What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 135

The Dragon Star That Transcends Eternity

Chapter 135: The Dragon Star That Transcends Eternity

“God class…?”

I didn’t think there was anything above super-kyuu.

I’m not gonna let you threaten me… !”

The God-Class Summoners are still at the top of the field, shrouded in light, and have not yet fully emerged. Chrystar, who has combined the forms of several summoned beasts by Summon Ride, drives Johan’s Meteor Bird directly towards the Divine Summoner Amun-Ra.

That’s not right. That’s…

“I see it, HP bar! Summon Ride… And… [discharge].”

When he takes in the power of the new Kwagiger, he uses his amplified status to unleash an electrifying blast. However, it has no effect on Amun-Ra, who is enveloped in a light like the sun.

“Oh, no, his HP hasn’t gone down at all!”

The enemy’s HP bar does not decrease.

The light surrounding Amun-Ra converges and reveals his true form. He was a Titan of Light… a four-meter tall, glowing blue Titan. He is clad in a gorgeous golden armor that surpasses that of the Pharaohs.


“… Huh?

Amun-Ra’s eyes look at Christer. A scream escapes her mouth, but Amen-Ra does not attack. They are merciful eyes, like those of a god watching over his people from above.

Meteobird, get back while you still can.

Johan lowers the meteobird to the ground. Amen-Ra slowly descends to the ground. Amen-Ra descends to the ground in the pose of a ruler.

“My attack didn’t work at all…”

“Huh. I’ll tell you what.

Pharaoh replies to Christer’s frustrated muttering.

“Amun-Ra has a powerful skill. It’s called [Sun God].”

Skill [Sun God]. This is an invincible skill that makes you invulnerable to all attacks, skills, and abilities except those of god-class summons.

“The sun. It is a divine power that no mortal can touch. This skill can never be disabled and if anyone other than Amun-Ra deals with it… his body will burn and he will die. Ha! Your cowardly attempts to hunt me down have given me one of the most powerful skills in the world.”

“Han. He can’t accept any skills other than God-level… Doesn’t that mean Pharaoh’s skills won’t work either?”


Pharaoh the Summoner’s support has been cut off. With this, you no longer have to worry about him using Infinity Fusion. No, in the first place, the Ultimate Fusion Summoning system does not always succeed. In the first place, you can’t use Infinity Fusion.

And though Pharaoh didn’t dare mention it, so much for skill. Of course there’s a disadvantage. [The disadvantage of the Sun God is that you can’t take any offensive action just by having it. (There are some exceptions.)

But even without that, the fact remained that Johan and his men had no way to defeat Amun-Ra.

“Is this… Retired?”

May mutters. She must be broken already. But Johann shakes his head. Johann opens his mouth as he undoes the summoning of the Meteor Bird.

“No, due to the nature of that Ultimate Fusion Summon, it doesn’t make sense to retire here.”


The Demon Lord is right.

“If it’s a normal quest, we could retire here and fight again after preparing countermeasures, but there’s no guarantee that Amen-Ra will show up next time.”

That’s right. It’s always the summoner that betrays our countermeasures.”

“So we have to defeat it? But how?

Mei said with tearful eyes. As if to reassure her, Johan took out a summoning stone. Mei’s face lit up when she saw it.

“Oh, that!”

“So . Summon the summoner–Mirage Magician!”

Johann immediately summoned the summoner he’d gotten in the desert, Mirage Magician, and activated its skills.

By means of [Illusion Duplication], I succeeded in temporarily adding the [Ultimate Fusion Summon] that Pharaoh used to Johann’s skill.

‘The skill [Ultimate Fusion Summon] is now available.’

‘*This skill will disappear once you use it or log out’.

“We’ll have to do it this way too, Ultimate Fusion Summon.”

Thumbs up, Johan.

“Oh, yes, that’s the way to do it!”

Yeah. Come on!”

Yeah, I’m on it!

Johan opens the storage and gets a little lost.

(To defeat Amun-Ra, we’ll need to fuse something with a super-class to make a god-class here… Then I’ll just go with Crystal Leo and Gokuu’s superclass… Okay…)

“Han! Did you think I would just sit back and watch you guys summon them! Amen-Ra, activate your skill–[Millennium Crisis]!”

An intense light emanates from Amun-Ra’s body and envelops the entire field. The light is so bright that everyone closes their eyes for a few seconds.

What’s that? Huh?

“I didn’t take any damage or suffer any abnormalities…”

What the hell did they do to you?

Amun-Ra’s skill ends, but there is no sign that Johan and the others have been harmed in any way.

“Hahahaha. Look at the storage?”

“Storage… Oh? !”

Johan and the others checked the storage and found that the summons they hadn’t used yet had been disabled. But this isn’t the same as being sealed.

“Yes . [Millennium Crisis is a skill that can directly damage your storage summons. It can damage 1,000 random summons. Well, my storage’s gonna get hit too… I don’t care if I’ve come this far, do I?”

If you are hit by the Millennium Crisis, you are put into the same state as if you had fought and lost, even though you have not been summoned.

“Oh no… The nine-tailed fox and the vixen are dead… Ugh… And Goku…

I, too, have lost all of my core team members.

“The super class was wiped out in a spectacular fashion… O my God, Pharaoh…”

Johan also rushes to check the storage. The Chronodragons and other BachiMons that might have a chance to turn things around were all destroyed. Furthermore, the two Super-Grade Battimon that he had been planning to use for the fusion just now had also been defeated.

I think I’ve lost it. No, wait.

Johann thinks.

(Advanced + Superior = Super Kyu. Super kyu + strong = god kyu… So that means)

Con, Mei, Christer. Lend me the strongest summoner you have left.

“Demon lord…”

Johann, what are you talking…

“Just do it. I’m going to try the ultimate fusion with the summoner you guys lent me.”

Johann’s proposal surprises everyone.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you, me, and Mr. Kong. All the superlative levels have been destroyed. Perhaps you won’t make it to the Divine level.”

“You’ll never know unless you try, will you?”

“Oh… You look confident. I see. I guess I’ll have to bet on you.

Chrystar, now that his Summon Ride has been deactivated, looks around the storage for any summons left behind in a somewhat disheveled state. He smirks as one of the summons catches his eye.

“Huh. Coincidence. Fate? Johann… the perfect summoner for you was left in my storage.

Me too. Demon Lord, use this.

“Wow, my… No, this was originally given to you by Johann. Please use it!”

Johann receives the Chronodragon summoning stone from the three of you. He grips the egg-shaped toy entrusted to him by the three men.

Thank you, guys. We’re gonna make it.”

Johann glares down at Amen-Ra. And…

“Activate Skill–[Ultimate Fusion Summon]! I fuse three Chrono Dragons!”

‘D system startup’.

”I will now begin the fusion summoning.”

‘10.7 percent chance of success…’

Various messages appear in Johan’s vision.

“This is ridiculous… Fusing three High Summoners? There’s no way we can succeed.

I don’t know about that.

‘Fusion summon successful–I will now begin the fusion.’


A huge magic circle appears in the center. The three summoning stones in Johann’s hand become particles of light and are sucked into the magic circle.

“Uh, I should just read this.”

Johann reads the message that came into view.

“The champion of time who rules the past. The power of the three bound together now opens up the future… the Ultimate Fusion Summon!

And a new Chronodragon has revealed itself.

“Reveal the God Class–Ultimate Chrono Dragon!”


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