What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 129

Victory and Rewards

Chapter 129: Victory and Rewards

Mirage transforms into Kwagiger’s form and scatters electric shocks all over the field. This is an attack [Discharge] skill that deals a [Stun] to the attacker.


Johan and Night Ghost take a direct hit. Johan spends his second Guts. Night Ghost is destroyed by a single blow.

Johan activates his multipliers to buy time to summon them. He also makes one of them use [Decoy] to draw attacks from the others.

Summon the summoner. Summon the summoner–Kwaggaiger!”


The Mecha-Kuwagata summoner, KwagaiGar, appears from within a giant magic circle.

“Kwaggaiger, [discharge]!”


Johann’s kwaggaiger fires a powerful electric bolt. But just before the blast strikes, the mirage changes form.

“Oh my god! That’s not fair!”

Mirage has transformed into [Maid Lagoon], a beautiful woman in a maid’s outfit with dragon horns. Mirage opens her mouth wide as she transforms into the intermediate level summoner Maid Lagoon and unleashes her Hyper Dragonic Voice.

An invisible sonic attack hits Johan with every surviving growth.

“Damn… I’m gonna summon a summoner… Again?

When Johann unsummoned Kwagiger, the mirage changed its appearance once more. A tall man in stylish jet-black robes. He is the Dark Wizard, the senior summoner. Mirage spins his staff around as if to store up magic, and points it at Johann.

And then a powerful dark magic [Artemma Burst] explodes. Johan is forced to expend his third and fourth [Guts] in succession.

(A Dark Wizard is an advanced summoner. It costs a lot to summon. If he changes form again, we’re wasting our time… Then. Then there’s no need for him to summon a summoner. Let’s stay calm and wait for our chance.)

Johan gives up on dealing with his opponent’s transformation. If he goes along with his opponent’s transformation, he will only end up getting worse and worse. He activates [Multiply] to disperse the enemy’s attacks, and waits for his chance.

And after about 30 seconds of battle… Mirage’s appearance changes again. The mirage’s blurred body transforms into a sexy, dark-skinned beauty.

That’s it! I’m gonna kill it.”

Johan sees that it is a Dark Elf before he can determine the enemy’s appearance, and summons it without delay. The Dark Elf appears at the same time as the enemy is revealed.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Johann grabs the arm of the summoned Dark Elf and hurls it at the enemy. The Dark Elf slams into the enemy in a laser-like trajectory.


The Dark Elf that has been thrown adjusts its posture in the air with a look of resignation and complacency on its face. He then leaps at the mirage, which has the same appearance as him, and kicks it.

Mirage immediately counterattacked, and the Dark Elves were quickly extinguished, but they still succeeded in reducing Mirage’s HP.

“Hmm… I managed to keep my cool. Now, what do you think you’ll turn into next?”

The mirage that has turned into a dark elf blurs its outline and transforms itself once more.


Crystal Leo, a giant white lion with dragon-like wings and tail, appears. Mirage becomes Crystal Leo and unleashes his Diamond Dust Burst skill. A wave of icy energy attacks Johan.

But Johan counterattacks with the same [Diamond Dust Burst] to cancel out the attack.

“Hmm, you seem to be able to attack with the skills you spit out of your stone.”

Johan is gradually getting the hang of attacking Mirage. The mirage, looking somewhat frustrated, begins its next transformation. The mirage transforms into a translucent humanoid. He then cloaks his body in jet-black armor.

Could it be the Chaos Apocalypse?

The mirage transformed into the Chaos Apocalypse, Johan’s most powerful equipment. But it was not a wonder but an opportunity for Johan.

Chaos Apocalypse as equipment has two skills [Gene of Darkness] and [Factor of Darkness].

Both of these skills are useless without a summoner to summon them. Even if you copy this armor, Mirage will not be able to activate these two powerful skills. He can only benefit from a 50% increase in defense.

But not on Johann’s side.

Since Mirage is equipped with Chaos Apocalypse Armor, Johan can reduce Mirage’s HP just by hitting him.

That’s not all. Any summoner skill Johan uses is treated as a [Dark Gene] skill effect.

That means that Johan’s attacks will work only in this situation.

“It’s now or never! –Grapnir! –Demon Freeze!

Chains appear from beneath Mirage’s feet, restraining her entire body. The Demon Freeze reduces his durability to zero and blocks the activation of all his skills.

Mirage’s transformation is due to his skill, so his next transformation is blocked.


Transforming into the super powerful equipment Chaos Apocalypse was the cause of Mirage’s defeat.

Johann activates his [Ice Heterogenesis], and three Ice Puppets with the same status as himself appear and attack the stuck Mirage.

The Ice Puppets assault Mirage, who is bound with chains, by punching and kicking her. Since all of these attacks are also treated as [Dark Gene] skill effects, Mirage’s HP decreases at a tremendous speed, and then drops to zero.

“…. .”

The mirage’s body vanishes as particles of light. Not translucent, but completely.

“Hmm… That didn’t go so fast in the end. But still, nasty enemy.

Johann found a way to defeat the mirage at first. By hitting the same weapon with the same summoner.

But I realized halfway through that it was a trap. 

He would have run out of breath at some point.

Dare to abandon the strategies dangling in front of you and wait for a decisive chance.

I guess that was the key. Okay, let’s get out of here… Oh?”

Johann suddenly noticed that there were treasure chests in the area where the mirage had disappeared. Seven of them.

“Is this really necessary?”

Johann opens the chests one by one.

[Whistle in the Mugen Desert]

This warp takes you to the entrance of the desert or to the pyramid. After using it, it will be broken with a probability.

“I did it!!! Now we can catch up. Now all we need is… I’m hoping there’s a summoner.

Johann opens chest after chest.

“Material… Money… Money… Material… Ah!”

The four from there were all material items and gold, but the sixth chest contained an item.

“This is a… It’s a one-handed sword. [Sword of Hot Sands.] A souvenir for Zecca.

Johann is in a good mood and opens the last treasure chest.

The last one’s a summoning stone. Let’s see…”

Touch a summoner in your hand, and it shows you information about the summoner inside.

[Mirage magician]

Rank: Intermediate


[Duplicate Illusion]: You can activate a summoner’s skill used by another player or NPC. The skill is added to the owner of this summoner’s skill. The summoner will be destroyed. However, the skill gained by this effect will disappear immediately after you use it or after you logout.

“Well… So you’re saying that as long as it’s a summoner-only skill, I can use the skills that other people have used? Just once. This means…”

This will make it easier to get to the pyramid, where your opponent will probably only use [Fusion Summon]. Hopefully, you can try out Fusion first.

“Uh-huh. I know I’m late, but I got a nice souvenir for Kong-chan and the others. Bye.

Johan used the flute of the Mugen Desert to warp to the pyramid.


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