What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 154

The Legendary Warrior

Chapter 154: The Legendary Warrior

Next day.

After several laps, Johan and Roland faced the Ultra Masked Haoh again.

“Oh… You finally showed up.

“It’s hard for them to appear randomly… Well, it’s a good thing you came out early. Let’s go, Johann!”

“Yeah. Activate Skill– [Electronic Combination]!”

Johan activates [Electronic Combination] by himself with the power of [Dark Gene]. You merge a Dragon Wing, a limited first level summoner of this event, into yourself.

Johann kicked the ground hard when he saw the bright green feathers on his back.

“Now I have [the ability to fly]! “–Flying!”

Johan’s body floats in the air as the engine vibrates through the wings on his back.

“Oh, it’s flying, it’s flying. Oh, my God!”

Johann had often ridden on summoned beasts, but this was the first time he had flown under his own power.

Johan floats a few meters into the air and activates his skill.

“Attack next! –Attack End Dragonwing!

A tornado-like energy wave is generated from the wings on its back, and it heads for the Ultra Masked Hawl.


The Ultra Masked Haoh catches the attack with his own hand and drowns it out.


He’s in a defensive posture?

The dark aura did not appear. Hao moved and defended himself.

“That means, after all, if it’s the power of the Ultra Mask, it can damage Hao Wu!”

“Mr. Roland was right. That’s great… What?

Johan, who was nodding his head with his arms crossed in the air, suddenly loses his balance and falls to the ground.

Are you okay…?

Roland felt like he had seen something he shouldn’t have, but he called out to him. Johan, half of his body buried in the ground, manages to answer.

“It’s a little hard to control… I’ll get out of here on my own, just help me.


Roland turns to face the enemy again and grips the two-handed sword [Sodia] he obtained from the event. Something… This is an item from the work [Ultra Masked Sodia], which depicts the battle over Sodia, a magical sword that grows every time it cuts through something.

“Let’s go, Hao. Let’s finish this.”


As Roland approaches, Hao calls out his red-bladed sword and fights back.

The sound of metal clashing metal echoes through the air. The swords are evenly matched.

“It’s close range, but let me decide–[Final Saber]!”

Roland unleashes his strongest attack skill as a swordsman. The key to victory is how much damage you can deal with it…


“What the…?”

It was a real sword fight. Hao caught the sword with both hands.

The glow of Thordir’s blade fades, indicating that the [Final Saber] has failed.

“Ggh… What power…”

Roland desperately tries to pull the sword out of his enemy’s hand, but the enemy is too powerful.


And when Hao twisted his hand, Sodia was easily broken. The game treats it as destroyed. It cannot be used as a weapon until it is repaired by a player with production skills.


“Nah… Fuck… Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…”

But Hao’s pursuit is too much to contemplate. It must be the power of the monster he’s absorbed. Swords fly out from his body and strike Roland.

Roland managed to evade it with his inhuman reflexes and player skill, keeping his cool and keeping his distance.

“How’s it feel? How does it feel?

Johan, who had finally made it out of the ground, asked me to explain the situation.

“I don’t think we have a chance in melee combat…”

Roland said, showing her the broken sodia.

“Hmm, my attack won’t do any damage.”

Even if Johan himself uses [Electronic Combination], it doesn’t seem to reflect his status, so he can’t do much damage, and the enemy will block a direct hit to begin with.

“I don’t have a choice. I’ll have to use my back hand.

“The backdoor? Oh, the one you were talking about yesterday.

“Yeah. Just watch me. Summon the summoner– Yggdrasil Fortress!

A novice summoner the size of a dump truck emerges from a geometrical magic circle. It is an electronic beast with a mechanical shell and a head and arms covered in a wood-like resin.

When he materializes, light is emitted from the Yggdrasil Fortress and that light dwells in Johan.

“This girl is special among the E-Beasts. It lends new skills only if the player who summons it has [Fusion Summoning].”

‘I have learned the skill [Electronic Fusion].’

A message appears in Johan’s vision. Roland looks as if he’s got a point.

Oh, that.

