What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 149

The Demon Lord's partner is...

Chapter 149: The Demon Lord’s partner is…

“And that’s why, Zecca.”

Johan met up with the three men who had just finished hunting at the guild home and explained to Zecca what had happened.

Of course, we can’t tell them that the operation’s involved… I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you about it when we’ve decided to form a team.

Pierre had arranged for Johan to play two matches in the tournament. One was an exhibition match before the qualifying round.

The other is the final game against the team that wins the tournament. That means you are seeded until the last game.

Johan wondered if the participants were satisfied with that, but when Pierre announced ‘The Demon King Johan is going to participate in the Tag Tournament! the number of participants doubled.

It’s only been an hour since we announced it…? Johan was surprised. I knew I needed to find a strong and reliable partner.

Zecca’s face was the first thing that came to mind as a tag team partner.

“I am honored! I’m so honored that Johann chose me! I’m sure Johann and I can beat the challenger!”

I got an okay in a second.

“Thank you, Zecca. I knew you’d say yes.”

Johan is relieved when Zecca accepts. But Giltear, who had been listening beside him, interrupts him.

“Zecca, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Good”? What?”

Zecca turns to Giltier, looking a little annoyed.

“Johann’s addition. I’m asking if you’re sure that’s what you want.”


“Is he more of a pawn than a bonus? You’ve been by his side the whole time. You’re so handsome, Mr. Johan! That’s all you do. Is that the best you can do?”

I didn’t say that!

“I told you so, didn’t I? “But… That’s the image I have of you, you know.”


Zecca turned to Miu to ask for help. Zecca looked at Zecca as if to ask for help. He didn’t deny it.

“Oh, um, Zecca? I don’t think you’re a pussy, Zecca-chan…?”

Johan calls out to the depressed Zecca. But his voice does not seem to reach her.

“Mr. Johann… I’m sorry. I’m sorry we never talked about teaming up.


“And I promise you. I will compete in the tag team duel tournament and I will beat Johan in the finals.”

“… What?

I don’t need that… Johan was about to say something… but he covered his mouth. Zecca’s serious eyes… I’m nervous…

Zecca was serious.

Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, Johan’s a little mixed up. If you join normally. He’ll be up against star players with overwhelming status.

I want to be the strongest. The girl in front of him who has been working hard toward that goal will be crushed. Johan’s heart is filled with such anxiety.


(I believe you. She’s… She’s gonna be okay.)

I tried to believe in the young sparkle in his eyes.

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you on the title. Make sure you win.

“Yes! I promise! Oooooh, I’m on fire!!!”

“Atashi! Come work with me, Zecca!”

“I’ll support you too!”

The three of them were having a good time. Smiling at them, Johan quietly leaves the meeting room.




“Oh, yeah. I’ll be waiting for you on the throne. I don’t know what to do.”


“What? I’m your partner?”


“I’m flattered, but… But you can’t. Tag team partners have to be players.”

Pierre had nailed him on that point. By the way, Pierre could not be chosen as a partner, because he would be very busy on the day of the festival.

Apparently, there is another project going on behind the scenes, apart from the tournament.

“Mokkumo mokkumo.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Hinadora.”

As I was walking down the corridor, trying to calm the gorilla above my head, I heard a distinctive sound of footsteps. It was Ranma, the girl dressed in a white gorilla stuffed animal.

Ranma! Good evening.

“… Good evening, sister. What’s wrong? You look worried.

Johann said, “That’s the thing.” Johan explained the situation to Lemma.

“… You’re going to be in it too? You have a lot of rivals.”

“Geez… That’s terrible. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

“… Yeah, I’m in. Tag team tournament.

“By the way, who’s your partner?”

“… Don’t exaggerate, sis. I’m not your girlfriend. He’s not a dragon chick. He’s just a player.


He suppressed the urge to cry. Inwardly, Johan was very worried about Renma who had never had any contact with anyone other than himself.

Outside the dragon’s brood. They were interacting with players they didn’t know at all.

I’m so glad you did.

So I didn’t ask Lemma out. We exchange a few words and leave.




After that, Johann’s recruiting continued. You could say it was a one-way ticket.

In the case of the con .

“Oh, Demon King is participating too? Then I’m in too! Of course we’re rivals! I won’t let you down!

And quickly turned against us.

The Case of Donald Smile .

“I’m going to invite my rear friends to open a shop on the day…”

He told me a scary story.

The Case of Smoke Strike P .

I can’t handle it.

And I was turned down.

In the case of the Ogre and his friends.

I got a guy I got to take down.

He said no.

And I’ve been trying to reach out to my friends in other guilds.

When most people hear about Johan’s participation in the tournament, the reaction is “It’s too much for me…” or “If you’re in, I’m in. Of course, you’re my enemy, right?” and I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to work with Johan.




“Do you think I’m unpopular?”

Johann mutters to himself in the fountain square of the city of the beginning of the first layer.

It’s a heartbreaking thing to be rejected by so many people. It would have been different if I had known a little earlier that I was going to participate.

Also, you can’t be a half-bad player when you have a mission to defeat the star players who have won the tournament.

The fact that the player had to be as strong or stronger than you was one of the factors that raised the bar for scouting.

“I don’t know if this is a good time for a stranger… No, no. I don’t think I can do this.

It’s hard to get acquaintances involved, but it’s even harder to get strangers involved.

“Oh, my God.”

Johann was at a loss.

It was then.

“Oh, can I help you, Johann?”

Well, you’re…

I was suddenly accosted by a voice. I looked up from my prone position and saw a beautiful young man with long hair looking at me with a worried face.

Mr. Roland! You’re home!”

Out comes former number one ranked player Roland. He’s back from more than a month abroad.

“Long time no see. You look great!

Yes, it’s been a long time, Mr. Johann. By the way, are you in trouble? Then you can count on me. I’ll help you.


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