What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 122

Death of Hinadora? The Swamp Field of Menace

Chapter 122: Death of Hinadora? The Swamp Field of Menace

Next Saturday.

After lunch, Johan logged into GOO.

After listening to Con and Donald and the others, it seemed that there was little merit in exploring Amaterasu City at the moment.

“I guess I didn’t understand that phone booth after all.”

When I told Con later about what happened in the phone booth, he said, “That’s a hidden quest!” He was furious. After that, we all rushed to the phone booth, but no matter how many times I put the receiver to my ear or put money in the box, that creepy voice never echoed.” I’d better keep this to myself, just in case.” So this matter became a secret only for the dragon chicks.

I’d rather just forget about it altogether.

Just remembering the voice, which sounded out of this world, still gives me the creeps. Even Johan, who had developed a high tolerance for horror through his interactions with Donald, froze for a moment at the sound of the voice.

So, leaving the city behind, today we’re going to explore the field. The south side of Amaterasu City.

We came to a swampy area with eerie trees and swamps all around. There were some rounded rocks that looked like resting places, but most of the area was covered with muddy brownish-green water.


That’s when it happened. The daisy overhead jumped down to the ground and bounced toward the swamp, peering over the water.

“Do you want to come in? No, it’s too dirty.



Hinadra dives into the swamp without heeding Johann’s advice.


It seems to be flapping its tail with a pleasant face, but it is not propelled by the tail, or is it just a specification? Without making any progress on the water, Hinadora is gradually sinking.

“What?” Bubbling.

‘Hinadora has disappeared.’


Hinadora’s HP seems to have sunk to the bottom of the swamp, and she vanished with zero HP.

“I’m being totally reckless… If this happens, today– Summon the Summoning Beast [Inukoro]!”

A young white Fenrir puppy emerges from the geometrical magic circle.


“Mmm, Inukoro. Shall we have an adventure with you today?


Inukoro nodded at Johann’s words. But then he noticed something and ran to the edge of the swamp and looked toward the bottom.

“You’ve activated your skill. There’s something under there… What?


Inukoro dives into the swamp without waiting for Johan to approach and goes for the item at the bottom. And then…

“Wha…?” Bububububububububububububububububububububububububub.

‘Inukoro has disappeared’.


In a short time, two fleeting lives were lost.

“… I’ll do it myself.”

Johan mutters to himself and enters the swamp. [Whenever he finds a hidden item, the area glows, but the light doesn’t reach the bottom of the swamp. As he wanders around at random, his foot touches the light and a treasure chest appears in his hand. A treasure chest appears at your hand.

“Oh, gold pages. I’ve never seen it before. It’s a new material. Let’s give it to Smokejaw P as a souvenir.

Johan has a habit of not showing much interest in anything other than Bachimon. When he goes out into the field to explore or level up, all the materials he gets from [Picking Up Things] x10 are thrown to Smokejaw P.

The materials handed to Smokejaw P will be transformed into various items or distributed to the members in need according to his judgment.

That’s how dragon chicks go around.

“… You’re up early, sis. Did I get the time wrong?”

“Oh, hello, Lemma. No, I’m right on time.

“… Well, that’s good to hear.”

Then 30 minutes.

Johan was getting tired of collecting gold pages when Lemma showed up. They had promised to explore the swamps together today.

“… Training for the swamp field attack?”

“Well, I’ve been collecting materials. But I’m not sure a swordsman can fight this. The soil at the bottom is too sludgy and unbalanced.”

Even for Johan, who used to be a member of the track team, and still does not miss the gym once a week and stretches after taking a bath, it was quite tough to walk properly in this place.

Anyway, the footholds were not good, and the depth and softness of the soil differed from place to place. Moreover, if you stand still, your body sinks more and more.

When the lower half of your body sinks, you cannot move properly, and when your whole body sinks into the water and your oxygen gauge runs out, you die instantly. It is quite unreasonable. Ranma nodded in agreement, as if he had tried the swamp field before.

“… The wizard’s new skill is quite a hit since he can create a place like this on his own.”

“But you can’t just make a strong skill and be done with it… But it can’t just be the end of the world. There are always countermeasure skills. That’s what we’re going to find today.

“… Yeah. Zecca will be so happy when you tell her.

So their goal for today is to discover some skills that will help Zecca to compete in the swamp field in order to reach the top of the rankings.

“… But I miss Zecca. You’re playing with your friends from school again, aren’t you?”

Ranma mutters as he stares out into the swamp. Her tone is somewhat sullen.

“Yeah. It’s been a while since the three of us got together with our best friends, so I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

The other day, Zecca was reunited with Miu, a friend who once founded the guild [Sword of the Farthest End] with her, and they were able to reconcile.

Now the three of us, including Giltia, play together every day to make up for the time we spent apart.

“Hey. Zecca, you’re not quitting Dragon Chicks, are you? You’re not going to say you’re leaving Dragon Chicks and forming a new guild with the three of us, are you?”


When Lemma looked sad, Johan couldn’t say, “Impossible.” Johan couldn’t say, “It’s impossible. In fact, there was no chance of that happening. So all Johan could do was to warn her so that she would be ready when the time came.

“If it comes to that. Don’t let it break your heart, Renma.”


“If they’re leaving the Dragon Chicks to start a new guild, it’s not goodbye, it’s a departure. We should support them.”

“…. Ugh.”

“Don’t you see?”

“I know… Yeah. I do. It’s a little sad.

“Good boy, Lemma. Such a good boy… Oh?”

That’s when it happened. Johan receives a message and opens his menu. He looks at it and smiles softly behind his armor.

“Look, look, little lemma.”

And we show the received message to Lemma.

“… From Zecca? Huh. Sounds fun.”

Rengma looks at the message and can’t help but laugh.

It was a message from Zecca with a picture. The picture showed Zecca with a big smile on her face after getting the summons, and Giltear and Miu behind her with disgusted expressions on their faces.

‘Mr. Johan!

I just found a new summoner in a new field!


For the summoner of dragon chicks!

I’ll do my best to collect them now: !!!!!!!!

I’ll bring it to you later so you can admire it~*. ヾ(. >v<.) No dang*.

From handsome Zecca ♡♡’


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