What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 140

Yes, Make a Two-man Team!

Chapter 140: Yes, Make a Two-man Team!

There were over a hundred players in the yard of the guild home. Many of them are dressed strangely.

The garden, where men equipped with micro bikinis, hot-limit suits, band-aids and Dangerous Beasts were regrouping, had become a kind of perverted museum.

It’s like Halloween.

“What do they think dragon chicks are?”

Kon looks stunned and Zecca is on the verge of a rage.

Yeah, totally.

“… I can’t believe she’s trying to stand out with her outlandish costume.”

I’m in trouble.

It’s your fault!

It’s your fault!

“”””…?”” “””

The head-tilting pervert, the gorilla and the clown .

“Eh… Are all of these people wanting to join the Dragon Chicks?”

Johann said in a cold sweat and all the other members nodded their heads. The other members had expected that they would be able to gather this many people under such loose conditions.

Well, we can’t have everyone in…

I can’t.


“I guess it’s good for a gradual increase…”

“But it’s more than impossible to suddenly get over 100 people.”

Girtia who once ran the most powerful guild [Sword of the Farthest End] said once and for all.

Problems are bound to arise when people get involved with each other. Especially when there’s 100 people. [The Sword of the Farthest End had a charismatic brother… and it barely held together as an organization. Well… maybe it’s because there was someone who was disliked by all the members…”

Giltier smiles somewhat self-deprecatingly.


“I understand that you’re happy that people want to join your guild, but it’s important to draw the line for your current members. But it’s important to draw a line in the sand for the sake of our current members. I agree. It’s better to limit it to 10 members at most.”

“Okay. I’m gonna miss you a little bit, but… I will.

Johann looked again down into the garden as if he had made up his mind. It was Kon who put his hand on Johan’s shoulder.


Wait, Demon Lord! This is where we come in.

What? What?”

“You can’t interview those guys in order, can you? So we have to do some sort of screening. Right, Con?”

That’s right. In that case, it’s not the popular demon king, but the hated one like me who has to step in.

“No, no, no…”

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Just leave it to me, okay?”

With that, Kong left the meeting room.

“Oh, my God. Kong, don’t say things like that.

Well, he’s got an idea. We’ll see.


After a while, Kong appears in the garden. Right on time. Kon takes out a microphone-like item from the storage. It seems to have the function of a loudspeaker, and Kon’s greeting is heard loudly.

Thank you very much for joining our guild [Dragon’s Chicks] today to recruit new members. I am in charge of recruitment, my name is Kong.

Bow your head.

Mr. Kong, you speak Mandarin.

“The theory that you’re a fake Kyotoite is becoming more and more plausible.”

“… I mean, what is a recruiter… What are they gonna make you do?”

“I’m starting to get worried after all this time.”

Everyone looked into the garden from the meeting room.

”Well… First of all, female players here, please raise your hands.

Con calls for four players to raise their hands from among the 120 or so present.

Thank you. You’ve all made it through the first round. Congratulations.




The four female players looked both pleased and puzzled. The four female players looked happy, but also wondering if it’s OK.

“Hey, fuck you!”

“You said it was just a quick interview!”

“No to misogyny!”

Naturally, the remaining players (mainly forum members) criticize it.

I’m sorry. Our guildmaster is a woman. He told us to give priority to pretty girls.

“I see.”

“If that’s the way it’s got to be.”

Come on, tell me what the first round’s about.

How can you be so sure?

Johan is watching from above and is amazed.

Let’s start the selection process. First of all. [You must be at least 180 centimeters tall.


“It’s over…”

I can’t.

Some of the male players (forumites) broke their knees.

“… Height.”

“The clouds are getting thicker.”

‘Two . [good-looking]’.


Don’t stop.


More players break their knees.

‘Three . [annual income of 10 million or more]’.

“”””Stop it already eh eh eh eh.””” “””

‘If you fulfill two or more of these conditions, please come forward. We will start the preliminary selection.’


“under these difficult conditions.”

“You’re not even screening?

Please don’t misunderstand me. The conditions I’ve just described are the manner in which a woman should behave when she’s in view. It’s common sense. It is against manners to talk to a woman without meeting these conditions. You will not be allowed in the presence of our guildmaster if you do not meet these conditions.

“What a bitch that vixen is.”

I don’t know anything about that.

“Who can meet these crazy conditions?”

By the way, there were 100 people on the board, and they all died. And all the male players are dead… Or so I thought.

‘Oh dear… all of them… That’s shameful. Then I’ll ask those of you who didn’t meet the requirements to leave. Good bye~”

Kong smiles and waves to the people on the message board. But then, someone grabs Kong by the shoulder.

And then I hear a voice in my ear that sounds like it’s coming from hell.

“Kong-chan. I think I went a little overboard.

“Oh… Ahhhh.” Rattle, rattle, rattle.

You’re leaving?


Donald, the dragon chick’s security system, decided that he’d gone too far. and Kon is forced to leave.

Thus, the examiner was handed over to Donald, and the sifting process was resumed.




‘I’m sorry you had a bad experience. If you want to complain, I’ll take it in my stride~ please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Donald Smile took over the mic and the place after Con passed away. He says that in a cheerful voice, but no one could complain, even if they thought they could.

