What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 118

Update and New Environment

Chapter 118: Update and New Environment

After the Bachimon event, a huge update was released at the same time as the date changed.

The fourth layer has been added, and new skills, weapons, and armor have been added to each profession.

Also, the level limit was raised from 50 to 80. Players were very excited to see the new and improved environment.

And then a week later, the ranking event .

The event took place without the reigning champion, Roland, and the new skills were quickly ramped up.

“Ha ha, is it bad?”

The silver-haired Grace, the wizard of the Sword of the Farthest End, is in a desperate situation. Surrounded by other swordsmen who also belong to the Sword of the Farthest End, she’s in an absolute pinch.

But contrary to his words, he was smiling with a smile on his face.

“Damn… What the fuck is this?”

“It’s hard to move…”

The swordsmen were trapped in the black swamp that spread around Grace and were unable to move as they wished.

Swamp Field.

While you are standing still, your body sinks rapidly, and if your whole body sinks, you will die instantly in this new field.

Moreover, if it sinks even a little, extra strength is needed to pull out the foot, and it is very difficult to move. It is a very hard foothold for a swordsman or a spearman who fights repeatedly approaching and leaving the enemy.

And this swamp field can be created by the wizard’s new skill [Field Magic].

Field Magic [Swamp Creation]. Creates a swamp whose size is equal to the MP you have spent, and gradually absorbs MP from those who enter it. Furthermore, the player who casts the spell gains Swamp Aptitude, making him immune to the effects of the swamp. This is a powerful magic.

This magic allows Grace to block the enemy swordsmen’s movement and also regain MP. .

“Zdoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You lose! I win!

Looking down at the disappearing swordsmen, Grace exclaimed with a strange tension. Unlike the past where you needed to be creative in order to win against other people, it must have been fun to be able to defeat your opponents unilaterally.

“Haha, great update! Field magic is the best! Swordsmen are dead. Swordsmen are dead… Next environment will be wizards…”

Grace takes out an MP Potion from the storage and restores the MP she lost with Thunderbolt. Then she activates [Swamp Creation] again, expanding the swamp even more.

Many players are still unaware of the effects of field magic. You’ll be lucky if they approach this swamp as if it were the original field.

“Oh, if only Roland-san were here, I could have taken him down with my own hands. He’s lucky as always. Oh well. I missed out on being Guilmouth, but I’ll take the top spot in the rankings… Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

That’s when it happened.


“Ha-ha-ha… Ha-ha… Ha… Ha?”


“Oh… Oh… Oh… oh… oh… Where are you?

Grace’s whole body rattled and shuddered at the eerie voice that sounded like it was coming from the depths of a dark hell.

I’ll never forget. It was the voice of Donald Smile, the Murder Clown Murder Clown of the Dragon Chicks who made me suffer at the Killing Fling.

Grace has been so traumatized since then that she can’t enter a certain fast food restaurant anymore.

Where is it?


Grace looks around. But she doesn’t see anything around her that looks like her. The only thing she can say is that the voice is definitely getting closer to her.


“Fuck… Where the hell is a big guy like that hiding? Is that some new stealth skill?

I try my best to keep my heart from crying out, and manage to hold up my wand.

You are not the only one with unknown skills in a new environment. You focus all your attention and look around you.

No, he’s not here. What the hell is… Oh, my God.

Just as she was looking up at the sky. Grace was grabbed by both legs with a tremendous force.

Here. Here.


A voice came from beneath her feet. Grace couldn’t help but look. Under her own feet.

And I looked at it.

There was a hideous clown with his face sticking out of the swamp, staring at Grace. No, not just his face. Donald’s hands were reaching out from the swamp and gripping Grace’s ankles to keep her from running away.

“Hi, Grace. It’s been a while.

“Why are you… Why are you diving in the swamp?

“In case you forgot. I’m a wizard too.

“It was!”

Donald had the same new skill as Grace. But Grace had her doubts. It was true that he had swamp aptitude, but he couldn’t dive into a swamp.

“This is a combo attack with the [Diving] skill. I guess you could say I’m Submarine Donald. I’m a cute little mermaid.

“Hi… Oh, my God!”

So the days of the swordsman’s dominance have come to an end.

The ranking game right after the update was said to have been very rough.




“Hmm, I didn’t know that was possible.”

Johan had been busy at work for the past few days, and this was his first login since the update. Tired from work and burnt out from the Bachimon Double-Time, Johan came to the meeting room of the Dark Castle, not really having anything to do after the update.

He had met up with Donald and Zecca there right after the ranking event and had heard their stories.

“Huh. I got a new skill, so I just joined in on the spur of the moment and made it all the way up to 30th place.”

Donald smiles with genuine amusement. He’s not the most competitive player in the game, but his [Swamp Generator] is still too powerful.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Donald-san, who doesn’t usually practice, came in 30th… Geez…”

“Gnnnnn…” Zecca is the one with a complicated expression on her face. Zecca had defeated Kai, the [Eternal Second Rank], at the Killing Festival and had reached level 60 with the release of the upper level limit, so she was betting on this ranking event.

“But Zecca, you’re in 10th place, right? That’s great! That’s the highest rank for a dragon chick.

“Uh, uh, uh… Not really.

“Well, in the Dragon Chicks, only I and Zecca-chan have participated in the ranking event.

“Oh, yeah? I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Zecca’s frustration is so overpowering that she’s thrashing her legs. Donald smiles at her and says, “Oh, my goodness.” Johan looks at her and says, “She’s so cute.” Johan looks at her.

He seems to be flailing around for a while, and then he stands up again.

“This is no time to be disappointed here! I have to go look for some new skills to become stronger!”

Then he rushed out of the guild platform.

“New skills? “Oh yeah, of course they have more if they’ve been updated.”

“Hey, hey, hey, you didn’t know? “No, I’ve got to check it out.”

I’ve been very busy with work.

“Well, no one’s forcing you to do anything. The skill you were using… they changed the specs.


Johan rushes to the menu and opens it. There, he found the update information and the changes to the various skills.

Among them, we find one that has something to do with Johann.

‘Change in the specification of the skill [Proliferation]’.

The alter body created by 0 multiplication could use various skills depending on the player’s ingenuity, but from now on, the use of skills other than [decoys] will no longer be possible.”

That’s what he said.

This meant that Johan would no longer be able to mass produce himself by multiplying and getting buffed by the multipliers he used to use.

I was too conspicuous in the battle with Roland. I guess it’s understandable.”

“It’s a little sad, but it gives me a headache when I add more alter egos, so I don’t mind.”

Johan seemed to care as long as Batimon was safe. He didn’t seem to care.

“It’s still usable as a wall.” I take that lightly.

And after we finished our conversation, Donald said, “I’m tired today, I’m going to go.” and logged out. Johan is left alone and thinks for a while.

“The fourth level. I’m off tomorrow. Maybe I’ll take a peek.

He gets up and goes to his room to look for items he might need. Then he leaves the guild home.


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