What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 174

Falling Stars

Chapter 174: Falling Stars

“What do you… What do you live for?

That was my sixth grade field day.

The night I came in second place for the first time in my life in a race I’d never lost before. I told my father about it, and he asked me a question.

My father, a man of many successful ventures, was never one to cheer me on at athletic events. But he always cared about my grades in school, my achievements in clubs, and the outcome of athletic contests like track meets.

If I did well, my father praised me and gave me an allowance that was unthinkable for a schoolboy.

“… Oh… Oh…”

I couldn’t say anything to my father, who looked so disappointed, and all I could do was scowl at him.

But even if I had something good to say… I don’t think things would have turned out so well.

“I’ve won every fight of my life. I’ve won and won and won… And I’m gonna keep winning.”

Yeah, I know.

My father was obsessed with winning. It was an obsession.

“Listen to me, Kakeru. You are not fighting alone. Your defeat is my father’s defeat.

“…. …”

“If you do anything to tarnish my glorious life… You know what will happen to you?”

“… Yes. I’m… For my dad… I’m gonna win and win… I’m gonna keep winning.


We have to keep winning. If you don’t win. I can’t prove my worth to my father.




“Hey. It’s time to go.

“Uh… Ah?”

The racer Butsuki Kakeru, who was sleeping on a bench in the corridor of Kaminaga Tower, is awakened by DINE’s call.

“Well… I couldn’t find a waiting room… I was tired… I fell asleep here.

I mean, it seems like there’s no waiting room for us in the first place~. Ha-ha-ha. Is it because we lost in the exhibition? Aren’t they treating us a little too badly?”

DINE is probably dissatisfied, but she doesn’t let it show, and she laughs and laughs.

“This is how you treat a loser.”

“I guess that’s just the way it is. It hurts.”

“Hey. You’ll win again. In this world, if you keep winning, no one can complain.

“Oh. You’re really going for it~.”

Don’t play games with me.

(Yeah. We win again. We win, everything goes back to normal. I’m not gonna stop here… I’m a racer again.)

With determination in his heart, Kakeru logs into GOO.




The pair of Avenger Masuo and the Black Goat, fighting in the first match of the tag team duel tournament, were waiting for their opponents with arms crossed and a relaxed expression on their faces.

“Well, it looks like our star has finally arrived.”

Well, you finally showed up. I’d say you’ve waited long enough.

At the same time, the comments on the Aurora Vision above the audience seats were streaming in, probably written by their fans.

Seeing this, Avenger Masuo opened his mouth, not bothering to hide his displeasure.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Are those guys popular?”

“Hmm? Yeah, that’s right. Dine is popular because his songs are really good, even though he’s rumored to be a womanizer. .”

“Hmm, so you’re saying he’s popular with the ladies?”

“It’s not just popular with the ladies, but it’s popular with the ladies too.”

“So you’re saying they’re our enemies… We’ll crush them… We’re gonna crush them.

Avenger Masuo, the star of the show, was on a warpath. His eyes blazed with jealousy.

And now, the game is about to begin!

Buddha Qi Kakeru Lv200 &. DINELv200

versus (vs, v.)

Avenger Masuo Lv 65 & Black Goat Lv 68

The buzzer sounds as the announcer announces the start of the war.

“Well, according to the information I gathered beforehand… They’re both members of the Johan’s Overthrowing Society… or the Demon Lord Defeaters… as they’re called in GOO… with prejudice and contempt.”

“Army? Not “army”?

“The Demon Lord at every event… “It seems that at every event, they stalk the Demon Lord… They’re the ones who follow the Demon Lord around and challenge him to a fight and keep losing.

“Shame… You’re a bunch of fucking… Oh, shit.

But after saying that much he realizes he’s let his guard down. No matter who the opponent is, I’ll give it my all and not let my guard down. He had just decided to do so.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t take chances with the mooks. I’m going to go for it right from the start.”

“Okay. Then I’ll take care of the logistics. I know I look like I’ve been practicing.

Since the battle with Johann, DINE has been practicing GOO on his own account. He hasn’t had much time to practice, and hasn’t even broken through the first layer yet, but he has acquired a basic knowledge of the game.

You’re good, Dine, but I’ll take the back. And I’m gonna…

Standing next to his beloved Death Wheel, he activated his skill. It was a skill that he had asked the staff to add after his last defeat.

“Activate Skill–[Transform Fusion]!!!”

[Transform Fusion]. This is a new skill added to the original [Kijuu Koushi]. The effect is a power-up that combines the player’s motorcycle with a weapon.

This skill was added at the suggestion of Buddha Qi, who was inspired by the memories of the anime he used to watch every week behind his father’s back when he was a child…

“What the hell is this?”

Buddha Qi exclaims. He suggested that I wear the bike like armor. That was the plan.

But the truth is…

The upper body of Buddha Qi was attached to the tip of the motorbike and became like a centaur, which was a very distorted combination.





A vulgar laugh echoed in the room of Kaminaga Tower.

Era P, who was in the waiting room watching the tag team tournament with the other star players, clapped his hands and laughed when he saw the combined form of Buddha Qiye.

It was Era P who changed the specifications of [Transform Fusion].

“What’s wrong with you? Smile and laugh more!”

“No, I’m just saying that this is a pity for Buddha Qi…”

“It’s okay. There’s no role for a washed-up celebrity except to make people laugh. The public loves a star who’s out of reach. But they love it even more when the ones who’ve been stuck up like that fall into their lap~!”

Before the exhibition match, before they were defeated by Johan. Hospital Saka and Kurui, who knew how Jiang Liang P. had been flattering and flattering to Futsunoki and DINE, felt a chill run down their spines at his flip-flop.

When they sell well, they treat you like a god… But when it’s worthless, they treat you like a god. Tomorrow is my life. I couldn’t help but think that.

“Oh, I’m so excited. He’s handsome, cool… Kakeru Butsuki is a genius racer who’s won first place in every race he’s entered. You’re going to do this in front of everyone! In a shitty game! Defeated by a bunch of inbreds! Don’t you think this will be the best show ever? Wooo!”

Era P. laughs happily to himself, but not one person agrees with him.


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