What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 182

It's not that pretty

Chapter 182: It’s not that pretty

“Well… After the third match, which ended without making any sense… The tag team of two of the hottest girls in the world today will make their entrance!”

Sakiko Kurui and player name: Saki. Then, Fumiko Kurui and Player Name:Fumi entered the room.

Saki’s special occupation is [holy knight]. She wears lovely white armor and a platinum-colored sword at her waist.

And Fumi’s special occupation is [Astrologer]. She wears a black sorceress costume as a counterpart to Saki’s, but it’s not too dark with a healthy amount of exposure and design.

When they enter the stage, the viewers get excited.

“Hmm. You’re famous?”

“According to Miu, she’s popular among the younger generation. Especially that Saki girl. She’s athletic and smart.”

“Oh… I think I’ve seen Fumi on the side in a TV drama. I didn’t recognize him.”

Zecca is the type of person who remembers actors by their names and has trouble remembering their real names.

“She’s one of those girls who’s just recently become successful, right? I think she was with her brother once.”


You should be more interested.

“No… To me, those two are enemies to be defeated.

Hey, you.

“I’m fine. I’m not gonna let my guard down.

Zecca says, “I hope so.” Giltia is relieved.

(I know you can hear everything…)

Saki’s temples twitched as she listened to their conversation, smiling at the audience and the streaming audience. For someone who works in the entertainment industry, this is a bitter attitude.

“Now, let’s get ready… The final match of the first round is about to begin!

Zecca and Gilthier have their swords at the ready. But they won’t attack right away. They wait and see. It’s only natural.

Saki then opens the menu, taking advantage of the fact that Zecca and the others didn’t immediately attack.

(There it is. There it is.)

As if to check his status, he discovers the [Subterfuge] button that Era P. has planted for him.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Fumi’s timid voice echoes in my back.

“I don’t care if I lose. I don’t care if I don’t sell. I like the boss and Mihara-san. I like everyone. What about you, Saki?”

“I… I don’t want to end up like this, working in a small office like a club. I’m not going to let that happen.


Saki activated the [backstage trick] without hesitation.

“… What?

“…? ?”

Immediately, Zecca and Giltia stop moving. Naturally, there are no signs or effects, and they are unable to speak. The only thing that comes to mind is the look of confusion in their eyes, as if they have no idea what has just happened.

“Well… Well then, Saki, I’ll do my best~.”

And Saki, pretending not to notice the two’s unusual behavior, pulled out the sword at her waist.

The name of this one-handed sword with a white blade and gold ornaments is [Godslayer]. Saki ordered this sword after seeing Johann fight in an exhibition match.

Saki was already looking ahead to the battle ahead.

“Oh, hey… What’s wrong with you two?

Saki walked to the center of the stadium, swinging her sword around in a cute buzzing motion, and shouted that something was wrong with the two of them as if she had just noticed.

“Uh… Announcer. The two of you are stuck together, are you okay~?”

That’s when the audience finally noticed. Something’s wrong.

‘Um… Uh… We’re making an inquiry, so the game’s temporarily on hold… What?

The announcer makes a late announcement to the murmurs of the audience. But…

‘Well, according to the management… The glitch was caused by the player’s line… The game can continue… It is…”

The announcer said in a somewhat disgruntled and puzzled tone.

‘Well, finally, from the management. They said that it was a problem with the player’s connection and not a GOO bug, so don’t worry…”

Such a joking comment from the management was of course made by Era P, but the audience laughed.

Of course, not everyone agreed.

However, few players were suspicious of the situation, which could have happened if they were using VR equipment from a few generations ago.

“How… Zecca and Gilteer’s machine specs are supposed to be above standard. We’ve never had a connection problem before…”

Miu, who was secretly cheering offstage, shouted in a voice that sounded like she was about to cry.

“We both worked so hard… Of all places, at a time like this?

“No… Something’s wrong.”

Who are you?

A player called out to Miu as he stood at Miu’s back. It was Pierre of the Dragon’s Chicks, the original organizer of this tag team tournament.

He stares at the stadium, his face grim and unhealthy.

“Monsieur Pierre.”

“You’re Miu Miu… I’m sorry. You’re friends with those two, aren’t you?

Yes, yes.

They belong to the same group of dragon chicks, but since they haven’t talked to each other much yet, they seem somewhat reserved.

But Miu realizes that Pierre is also worried about Zecca and the others and feels that something is wrong, so she answers his question.

“I know it’s bad manners, but are we friends in real life?”

Yes, we’re in the same grade at the same school.

“Hmm. Well, it’s not like they logged in from the same place. You don’t think they live near each other, do you? Like, do they live next door to each other or in the same apartment?”

At Pierre’s question, Miu shook his head.

“Giltea is a house, Zecca is an apartment complex… They’re about two stops apart.”

If it is, it’s even stranger. If the machine specs were lacking, we’d have seen this happen all the time. Even if it’s a land-related communication problem, how can two people who live in different places happen to be in the same place at the same time…”

“Land dispute… It can’t be… Because Zecca and I live in the same apartment!”


Pierre thought to himself, “You don’t have to say that much.” but he was grateful for the information.

