What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 184

Kaminaga Enterprises is a great company!

Chapter 184: Kaminaga Enterprises is a great company!

“What the hell is going on?

In a small room in the Kaminaga Tower, a frustrated voice filled the dimly lit room where GOO was being operated. The one who was screaming hysterically while biting his handkerchief was Era P.

The guests I had prepared… The game was in shambles… and all the star players had been eliminated.

“Why oh why~ why did Saki stop using the subterfuge, oh oh oh!”

Hey, sir… Your phone’s ringing.

“It’s… It’s not good…”

Era P. couldn’t help but pick up the phone with a trembling heart.


”Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Era-kun.”

“No, no… It’s… It’s something… There’s been a mistake.

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. ‘It’s not a great success, but the numbers are respectable. And all those girls you set up to bring in the customers, they’re gone. See. What did I say? That girl.


‘Yes, the Dalek. He’s good. He’s a good character. I’m too old to be squeamish.

“Huh… Huh.” (What are you talking about?)

‘In fact, the number of viewers was amazing when he came on the show. In fact, the other board members all fell in love with him. I’d like to promote him somehow, but I don’t know.”

“Well, it’s… I’m just an ordinary player…”

‘I know, but… I know, but just let me contact him. Meeting him was worth the money. See you later, Era-kun. I’m looking forward to another interesting project.

He just said what he wanted to say and hung up the phone.

“Thank… Thank you.

With all the star players eliminated, we can’t expect any increase in numbers from the semi-finals. That meant the failure of this project…

The management of the company that runs the distribution site that Era P was working with was interested in Dalek’s cuteness, and the whole thing became a bit of a moot point.

All that’s left is to contact the Dalek player and instigate him, and all will be well.

(So… I’ll have to punish those kids this time…)

Now that Era P was convinced that his neck was tied, anger began to well up in his heart. He was angry at the girls who had betrayed his goodwill.

(Those two… I’m going to have to beat the hell out of them!)

Laughing quietly, Era P went to the girls’ waiting room.




Private waiting room on the guest floor of Kaminaga Tower.

After the battle, Kurui Saki and Hospital Saka Fumi had logged out.

“I’m sorry, Mihara-san. After all your big talk… I didn’t win. I really don’t look good.”

“No, you didn’t, Saki! You were so cool! I was impressed!”

The manager Mihara holds Saki’s hand and says with tears in her eyes.

“Saki, you were really hot. She was having so much fun.”

“Ugh… I’m sorry…”

“Hmm. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Saki looking so happy at work.”


Saki blushes, having almost forgotten that it’s work.

“But… I lost. Hey, Mihara. What’s going to happen to our office?

It’s not your concern. I’ll take care of it! I won’t let them hurt you. We’ll risk our lives so you can work freely. That’s our job.

“Sorry to interrupt your little farce. The powers that be are about to enter the room.

Era P. came in without asking, interrupting the conversation between the three of us.

Oh, you! You’re in the ladies’ waiting room!

“You’re still yammering on and on, aren’t you? Shh. Get away from me.

Mihara stands there to protect Saki from Era P’s gaze.

You’re shaking. You’re pathetic. It’s okay. Saki.

What is it?

Not the flirtatious voice she’d used earlier. Saki answered in a terrified but still hostile voice.

“Why did you cut off my present in the middle?”

“… I thought I could win without using it.”

Saki is glaring at Era P. She does not avert her eyes. In her eyes there is the same burning willpower that was in Zecca’s eyes when they fought earlier.

Eventually, Era P sighs as if his venom has been drained out of him.

“Huh… You idiot. That’s why you’ll never make it to the top. We were so close, weren’t we? Remember. You betrayed me. Don’t ever think you’ll be on TV again. Oh, yeah. Be careful on the way home. Those scary men might hurt you.”

Are you threatening me?

“Shallap. It’s not a threat… It’s a prophecy, in a way.

Era P. is about to leave the room with a big smile on his face.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey… What the hell is wrong with you people?

However, two strong men in black enter the room from the entrance and restrain Era P’s arms and push him back into the room.

A man in an expensive gray suit walked gracefully in behind the black suits. His brown hair was pulled back in an all-back, and he looked as good as an actor.

She’s in her late 20s.

Era P’s face turns pale when he sees the man.

“Agha-ga-ga… Ebina Chiaki?

Who is it? “

Saki and Fumi with a hatena mark on their heads.


The man called Ebina laughed at their reaction. But only Mihara, the manager, seems to know who he is. He shouts in surprise.

“Ebina… Ebina Chiaki… Grand Nine’s Chiaki Ebina?

The Grand Nine are also known as the Hajimari no kujin. They are the top group of Kaminaga Enterprises who manage the company on behalf of the company’s president, Kotaro Kaminaga. The man called Ebina is one of them.

“Ha-ha-ha. The Grand Nine. I still can’t get used to being called that.

Ebina is smiling like she’s in trouble. Saki and the others start to relax. On the other hand, Era P. starts to shake and shake.

“Yes, yes, Ebina… How did a man of your stature end up here?

“Ha-ha-ha, I’m sorry, Era-san. I didn’t mean to scare you. It was his idea, not mine. Oh, it looks like they’re here.

Four more black guys came into the waiting room carrying huge LCD monitors. They smashed the LCD monitor against the door on the way in, and the air in the room froze.

“Ha-ha… Be careful. That monitor’s expensive.

“”Yes…”” “

“Um… Here… Idol… Waiting… I don’t want to be here anymore.

Manager Mihara’s voice didn’t reach them.

