What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 162

The Devil's Ten Minutes

Chapter 162: The Devil’s Ten Minutes

“Well, you know. I’m sorry, but my battles aren’t as easy as that idiot’s, okay?”

DINE plays the guitar. A melody that makes your heart skip a beat echoes across the field.

“Hmm, my HP is decreasing?”

But Johan immediately notices something unusual. The HP bar in Johan’s field of view is slowly decreasing. Johann moves away from the enemy, but the decrease of his HP does not stop.

And .

‘Skill [Guts] has been activated.’

Your HP will stop decreasing at 1 point. From here you’re invincible for 10 seconds… But…

(That guitar?)

Johann, please be careful.

As Johann reached the answer to the enemy’s attack, he heard Roland’s voice overhead.

“The sound coming from his guitar. It’s like an attack.”

“I guess so.”

Johann looks up at the sky and checks Roland and the Chronodragon’s HP. They seem to be slowly decreasing, though not as much as Johan’s.

I’m going to activate Chronodragon’s Time Reincarnation to restore his HP, and think.

(Attack by the sound played by the guitar. Sound. Air vibrations. That would be weird.)

When DINE played his guitar. Music filled the field. But it was only as loud as one guitar. I didn’t feel the kind of shock from the sound that shakes your whole body like you would experience at a live house or theater.

And the vibrations are damaging. It could damage the ground, raise dust.

But the absence of it means .

(This is a game. If you don’t use common sense… The sound vibrations don’t damage you… You are damaged just by hearing the sound)

DINE’s special profession can probably inflict damage just by making the enemy hear a sound. The HP of the three players with different defenses was evenly distributed, with Johan, who had the least amount of HP, being the first to run out of power.

“Huh. It’s easy once you know… Star players, fear not.”

Johan covers his ears with his hands.

Click… The hand that tried to cover his ear touched his helmet.

I hear music.

‘Skill [Guts] has been activated.’

(This is a bad idea…)

Johan could not cover his ears because of the helmet covering his face.

I’m in a tight spot. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.

The Chronodragon lands with a mighty yell. Even as it lands, the Chronodragon continues to scream so that the melody of its enemies will not reach Johan’s ears.

The enemy’s attacks would be fine as long as we didn’t hear them. I didn’t trigger my guts for the third time.

“Thank you, Chronodragon! You stopped the damage.”

The Chronodragon’s eyes light up at Johann’s words. The volume of his screams increases even more.

DINE, on the other hand, seemed to be more enthusiastic than ever and didn’t slow down his guitar playing. DINE, on the other hand, seems to be more enthusiastic than ever and doesn’t slow down his guitar playing.


Sound colliding with sound.

“Ha-ha-ha! I never thought I’d be able to have a session with a dragon, but games are a lot more fun than I thought.”

“Ha-ha… But it doesn’t seem like Chronodragon over there is planning to do that.”

Roland cuts DINE off.


DINE, however… But… he takes evasive action, and his playing stops.

“What do you think? Can you still play music in this situation when the enemy is after you?”

“… Damn. That’s a little harsh.

Despite the overwhelming difference in status, Dine is still doing his best to dodge Roland’s onslaught.

Part of the reason is that DINE is new to the game. But one of the main reasons is that he started fighting alone.

With the right friends, the right protection. Johan and his men could’ve been a little more dangerous than they are now.

Now what?

Roland’s sword fights hit DINE several times.


But DINE, who had been attacked, burst out laughing, as if something had occurred to him.

“What are we gonna do? That’s my question. Your attacks have been hitting me a few times, but… They’re not doing any damage!


DINE is worth about 20,000 points earned. status points are evenly distributed to all statuses.

Roland’s attacks do almost no damage. Even if you add a piercing attack, it won’t be enough to cut through the overwhelming amount of HP.

“I’m sure that Buddha Qiye will be crawling up soon… I’m sure we’ll win, right?”

No, not really. Johann!

Roland smirks and looks back at Johan.

It’s time!

“Oh, is it that time already?”

“… Time?”

DINE, who had wondered about the exchange between Johan and Roland, gave him a quizzical look.

Thank you, Chronodragon. Thank you.


Johan unsummoned the Chronodragon, not caring about DINE. He pulls out a new summoner from his storage.

“Summon the summoner–Sword Angel!”

An angel in armor emerges from the geometric magic circle. The Sword Angel turns to face Johann and tucks him in as soon as he has materialized.

“Ten minutes.”


DINE wonders at Johan’s words.

“No, Pierre, the organizer of this tag team duel tournament, told me to make it last ten minutes.”

‘My Demon King. The audience wants a good fight. Please don’t kill them all in one fell swoop. I’ll say… Ten minutes. I’d appreciate it if you could make it a good fight for at least 10 minutes.

That’s why I’ve been playing your games. Lingering.”

“Ha-ha-ha. You don’t think I’ve been easy on you, do you? That you could have killed us at any time?”

Sweat broke out on DINE’s neck. Up to this point, he had thought he could hold his own on his own. Of course, the difference in player skill due to experience is overwhelming, but I thought I was bringing out the best out of the character specs I’d been given.

But the player in front of him hadn’t really gotten serious yet.

