What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 137

Fusion and Beyond

Chapter 137: Fusion and Beyond

A few days after the battle with Pharaoh.

In the garden of the guild’s home [Castle of Darkness], all the members of [Dragon’s Chicks] are unusually gathered.

“Thanks for coming out today, guys.”

“If Johann calls me, I’ll go to the ends of the earth!”

“… I’m always here.

What’s going on?

“Cous-cous. Now, what is it?”

“What the fuck, man?”

Auger asks Mei what’s going on, but Mei just laughs like a mischievous child and plays along. Kong and Mei, who had cleared the extremely difficult level, had a vague understanding of what Johan was going to do now, but the rest of the team members looked uneasy.

“I’m so excited you called me. I don’t know what’s going on.

“I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds like fun anyway.”

Johan didn’t force all the members to come together, but they all happened to be there when he asked them in the chat room. But that was rare these days.

After making up with his best friends, Zecca has been spending a lot of time together as a threesome to make up for the time they spent apart.

Now that he and Cross have settled their differences, Oga is mostly playing with Cross, Zoma, and the rest of his classmates.

So, even though we had called for the meeting, it had been quite a while since we had all gathered like this.

You can understand why Johann is so excited.

“Well, the reason we’re all here today is because… We’ve actually obtained the rumored EX Skill!”

Surrounded by the guild members and the summoned beasts released in the garden, Johann declares.

“Oh, my God, that’s great.”

“Right? Give me more compliments.”

“We” means… Did you get May, too?”

“Of course, Auger.”

“Oh, my God…”

Oga looks gloomy as he realizes that Mei has come a long way.” I’ll just have to get it one of these days…” I’m shocked.

“Johann-san’s EX skill…?”

“Hmm? What’s up, Zecca?”

Zecca muttered with an indescribable expression on her face. He was usually so excited that Zecca was about to say, “It’s amazing!” Zecca was usually so excited that even he was a little worried.

“You’re the best, Johann! You’re amazing.”

Soon Zecca is back to her usual self. Zecca’s profile is the same as usual, even from his point of view. However, there was something a little strange about it.


Zecca looked at him as if she was trying to make a point. The way her crazy expression switched from one of her usual expression to another made Owga laugh.

It’s nothing.

Yeah? Well, that’s good.

Zecca glances at Johann again. Johann has just taken an egg-shaped summoning stone out of storage.

“I’m taking out Bachimon [Metal Black Dragon] and [Warfenrir]! I’m going to combine these two and make Omega Prime.

Omega Prime. In the anime Virtual Monsters, this miraculous monster is created when Chronodragon and Fenrirborg fuse together.

“… Wait a minute, sis.”

“Omega Prime needs [Chronodragon] and [Fenrirborg], right? I wonder if I can really call it with those two pre-evolved creatures…”

Lemma and Donald will raise the question. They’re right. But Johan…

“It’s gonna be tough, but… But I feel like I can make it.”

I had no reason to believe I could. But I’m confident.

“… Well, I’m not sure if Omega Prime will be born, but I’m interested in the .EX skill.”

“Johann’s EX skill… I want to see it!”

Expectations are high. Johann quits pouting and activates his skills.

“D System activated. Awaken the [Fusion Summon] skill to the EX skill [Ultimate Fusion Summon]. Activate Skill–[Ultimate Fusion Summon]! I fuse Metal Black Dragon and Warfenrir!”

‘D system startup’.

”I will now begin the fusion summoning.”

‘0.03 percent chance of success…’

“Hey, aren’t the odds lower than before?”

“Yeah. It’s like the UR emission rate in shadow games.”

I have a bad feeling about this.

‘Fusion Summon Failure–I will now perform a Forced Fusion.’

“Yeah, yeah?”

The D system is designed to create dramatic reversals from a pinch. It had a low success rate in places where nothing was at stake.


The summons of the metal black dragon and Warfenrir were sucked into the magic circle as particles, and a monster I had never seen before appeared from within.

About 3 meters long, rice-ball shaped. Purple. There are no eyes or a mouth, and we don’t even know if it’s a summoner or a monster.

[stench slimes]

Elementary Summoner

A summoner created by a failed Fusion Summon.

“Is this the Omega Prime?”

No, obviously not.

“… Maybe it’s a failure monster. But it still smells terrible.”

A foul stench wafts through the air. The summoned beasts that had gathered here can no longer stand the smell anymore and have moved away.

Yo, Johann… Be careful.

Johan looks up at the stenchslime with vacant eyes.

Give it back.


“Give me back my little Bathymon!”

Johan yells out in a rage, and several of you manage to admonish him. Still with tears in his eyes, he unsummons the Stench Slime.

“Huh… I guess I’ll never make Omega Prime… Huh?”

“We still have to wait for the second Bachimon Collaboration! Once Fenrir Borg is implemented, for sure!”

Zecca says cheerfully as if she cares for Johan. Johan notices Zecca’s concern and smiles.

“Yes, I know. But… I don’t think I’ll go for the Omega Prime fusion even if Fenrirborg does get here. For the time being… I guess.

What? Why?

“Mmm-hmm. It’s a secret.”

“What? What do you mean, secret? Johann, there’s no secrets between us!”

“What? “Oh, come on. A secret or two.”

“Huh? Are you… Are you a man? Are you a man?”

“No, I’m not!”

He smiles and ducks Zecca’s pursuit. And with a laugh, he remembers the promise he made to Zecca when they were children.

”My Chrono Dragon and Ryo-chan’s Fenrir Borg… Let’s put them together and make it Omega Prime!!!”

The promise of a sunset. I don’t know if they’ll remember. But still… Johan decided to save his first summoning of Omega Prime for a while.

(It’s a good thing we failed now.)

I apologize to everyone who’s gathered here today.

And then, as we move to the meeting room, we receive a notice from the management about a new event.

One will be held from August. The first will be a collaboration event with Ultra Mask, a popular tokusatsu content among children and housewives. It seems that the event has been planned for the summer holidays and is aimed at children.

“I miss the Ultra Mask. I used to watch it when I was a kid.”

Me too! I used to watch it with my little brother when we were in kindergarten. I miss it so much – I didn’t know the series was still going on!”

Oga and Mei are excitedly saying ‘I’ve missed you so much~’.

“I don’t know why. It makes me angry when elementary school kids say they miss it.”

“I know how you feel, Kong. But you have to hold back here… I mean…”

Johann had something on his mind.

“So, the students are on summer break already?”

“Yes! The test was finished last week, and we have had a safe summer vacation!”

“I can log in almost every day from now on!”

I’ve got a family trip… That’s it.

“”””I’m jealous.””” “””

The adults shouted in unison to the students, whose eyes were shining with summer vacation.

“… Adults. I know you’re upset, but let’s look at the second event.

Ranma mutters something and we all look over the second event of August. There is…

*Major user-participation event [GOO Summer Festival].

0Details to come later

It was written.

“Summer Festival?”

“I don’t understand what you mean by ‘user participation’.”

“… Well, it sounds fun.”

“At least it seems calmer than the killing spree.”

“Summer festival…”

Summer… August.

As a working man, August was not Johan’s favorite month. It was just too hot and uncomfortable.

“But this year is going to be fun.”

Johan laughed quietly as he looked forward to a different summer.


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