that thing during the collaboration event?!”

Johan thinks about it.

“It’s probably a technique called… [“I think it’s called ‘Vicious Hacking’.”

[Vicious Hacking]. It is a technique of Demontulus that exists only in the setting. It is a skill that exists only in the setting and is not used in the game, but has been made into a skill in GOO.

This ability is so powerful that when a skill is activated, it will nullify the effect of that skill up to the time before it was activated. It also has the added bonus of sealing off skills during the battle.

This has caused May to be blocked from [Fusion Summoning], and she’s lost both Chronodragon and Warfenrir.

‘Kerakera kerakera kerakera!’

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Johann. I’ve lost the Chrono Dragon…

“Don’t worry, Mei. Just knowing what the enemy can do is a bonus.”

“Yes. And with skills this powerful you won’t be able to fire them in rapid succession. Now the real fight begins. First we’ll take down the one on the ceiling. Save your strength for after that.

Everyone nodded at Roland’s words.

He has been in the strongest guild for a long time and is very efficient when it comes to giving orders.

“I’ll help you get to the ceiling, Mr. Roland.”

“Yes, so the flying monster… Meteor Bird, please, Johann.

No. That’s not funny. Summon the summoner!


A chick-like monster with a round ball of fur and tiny wings emerged from the geometric magic circle.

“Well… I can’t fly this thing…?”

You’ll see.

Johann smiled wryly and took a certain item out of storage.


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