What the hell is going on? The black uniforms have finished setting up the monitors.

And on the screen…


((((No, why did you bother connecting the monitor?!))))

Saki, Fumi, and Mihara all went into it in their hearts.

“Mr. Era. He… Kaminaga Kotaro wants to talk to you directly.

“Oh… Oh ba-ba-ba-ba… So…”

‘Era… You. You let an outside engineer create a tool and infiltrate my system… Did you think I wouldn’t notice?

I can only hear his voice, but the general behind the screen… Kotaro Kaminaga is clearly out of control.

“Oh… No, no… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

‘A program to sever a character’s link to a specific player. What kind of low-level engineers did you get to make that? It’s messing up the GOO system.’

She used it without my permission!

Era P, whose arms were bound, pointed at Saki with his chin.

“You really are a cheating little girl! It’s bad enough that I offered you a prize… I didn’t expect you to use a malicious cheat program… so why did you cut off my present in the middle? What?

Era P’s recorded words interrupted his unsightly excuses. The voice comes from the IC recorder in Manager Mihara’s hand.

It’s all in the near expletives that Era P has spewed in this room.

I know! That’s why I’ve brought a special trick for you two. I’ve installed it on your account, so please use it. ”

”Yes, it’s a trick. There’s an item called [Backstabbing] added to the menu, so activate it when the match starts. ”

‘”To be precise, it’s a program that blocks your character’s control. After that, it’s a piece of cake to beat up the opponent who can’t move!” ”


Ha-ha-ha… You’re good.

“A must-have skill for any entertainment manager.”


“Te… You… You’re bugging me? That’s a crime!

Era P is pissed off, but he can’t break free of the black-suited man’s restraints.

Then, as if giving up, he slumps down on the ground and begins to cry.

“I admit… I admit it. I’m the one who made the other company create the cheat program… I’m sorry… I just want this project to work.

And he bowed his head.

“I’ll take responsibility for this around my neck! As of today, I am leaving Kaminaga Enterprises…”

”What’s wrong with you?”


‘I hate the act of trying to take responsibility by leaving a company the most.’

Well… I’m sure Era-san has plenty of contacts and connections at other companies.

‘Yeah. Resignation… That’s no punishment for you. You’ve tarnished one of the beautiful worlds I’ve created. I don’t mind if you boost your amateur status. It’s a good handicap for gamers. But cheats are not. You’ve done the one thing I detest the most. You’re quitting because of me? Don’t think you can get away with that?

“Haha… I haven’t seen Kotaro this mad in a while. What are you going to do about it, Era-san?”

Era P. shaking and trembling at the reverse of God’s scales, it was now vibration.

Era Monzaemon. You’re being transferred to Kaminaga Corporation’s Beautification Department as of today.

“No, no… No! Just the Beautification Club… Just… just… No… Please… Let me retire… Please let me retire…

Kaminaga Corporation’s Beautification Department. It is a big department in charge of the maintenance and management of the vast Kaminaga Tower, and is a dark department headed by a huge old man who is called ‘Mama’ by the employees.

“Haha… There’s no way you can quit Kaminaga without offending the Commander-in-Chief…”

Ebina smiles and says something black, and Era P. realizes that he’s not going to make it.

“Oh, yes, this is completely unrelated, but… Your daughter just started elementary school this year, right? Congratulations. This isn’t the place to say it, though. I’m not married, so I’m jealous. Elementary school kids are so cute, aren’t they?”

“Ugh… Gnnnnnnnnn!”

(This Ebina. She’s smiling but scary… He’s got a much worse personality than General Kaminaga.)

(You’re telling me that if you run away in a roundabout way, something will happen to your daughter~)

Saki and Emi are terrified in their hearts.

“Well then, I’m sure you’ll have to take Era-san to her ‘mama’ for a meeting and a handover.”

“Please… General! Mercy! Not the Beautification Department… Not the Beautification Department!

Ebina snapped her fingers and the black-clad men left the waiting room with Era P.

And then Ebina smiled at the frightened Saki and the others and opened her mouth.

“Oh, don’t be scared. The Beautification Department is in charge of cleaning and maintaining this building. We clean up the mess… Sort of. So, Mr. Era… I hope you can clean your mind through cleaning.

(((It wasn’t like that at all…)))

Sorry to take up so much of your time. Lastly, Kaminaga, who just watched the game, has a few words for everyone.”

Saki and the others gulped. I wondered if I would be punished in any way for using the illegal cheat… Saki is ready.

‘Hmph. We’ve wasted our time because of your stupid game.”

It was like he was spitting in my face.

‘My minute is not worth your lifetime. This is a great loss. You will work to make up for this loss.

“… Huh?”

“Haha… Well, that translates to… I was very impressed by the thrilling match. If you’d like, we’d like to use your talents to promote our new game and events.'”

“Wha… Eeeeeeeeeee?!”

“Kaminaga’s new game… Our talent? We did it! You did it, Saki!

“Unyu… But .”

Fumi and Mihara hugged Saki. Her face was unsettled. She wanted to win the job herself if possible.

(But… This is one chance… I know…)

Saki is being squirmed around by the manager and Fumi for a while while thanking the girl named Zecca for really fighting for her in her heart.


We’ll discuss compensation and compensation for the inconvenience caused by Era at a later date. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

‘Next time, take it to the GOO’s operations room.’

“Okay, Kotaro. Then, please…”

Ebina bows her head to the blacks. On cue, the black-robed men begin to move out of the room quickly.

“You’re gonna be… You’re gonna be a lot busier.


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