What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 189

Did you go over there?

Chapter 189: Did you go over there?

Well, I don’t see anything.

It’s so dark.

The first room on the second floor of the abandoned hotel was dark.

An abyss where you can’t even see yourself.

The player must navigate through this darkness.

But of course, it’s not all darkness.

“Hee-hee-hee. Here comes the next target.”

We’ll get them when they step on Point A.

“””” okay.”” “””

Naturally, there are middle-school players lurking around to scare you.

They are equipped with special equipment that enables them to locate their opponents even in the dark. The moment a player reaches a certain position, they throw konjac at him from all directions.

A light jab at the beginning of the Haunted House stage .

It’s annoying for the victim, but it’s fun for the player.

‘Come here~’

“Creepy lady voice.”

There are no landmarks, so let’s just keep going in the direction of the voice.

(Okay… Point A in three… ..two.. 2…1… Now!)

“Oh, and speaking of darkness… I got just the skill for that the other day.”

“What kind of skills? What skills?”

(Hey… Skill?))

“This is it– [magic light].”

When Donald activates his skill, a glowing energy sphere appears under his feet. The sphere illuminates the area around Donald for about 1 mail.

“””””Gyahhhhhhhh.” “”””

They saw the konjac swinging over their heads.

Donald and Smokejaw P. in the dark, lit up from below.

The five junior high school students, who had lost their [mental gauge] in an instant, left the scene, while the scene that would never disappear in their lifetime was burned into their retinas and brains.

What is it?

“I thought I heard voices, but… Okay. Let’s keep moving.

“Yes, sir.”




“Hey… Why are you…? Why are you doing this?

The staff room on the roof of the abandoned hotel.

There were many monitors placed there so that we could monitor the situation of each section in the abandoned hotel.

Erilyn, the leader of the abandoned hotel project and the leader of the junior high school players, was horrified by the appearance of a player in the first section of F2, known as [Room 201 of the Darkness]. The player who appeared in the first section of F2, known as [Room 201 of the Darkness], frightened her.

“How did you… Why are Donald Smile and Smokejaw P. here? Did the dragon chicks send you?

Erilyn scratches her head in confusion, tears in her eyes.

Another player saw this and came up to him with a goofy look on his face.

The three who attacked an abandoned hospital full of school kids earlier.

We call these three persons A, B, and C.

“The normally calm Erilyn is looking very upset.”

What’s with the stupid impatience?

Did you just see a real ghost?

They all seem to have a goofy, somewhat agitated way of talking, as if they’re all putting a “W” at the end of their words.

“How I wish it were a real ghost. “Something much scarier…”


Erilyn holds her head in her hands, ignoring ABC’s questioning look on her face. Erilyn holds her head in her hands, ignoring the ABCs.

“Damn… Why, of all people, would those two… I thought I told you not to sell tickets to those two…”

“Did you pick up a ticket somewhere?”

“No way. You can’t get tickets anywhere but downstairs.”


A., who had an idea of what to do, speaks up. This attracts the attention of Erilyn and the other junior high school students around her.

A, B, and C are startled and tell what happened.


“No, no, no… We were just across the street at the abandoned hospital.

“There they are. Some cheeky schoolkids are planning something.”

You guys went over there?

“I was just doing recon!”

“And it was so poorly written and boring. So I gave away tickets and I said.”

“Come to our haunted house and study.”

“Wha… What have you done to me…”

Erilyn holds her head in her hands again.

You just went…?

Another player asks.

Because I don’t think Donald and the others are going to come out of the woodwork just to make fun of him a little bit.

You didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have, did you?

If you didn’t do anything to offend them, you might be able to explain the situation to them and ask them to leave.

Erilyn’s hopes are dashed when she asks with such clinging hopes in her heart.

Uh… That.”

I just need to destroy some equipment…

“We’ve put you out of business…”


The middle-schoolers were crestfallen.

“What have you people done to me!”

“I knew it… If those two were sent back…”

“Retaliation, no doubt… Nothing else will do.”

“Planning leader of an abandoned hospital… I’m sure.”

“Oh, the record holder for most kills in the last kill fest… A.K.A. May the Slayer.

“Mei… She’s one of the dragon chicks.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…”

You stupid son of a bitch! You stupid son of a bitch.

“Oh, my mother!”

We’re all gonna get killed.

“I hope that’s all it takes…”

Seeing the despair of the junior high school students, A, B, and C finally realize the gravity of what they have done.

But it’s too late.

The unknowing assassins sent by May have been aiming at the goal of this rooftop without stopping at this very moment.

“No… There’s still hope.


“I actually know someone at Eye Opening Bows. I’ll try to get in touch with him.”

“Eye-opening Bows? “Eye-opening Bows?”

You know about this?

“Ah! The legendary guild that defended the Crystal even after being attacked by the Demon King Johann, Donald Smile, and Smokejaw P, who had destroyed the Crystal even with that Farthest Sword in the Killing Festival!”

I hear they’re all monks and professional exorcists. Maybe they can…”

Everybody be quiet. I’m gonna get on the phone.

Erilyn starts talking to a member of the Eyes Wide Open Bows. Erilyn desperately tries to explain the situation.

That’s why.

‘You’ve brought us something extraordinary, you guys…’

“Can’t we do something about it…”

‘No, it’s out of our hands… Give it up.’

“Oh, no?”

The call was dropped.

There’s an uncomfortable silence.

Erilyn? [They’ve broken through to Poppo’s Room 202.

“Eight-chan, who was playing the role of Hakushaku-sama, had her [Spirit Gauge] cut off and disappeared…”


Erilyn! [The five men from Room 201, I can’t reach them!

You’ve got to let them go. You can’t do this anymore.


Erilyn turns away from her former comrades, who will probably live in fear of the dark for the rest of their lives, and focuses on the reality of what’s right in front of her.

I honestly thought I had no choice but to log out.


Suddenly, I look out the window of the abandoned hospital from the rooftop.

Then I saw May. Behind the window, she looked like she was laughing. “Hmm.

I don’t know, but at least that’s what it looked like to Erilyn.

(You think I’m stupid… (Are they making fun of you…? Do they think I’m stupid? Me? A schoolboy?)

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. You got some balls. But don’t be too rude to us middle-schoolers, little girl.”

What’s going on?

Take your stations. We will now begin our mission to intercept the mutant Donald Smile and the perverted Smokejaw P. Take your stations and chip away at their mental gauges!

“”””” eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!” “”””

The chicken that gets away will be treated accordingly from now on. Do you understand?”

I want to run away,to ((((…))))

Erilyn would later describe his decision that day as follows.

‘This day I was… I was out of my mind with fear. I wasn’t calm, at least. But I think… I wonder how many middle schoolers can remain calm in a situation like that. There’s no one who can make a sane decision in the face of this thing that’s the personification of the fear that we humans potentially hold in our hearts… is there?

‘If I could say anything to myself that day… ? I would say…” “Don’t log in.” I’d say, “Don’t log in.


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