What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 178

Theories of Human Origins (mostly science fiction)

Chapter 178: Theories of Human Origins (mostly science fiction)

The Legend of the Anunnaki.

The Annunaki live on the planet Nibiru, which approaches the Earth every 3,600 years. They look like giants of 3 to 10 meters in height, and their lifespan is said to be several hundred thousand years.

A long time ago, they came to Earth in search of gold. They were based in Mesopotamia and later evolved into man from the apes in Africa who used them as a labor force… It seems.




“We’ll cost you a Prelephua… And for the rest, I’ll spend MP to summon Advanced–[Monolith]!”

A geometrical magic circle appears beneath Preleafor’s feet and engulfs his body. Then a black crystal-like plate with a single eye emerges from it, a summoner’s monolith.

“Activate Monolith’s skill. Gain control of an opponent’s summoner. Target is the creator’s torso. –Temptation Eye!

The monolith’s single eye glows red. But it seems to have no effect on the Nephilim-Annunaki.

“I can’t… I can’t do it.

“That’s right. Nephilim-Annunaki are treated as a single summoned beast.”

“What? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be bad if the Nephilim-Annunaki themselves used your current skill instead of the torso?”

The wristcut next to the fairy tale said anxiously.

“Don’t worry. Nephilim-Annunaki’s exclusive skill [Marnatarmic Gold Coating] prevents them from accepting skills and attacks except from God-level summons~.”

“What? You’re practically invincible then!”

“That’s what I meant. Well then, let’s finish it off, shall we~?”

Märchen stuck out his tongue and motioned to the Annunaki.



But it was Ru-Horobi who intervened. Mälchen temporarily halts the Annunaki attack.

What is it?

I’m actually a big fan of your wrist cut there.

“Oh, really? I’m so happy to find a fan here!”

You didn’t laugh at Mr. Wristcut’s gag earlier, did you?

The joyful wrist-cut and the quizzical fairy tale.

It’s true that I didn’t laugh at your trick earlier. But that was a serious game. I would have laughed if I had been off.

“Oh, I see. I thought I’d slipped up and got depressed.”

So please take this at the end.

Ruin took the envelope from his cleavage and threw it at Wristcut as if it were a shuriken.

“In a fan letter.”

“Kyaaaahhhh, I’m so happy!”

Wristcut was overjoyed to receive a fan letter from Ruin. Seeing her like this, Meruhen sighs.

“Huh… I understand how you feel. It’s nice to get a fan letter. I understand. But I’m in a serious game right now. You’re not listening to me, are you?

Merle says not to get carried away because the game is still on, but he gives up when he sees Wristcut running around the stadium in a frenzy of excitement.

Well, I’m sure we’ll win…” he muttered. He mutters to himself and his expression turns serious as he instructs the Nephilim-Annunaki who are standing by.

“Now this time… “The hammer of wrath… [Nibiru Disaster]! Nibiru Disaster!

The Anunnaki make a circle with their hands and the energy converges there. And just as he was about to release the energy from his hands… Ruin screamed.

“By Chance– [Ninpo, Changenjutsu]!”


The skill [Ninjutsu: Changemichi no Jutsu] of the special occupation [Ninja] derived from [Destroyer] is activated.

“I have a feeling something’s wrong… Nephilim-Annunaki, attack in progress… I can’t stop!

The Anunnaki release all the energy converged in their hands at once. A wave of water energy engulfs Kon and Ruin.


No HP loss for the two of you… Is that right?

The attack had hit both of them. But their HP hadn’t been reduced. Meruhen was upset, but he soon found out why.

“Aaaaah? My HP is at zero?

She screamed and cut her wrist. Her HP, far more than the average player’s, was gone in an instant. And then, without knowing why, she vanished with a face like she’d been pinched by a fox.

Are you saying that this… This is your handiwork?

“That’s right. One of my techniques is the Ninpo Changemi no Jutsu, which allows a player with a Substitute Doll or a Substitute Tag to take the damage they would otherwise take.

“Which means…”

“Yes. It was a scapegoat disguised as a fan letter.”

“What a coward…!”

A toothy fairy tale. He tries to send an attack order to the Nephilim-Annunaki floating above him, but Kong makes the first move.

“Activate Skill–[Damned Charge]. 

Kong used his skill [Damned Charge] to make the summoned monolith disappear and summoned the fox.

“Guanxu, [Multiple Shadow Division]!”


When he used his skill again, the fox’s form split into nine pieces.

“What the hell are you doing with such a small fry summoner…?”

“Do it this way… Come on!”

Kong takes out a wad of bills from his pocket and scatters them. One by one the foxes sucked them into their little mouths.

“That tag… “The… [“The scapegoat?”

No way. Now, you foxes, stick that tag on the fairy god!”

The foxes begin to move in unison and in disparate orbits at Kon’s command.

Anunnaki– intercept!

At Märchen’s quick command, the Annunaki swung their fists down towards the ground. But…

“Duh… It’s too small to hit…? Then we’re gonna have to take them all out at once. –Nibiru Disaster… Oh, no?

At the same time as the skill instruction to Annunaki, the three foxes affixed a [substitution tag] to Meruhen’s body.

Back of the head, back and inner thighs, respectively.

“What? Huh? ! Where is it? Where did you put it?

Meruhen fumbles with his own body with teary eyes. Meanwhile, the Annunaki are ready to attack. Both of their arms fire a powerful water-based attack.

That’s it!

Ruichi himself rushes into the water’s attack. And the moment he is attacked he activates the Ninpo Substitute Jutsu. He succeeds in imposing the damage on Meruhen.

“Oh, no… Oh no… You gave me the most powerful item… I can’t believe I lost.

Mercury’s body, with zero HP, turns into a particle of light and disappears.

“You’re still too naive, Mister Meruhen. This game isn’t as easy as winning with only the best items.”

“Sure… Maybe that’s why it’s so interesting.”

I’m sure.

“Uh-huh. I lost, but… But I’m happy to have won. Good luck in the next game~.”

“Hmph. Of course.”

Then, somewhat contentedly, Meruhen vanishes, and the Nephilim-Annunaki she summoned disappear completely.

And so…

Without exposing any of their tricks. The Con and Ruin team advances to the second round.


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