What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 138

The People of the BBS

Chapter 138: The People of the BBS

[GOO] Overthrow Johann [Victims’ Circle] 41.

136. avenger masso

All the first semester exams are over.

So, the two-month summer vacation has finally begun…

137. yippatsu.

What we’d enjoy would be an Ultra Mask collaboration.

138. Doroso.

GOO Summer Festival, a user participation type event…


I’ve failed all of my required tests. What do you think I should do?

140. Raymond.

This is not an event we’re gonna enjoy.

141. avenger masso

Surely… I think we should just go ahead and attack the fourth layer.

142. Gargarozzo.

But it’s boring that the only thing we can do when we have more time to log in is collaborate events for kids.

143. beauty

I wish I could play cripple at a time like this.


There’s still an unknown number of EX skill acquisition quests, collaboration events, summer festival events… I think there’s enough to keep you busy. I think there’s plenty to choose from.

145. avenger masso




147. avenger masso

GOO Summer Festival. It is rumored to be an event like a cultural festival where users prepare events in advance.

It’s a game, but it’s a shitty event.


No, it looks like fun.

149. avenger masso

You think we’re gonna enjoy that?


Certainly not for the people here.

160. Gargarozzo.

Oh. I’ll pass on the Ultra Mask collaboration too, depending on how it performs.

161. black goat

Which means that what we have to do is the same as it ever was.


I see. If you keep looking at the players who are playing the summer events with resentment all through the summer vacation!

163. avenger masso.

Watch your mouth, okay? (Crying)

163. doroso.

You have a glass heart, okay?

164. yippatsu.

It’s easy to be misunderstood, but people like us are very weak.


I’m sorry. That was out of line…

Well, I’m busy with club camps and family trips to the countryside, so I don’t plan on logging in that much.


It’s a club camp… High school?

168. raymond.

I saw you with the manly baseball team.

169. black goat

No, no, no. If you’re on the baseball team, you don’t have time for games at this hour.


Yes, I am. I’m in a loose tennis club.

171. rabbinfoot

… Oh, come on. Seriously, this guy?

172. avenger masso.

You’re not taking any girls to this camp, are you?


Well, there were only three boys, including me.

Mixed gender.


I hate you.


I’m so jealous I’m leaking.


hate hate hate

177. yippppatsu.

She’s… I’m gonna fuck you!

178. black goat

By the way, where’s the camp supposed to be?


Nasu… Why?

180. black goat

Hey, you know what? I thought I’d see if I could help you identify your accommodations.



182. avenger masso.

I see. We’ll set up a time for us to meet there.

183. black goat

That’s right, Masuo. That’s what I meant.


That’s what I’m talking about. That’s not what I meant!

No, seriously, please don’t.

185. black goat

Wow, the dates are August 5-7.


What? How did you know?

I’m scared… I’m really scared.

187. black goat

Don’t worry. I won’t put my real name or school name here.


You don’t feel safe, do you?

That means you know about it, right, Black Goat?

189. avenger masso.

Well, if you’ve learned your lesson, you’d do well to refrain from showing off in front of us.


Yes… It won’t happen again.

191. avenger masso.


Well then, let’s put the budget and recruiting members for the offline meeting on the back burner and get this meeting started.


Wait. Can we talk about the budget and the meeting later?

Don’t talk to me like we’ve already decided on a place and a date!

193. avenger masso.

Here’s what’s on today’s agenda.




Guild [Dragon’s Chicks] Member Recruitment Announcement

Sunday, August 1, 13:00 – at the Dragon’s Chicks Guild Home of Darkness Castle

We are looking for additional guild members.

If you wish to participate, please come to the designated place on the above date.

~ Conditions of Participation ~.

People who can get along with others and enjoy the game.

There are no restrictions on level, items, or occupation, but we are an enjoyable guild, so we may not accept those who disrupt the circle of friends.

Therefore, please note that there will be a brief interview by current members on the day.




I’ve been told.


… …August 1st.

195. Gargarozzo.

… Tomorrow.

196. yippatsu.

… That was quick.


That dragon chick is recruiting members?

This is a bad idea, gentlemen. The Dragon Chicks are one of the top guilds now.

What kind of a crowd of strongmen… It’s terrifying to even think about.

198. Raymond.

Yes… The dragon chicks are our enemies too if we’re going to defeat Johan.


The more talented people we can attract to the dragon chicks, the closer we’ll get to becoming the most powerful guild in the world.

200. black goat

But I doubt it.

201. avenger masso.

What’s up?

202. black goat

Think about it.

I wonder if those dragon chicks would really hire an ordinary person.

203. yuril.


Even the current members are gorillas, foxes, perverts, murderous clowns… Half of them are not human.

204. black goat

The dragon chicks are so abnormal that they’re now willing to let normal players join their ranks?

That’s the question I’m asking myself.


It says there’s a brief interview…

206. avenger masso.

So you’re saying I have to show some kind of abnormality in that interview to get in?

207. black goat

I dare say


Oh. Then we’re safe. It’s not every day you find a group as deep as the current crop of dragon chicks.

209. black goat

So… Yeah.


At first I was surprised that the dragon chicks would be strengthened, but after opening the door, it seems to be no big deal at all.

In fact, they may not even add a single member.

Well, we’ll continue to work hard to defeat Johann as we always have.


… Yeah. – Yeah.

212. black goat


213. yuril.

… Yes or no.


… Anomaly.

215. avenger masso.

All right, that’s enough for today’s meeting.

Everyone get some sleep today so you’re ready for tomorrow.


What, tomorrow?



218. black goat



good night


Good night.


The unit is in trouble.

222. Doroso.



You don’t think so?


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