The atmosphere in the garden, which had been so noisy just a few minutes ago, has changed, and now it looks like a funeral.

I don’t know if I should even call it a selection. Our guild can’t take care of everyone. So we’ll have to do some sifting… I’m going to do some sifting…”

Sorting. At those words, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. What are they going to do to us? Such fear pervaded the room. There was a tragic feeling in the air, as if they had been caught up in a deadly death game.

”Well then. First of all, can you make a pair for me?

“I don’t…”

“A pair of…?”

The people on the board are upset.

‘Here you go. Go ahead and make it. Come on, come on.

Donald claps his hands rhythmically. But the board is not happy.

It’s easy to form a duo when most of the people here are your own people. But a nagging doubt crosses my mind…

(You’re gonna put us in pairs… What are you gonna make me do?)

Yeah. Donald, the proctor, hasn’t announced the selection yet. I wonder what he’s gonna make them do.

Normally, we’d form a team of two, and then we’d work together to try something… The application says “people who get along well with others.” there’s a good chance the test will be like that.

But the man in charge of the test is that Donald Smile. The people of the forums suffered a lot in the rooms that Donald built at the recent Killing Frenzy.

You can’t help it if you read the back of the book.

(If you follow the theory, it’s right to team up with someone who can compensate for each other’s weaknesses, or someone who is simply stronger).

(If you’re a wizard, it’s better to be paired with a swordsman who can do melee combat or a guardian who’s a good defender.)

(But… What if it was the other way around?)

(For example, the players who team up to kill each other, and only the winner can move on. What if it’s a test like that?)

(In that case, you need to team up with someone weaker than you who can definitely beat you…)

(But if you’re paired with someone weaker than you and the exam is co-op…)


Donald said, “Make a pair…” Donald made them make pairs without telling them what the test was, so that they had to make the ultimate choice.

You can either work together or you can kill each other. These are the two choices.

Naturally, your choice of partner will depend on which one you choose.

(Which one?)

(yes or no? )

(Right or left?)

(S or M?)

(Lolita or MILF?)

‘Hi, time’s up.

Then Donald’s voice echoes through the yard. And the people of the board come to their senses.

Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Donald.

We’re too lost to put it together yet.

I’ll put it together right now.

I just need a little more time.

‘Oh, no.



‘Cause I’ve already been judged.

“”””What…?””” “””

The people of the forum are dumbfounded.

“Don’t you get it?” Make a couple. … This was my test.

The reason Donald didn’t tell us what they were going to do and let us form a couple is to make us wonder, “What are they going to do after this?” “What are we going to do now?

And it’s also a good idea to make them wonder if they’re going to be allies or foes.

‘That’s what I’ve been looking for. I want people I can have fun with, whether they’re my friends or my enemies. That’s what I’m looking for. So for you people who only had your own interests at heart… Too bad. Let it go this time.

The Dragon’s Chicks are looking for people who can have fun and enjoy the game together. If we were in the same situation and faced with the same choice… I’m sure they’d join forces with us in a heartbeat.

If we play co-op, we complement each other. And if we do get into a fight, we’ll have a good time.

‘As far as I can see… There were only three pairs. You’re all cleared!

Three groups… That means six of us made it.

”Oh my… I think we’ve got a pretty good group of people here. Well then, we’ll have a quick interview at the end, so please let the six of you come inside.”

Donald invites the successful into the castle. And finally he speaks to the people of the forum.

‘I’m sorry~. It’s Gilmouth’s intention to let everyone in, but… Dragon’s Chicks is still in its infancy as a guild, so we can’t take in too many people. Maybe next time… If you get the chance… We’ll be happy to welcome you.

Donald offered them some rare words of encouragement, but they did not take him up on it.

The people on the message board are hanging down, operating the menu screen, and changing into their stiff gear. Then they stood up and all shouted angrily.

“You son of a…”

“I knew Johann was…”


“This humiliation…”

“Double payback!”

“Hey, hey, hey~ You guys are so embarrassing~”

“Shut up!”

There’s no test we can’t pass.

“I’m gonna fuck you up!”

Kill them all!

“It’s a little bit dangerous – it’s not easy to deal with 100 people…”

Donald broke out in a cold sweat. At that moment a huge magic circle spreads out and the whole garden turns into a swamp. Someone had invoked the field spell “Create Swamp”. The people on the BBS are slowed down by the sudden appearance of the swamp.

“Am I bothering you?”

“No, thank God… Pierre.

Don’t you dare.

The one who steps forward is Pierre, the current top ranked player. He too had heard about the recruitment of Dragon’s Chicks members and had gathered here.

I’ll join you. It’s gonna be tough to take on a hundred men.

Cross, who had passed the exam by teaming up with Pierre, smiles happily. However, Pierre turns down the offer.

No, thank you.

Pierre pulls a thick grimoire from storage. It seems to be his battle stance.

This is my chance to show the Demon Lord how useful I can be. Will you let me do this alone?

“Well… It’d be great if you could really do it.”

“Thank you, wise boy. Now, let’s get rowdy.”

Pierre smiled savagely as he caught sight of the people on the board.


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