“I don’t like to think about it, but… Were the two of you intentionally put in that state by someone?”

What are you… What are you…?

“I don’t know… I’m gonna call the administration. You stay here and keep an eye on them.


“It’s one thing to fight and lose, but… I just feel so sorry for them.”

Because of his connection with Hatsuki, Pierre had a worst-case scenario in his mind. Pierre contacted Hatsuki, hoping that it was a useless worry.




“Oh, so we’re continuing the battle? But… but…

Saki glances at both Zecca and Giltia with an apologetic gesture.

“But, but with the line problem, there’s nothing we can do… We, the guests, are running out of time! We’ll just count ourselves lucky and win!”

Saki raises her Godslayer and slowly. Saki approaches the nearest Zecca first.

(Sorry. You wanted to win. That equipment, that level. How long does it take to get there. How hard you have to work. I’ve been researching GOO for the last few days, I know what you mean.)


(But this tournament doesn’t belong to you. It’s become a business tool for your big uncles. At that point, you had to make a different effort. Not to win the game. To be on the winning side.)

Piece by piece, piece by piece.

(They’re all on TV or something. I don’t know much about it. All entertainment, baseball, soccer, go, shogi… I guess it’s like that in most games, isn’t it? The person who pays the money wants to win. Maybe they all do. All the winners have worked harder than you think. So… Don’t take it personally. I worked really hard to get to this side.)

Ktse-ktse-ktse-ktse-ktse-ktse… Pita.

Stop in front of Zecca.

“I’m sorry. I just… I need something…”

It’s a force.

The power to make you less miserable.

The power to avoid frustration.

To get it… Saki defeats the enemy before her. Even if it means selling your soul to the devil.

Saki raised her sword–

(I know it’s frustrating… I understand. I’m sure you’re just like me now… You’re miserable, miserable, miserable… You must have tears in your eyes because you’re really miserable…)

(I mean, I can’t cry in VR…) Now, what kind of eyes does this girl have…)

“… What…?

Saki looked into Zecca’s eyes and was horrified.

I jump back in surprise.

“… Saki?”

Even the words of Fumi, my partner, did not reach me. Even though I was in VR, I felt as if my heart was pulsating.

Why did you…?

Zecca’s eyes seemed to be on fire.

I can’t control it at all… I can’t fight.

In such a desperate situation Zecca had no doubt of her victory.

Even from that position, he didn’t give up on winning.

Desperately looking for a way to win from this situation.

That fighting spirit… Wasn’t lost on some petty injustice.

Those straight eyes are looking not only at us… Something that’s after we’ve defeated them.

Something beyond victory… I’ve been staring at it.

(Why… How can you do that? How can you have eyes like that?)

Zecca’s eyes were so beautiful, glowing in the darkness of despair.

I’m in love with it.

Saki couldn’t bring her sword down.

(I know. I’ve seen those burning eyes. I only know one man who’s ever had eyes like that.)

It was my reflection in the mirror.

He wants to be famous.

I want to sing on a bigger stage.

He wants more people to know who he is.

The eyes of my former self, who worked hard every day and took on the challenges of the job.

I saw a girl in front of me with the same eyes I once had.

What the…?

(What do you mean, “I have to try to be on the winning side.” What the… Since when. Since when do I say that?)

That’s the most frustrating thing anyone’s ever said to me.

The most abominable word in the world.

To say those words… And to say it to a girl with eyes like yours… even if it’s in your mind.


Saki looks Zecca in the eye again.

Burning eyes.

Eyes that are about to burn out.

But the fire in Zecca… It spreads like a flame. It lights a flame in Saki’s smoldering heart.

Wally Productions is so small, in my hands, they could easily pretend they never existed. Not only that. All of the talent in the company…” ”

Era P’s words from earlier come back to me.

What if we lose?

What’s going to happen to me and the office…

I didn’t know what was right or left as an idol, but the president of the company raised me.

Manager Mihara is timid, weak and unreliable, but she took care of me like a big sister.

Fumi and I encouraged each other when we were having a hard time selling.

And the lovely juniors who are about to be sold .

I could see the faces of the people I care about that I don’t want destroyed.

(Sorry. I’m so sorry, guys. But…)

Saki looks at Zecca.

(Only to this girl. Just like me… I’m trying to break through something big, and I want to be fair to her… I want to be fair!)

Saki opened the menu and tapped on the “Subterfuge” item. She deactivated it.

“… What? Is it moving?

“Yes, it’s working now, Zecca!”

What the hell is… Oh…”

Zecca’s eyes met Saki’s as she was able to move now that the [subterfuge] had been deactivated. Zecca thanks you for not cutting me off earlier. Zecca bows lightly.

“It’s… It’s not pretty.”

And a little heartbroken, Saki.


“I’m sorry, Fumi. I’ve decided to win today on merit.”

“Competence… Saki? At that point, we’re a long way from the spirit of fair play.

“Ggh… Let’s just leave it at that. Let’s not be cowards. Let’s win this thing and get to the top.

“Yeah. That’s a good idea, Saki!”

”Well, well… It seems that Zecca-san and Giltia-san can move now. Then please start the fight!

The announcer’s words echo through the field .

This is where the real battle begins.


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