On the contrary…

They could have killed us at any time. They had the means.

“Sword Angel, [Gate of Heaven].”

Yes, sir. My Lord.

The kneeling Sword Angel folds his hands in supplication to God and his body is enveloped in light.

Then he consumes all his MP and his body becomes a pillar of light as he ascends to the heavens.

What the hell is… What?

DINE looks up at the sky and sees a huge gate made of white stone like marble, breaking through the clouds.

And the door opens slowly and noisily.

“What the… What the hell?


Dine, and Buddha Qi’s body, which was desperately climbing up the crater, began to float in the air.

Like cattle mutilations, they are slowly and gradually being sucked towards the gate.

“Oi… My HP is at zero! What the hell is going on?

“I don’t know… I don’t know… It seems like our HP was reduced to zero when that gate appeared…”

“What? That’s not fair.”

“Maybe it’s a common [instant death] attack in other games. I see…”

DINE nods yes.

They were star players who were given overwhelmingly powerful characters, but it wasn’t a strength that was rightfully earned through the course of the game.

Therefore, they do not have the items, skills, and knowledge to deal with the various situations that the original player will get as he or she progresses through the game.

The accounts of the star players are indeed complete. They are complete individual performances that no other player can give you. They have the tremendous power to carry out the winning patterns that the designers envisioned.

But that’s only if we’re on the offensive.

All the strategies of the GOO players. Unfortunately, we were not equipped to deal with them.

That’s why they are so defenseless against the [instant death] attack, which is the first countermeasure for normal players.

“This is… We’re going to have to be prepared for this by the time the tournament starts.”

“What the hell are you talking about? We’re going to lose this thing!

“We’ve already lost…” I thought, “But they haven’t announced that we’ve lost yet. I thought, but they haven’t announced that we’ve lost yet. It seems that I won’t be considered defeated until I get sucked into that gate. Then I’ll have to use my skills…”

DINE took up his guitar and started to play a different melody than before.

Then the gate that had appeared in the sky disappeared. Then Buddha Qiye and Dine, their bodies stopped rising, and this time they slowly returned to the ground.

HP has returned to the same value as when [Gate of Heaven’s] was activated.

“He came back from zero HP?”

Johann is surprised while looking at his enemy.

“I got to use my skill, too. The skill [Interrupt Performance]. It can negate the effects of your opponent’s skills back to before they took effect.”

“Back before it took effect…?”

“That means you can neutralize our skills after the fact. If we can take them out with a single blow, it won’t be a problem…”

Roland overheard Johan tilting his head.

“Yeah. You can’t knock us out with a single blow. I mean, we’re not gonna lose.”

Dine smiles triumphantly. but it’s true that there’s such a big difference in status.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but… But I guess that means we haven’t lost yet, right? Come on, Deathwheel.”

As if in response to Buddha Qi’s words, a motorcycle jumps out from the depths of the crater. It seems that he can summon it even if he is far away.

Straddling the death wheel, Frenchman Qi once again shows a victorious look on his face.

“What’s the matter? You’ve been awfully quiet. Are you too scared to speak?”

“It can’t be helped, Mr. Buddha Qi. It’s really unfortunate from their point of view. They said we’re the strongest player tag team, but it’s such an easy game. It’s probably the first time for them to fight an enemy as strong as us, isn’t it?”

“I’m sorry if that’s the case!”

Two howling star players .

“I see. All of our skills will be negated by the rock-paper-scissors… This is a critical situation. I don’t know what to do…

Johann’s mutterings make the corners of the two star players’ mouths turn up. The enemy has nothing to play for. Or so they thought.


“I really don’t know what to do. Oh, this is wrong. We’re gonna have to… We’re gonna have to use that thing.

The atmosphere changes.

Johann says, “That thing… and the pressure of it makes them both wary.

“You… [Interrupt play, was it? You’re always ready for it, aren’t you?”

“Of course… No matter what skill you use, you can always disable it later.”

Johan operates the menu without paying attention to their reactions.

“Activate Skill–[Ultimate Fusion Summon]! I will fuse with Roots One. And the summoned beasts entrusted to me by my children!”

‘D system startup’.

”I will now begin the fusion summoning.”

‘99.9999 percent chance of success…’

The overwhelming status of the enemy. The critical situation where all skills are blocked. The sheer number of factors that put Johan and his team at a disadvantage makes the D-system’s chances of success unprecedented.

“Fusion Summon? What the hell is going on?

“You idiot. Stop looking at it!”

Oh, yeah!

DINE, who plays [interrupting performance] in a hurry.

‘Fusion summon successful–I will now begin the fusion.’

“Stupid… Why can’t I disable my skills? Is it a bug?

“[Ultimate Fusion Summoning] is a skill beyond skill… It’s an EX Skill. So it can’t be disabled.

“Oh, no. That can’t be…”

The Ultra Masked Roots One appears above Johan’s head. And the summoned beasts entrusted to him by the children enter his body.

“Young Hope. Now, carry it on your back and let it fly– Ultimate Fusion Summon!”

And Roots One is reborn in a new light.

“Reveal the Divine Class–Roots One Future Mode!”


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