“You know? Of course I do. Then don’t waste your time. Let’s all go– [electronic fusion]!


Yggdrasil Fortress howls to the heavens. As if in response to that cry, several magic circles appeared around Johann and the remaining seven summoned [electronic beast] beasts appeared.

Fire Salamander Cannon!

Water Jet Shark!

Dragon Wing of the Wind!

Shock worm for lightning ikazuchis!

Dirt Drill Mall!

Metal Behemoth of Steel!

Ice Psycho Penguin!

And Kiki’s Yggdrasil Fortress!

The eight E-beasts that appear are disintegrated into their original parts.

And then, they merge with the giant Yggdrasil Fortress as a base. It appears in the field as a new summoner!

“Rise forth, mighty summoner Orochi, mighty electronic beast! Orochi?”

“Amazing… I never thought I’d see a real Orochi in this time period!”

Leave Roland impressed.

Johan tilted his head when he saw the summoned beast appear.

Orochi is the eight-forked serpent… Well… What part of “Orochi” is Orochi?

From Johan’s point of view, it just looked like a bunch of disjointed electronic beasts with parts that were clumped together in a messy manner. The coloring was also uneven, and it didn’t look very beautiful.

“What are you talking about, Johann? The Electronic Beasts have eight heads. They’re Orochi from every angle!”

“How can you be so sure?”

‘Come on, Johann. Roland. Come fight with me!

Did he just start talking?

“All right. Then show us your power first, Orochi.”

“What, Mr. Roland? Are you accepting this crazy development?

”Alright. I’ll show you my power–[Full Burst Shot]!”

The eight weapon parts on Orochi’s body fire a volley of attacks. But…


“Oh, that was close… He’s evading me.”

I can’t believe there’s an enemy that Orochi’s power can’t defeat… Johann. I’ll have no choice but to summon the legendary warrior.

“What’s the legend?”

“I see… I mean, Orochi. You’re going to do it, aren’t you?

“No, no, Roland… You’re in too good a mood. So, what’s this thing?

Let’s do it. Come on, Johann. Call Roots One, the Ultra Mask.

By merging with Orochi in Loot One’s [Electronic Combination], the legendary warrior can appear in this GOO as well. But…

“Oh, that’s impossible.”



A summoner can only summon one summoned beast at a time.

Johan, who currently summons Orochi, cannot summon a new Roots One. The legendary warrior Orochi speaks of cannot be summoned by a single summoner.

Well, usually… I don’t…”

“Usually… Right!”

“Yes. I have the dark gene. I can use [electronic merging]… Yeah, but…”

Johann recalls his earlier merging with Dragon Wing.

(It was so hard to operate…)

I have a bitter memory of not being able to control it at all, even though I had just attached one of them together.

“The right person in the right place… Huff.”

Johann smiles coolly as if he’s given up and takes the Roots One summons from storage and hands it to Roland.

I’ll leave this with you.

“No, I really don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“I used the effect of Chaos Apocalypse’s other skill, [Seeds of Darkness]. If you have this summoner, you can use [Electronic Coalescence] too.”

“Well, come to think of it, Zecca-san and Renma-san were using their summoner skills during the killing festival… Is that what that was about?”

“Yeah, yeah. Well, take care of the rest!”

Yes, I’m on it! Come on, Orochi!

‘Yeah. Let’s do it!

“–[electronic merging]! Woah woah woah woah!!!”

When Roland uses his skill, Orochi’s body is torn apart again. Only the selected parts of Orochi’s body will go to Roland, and they will merge together.

And the legendary warrior Orochi spoke of revealed himself.

The main color is red. His main color is red, and he is tinted gold in places. His body is one size larger than Roland’s, perhaps due to the nature of the merging.

And so the legendary warrior roared forth.

‘”Ultimate Combined Warrior–Ultra Masked The Susanoo!”‘” ‘

Roland’s beautiful voice combined with the voices of the eight electronic beasts echoed through the field.

Johan watched them from a distance.

“Oh… What is that? It’s a robot.

And then he let out a few words of his own.


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