What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 185

Haunted House Edition

Chapter 185: Haunted House Edition

“It’s a haunted house! It’s fun!”

Amaterasu City on the fourth layer, where the [GOO Summer Festival] is currently being held, was full of vitality.

The reason for this is that during the summer festival, all players can enter this town regardless of their game progress, and guest accounts can log in.

Although the event was like a cultural festival, it was still very exciting.

And [Haunted House], which was planned mainly by elementary school students who play GOO, will start in earnest from today.

The guests follow the route through the abandoned hospital, which has been prepared as a simplified map.

On the way there, elementary school players dressed up as ghosts will surprise you with their own elaborate ideas… What they are doing is no different from any other cultural festival.

The players were enjoying themselves, but no one was complaining about it. In a festival, those who are trying to have fun and enjoying themselves win.

“You’ve had quite a few visitors!”


“That’s fun!”

“Mom and Dad are coming to visit me later on a guest account!”

Hearing the happy voices of the elementary school students who helped her, Mei couldn’t help but narrow her eyes . Fatigue and… There was a definite sense of satisfaction.

It was hard work, but I was glad to have done it.

“Excuse me – can we go to the haunted house?”

“Hey. Uh, we’re waiting for our turn. Can we get a numbered ticket?”

“Oh, so it’s popular! Okay, that’s fine. One for each sex.”

Yes, sir. Okay, you’ll be transferred to the entrance in 30 minutes, so please be careful.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Oga, dressed as a vampire, was in charge of the reception desk.

He awkwardly handed the ticket to the couple players and sighed.

“Ha-ha-ha. I’m glad you had a good time, Auger.”

Zoma, who was also helping at the reception desk, said. Zoma was dressed as a wolf man… But he had taken off the wolf’s head and put it on his arm, and he had turned into some kind of a monster that I don’t know what it is.

I’ve been so busy… But… I was wondering what I’d do if you weren’t busy, so I’m glad.”

“You’ve been working so hard, Mei~.”

“Yeah. I’m glad he’s having fun.”

As the two of us were talking about these things, a familiar group of three men appeared.

“Three men. Nice to meet you.

Mr. Gardmor? And…”

The one who appears is Gardmor… with whom he fought to the death at the Killing Festival. He’s not wearing his usual thick armor for the festival, but rather the fashion of a mass-produced college student.

Behind them were Grace, who looked somewhat frightened, and Kai, who was teasing her.

It’s been a long time, Mr. Ogre. It’s good to see you. What’s that on my face?

“No, I’m just surprised. I didn’t know Gardmor and the others came to a haunted house.

Oga said as he handed over the ticket.

“I don’t come to haunted houses much. I just love school kids.”


“I mean, I like kids. I’m more interested in…”

Gardomor glances behind him.

“Hmph… You’re a college student and you’re scared of a haunted house! In front of elementary school kids!”

“No! I’m not scared of school kids!”

Kai put Grace in a headlock as she cried and tried to run away. Kai takes the ticket from Gardmor and stuffs it into Grace’s pocket.

“Oh my god, I got a numbered ticket!”

“Ha-ha-ha! This will force you to transfer to the entrance when the time comes!”

“Well… I don’t know if I should say this, but… It’s not that scary.

Auga tells Grace, who is a little taken aback but is still frightened.

As he said, the adults who played with him said, “He was so cute.” It was like a playground.” which is not quite what Mei and her friends had in mind.

I’m sure you’re enjoying it, though.

Grace’s tear-streaked face lit up at the sound of her words. She breaks free of Kai’s restraints and comes at him.

“Oh, you’re really not afraid, are you? I believe you. I believe that clown’s not here, okay?


Finally, I understood what Grace was afraid of.

It’s okay. Donald’s not involved in this project.

“Yo… “Good… I’m relieved.”

“Dragon chick boy. You can only call that clown when we go around.

“Kai? Kai, you son of a bitch! Don’t say anything you don’t have to!

“You’ve got a big mouth when you’re talking to someone older and higher in the rankings, don’t you?”

“You two, you’ll be disturbing the schoolchildren if you make too much noise here. OK then… Zoma… See you later. I’m looking forward to the haunted house!

“Ha-ha-ha. They’re funny.”

“I don’t get the same impression as when we fought at the killing festival.”

Right after seeing off the three comedians of the Farthest Sword who left like a storm .


Behind Ogre and Zoma, an explosion occurs on the upper floor of the abandoned hospital. The players walking along the street are surprised, saying “What’s going on? and the players walking on the street are surprised.

“”…?!” “

Oga and Zoma look at each other in surprise.

What the hell is…?

Let’s just go see what’s going on.


He quickly composed himself and nodded. They hurry to the explosion site.


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