What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 117

The Game Beginner OL, Called the Rasbos

Chapter 117: The Game Beginner OL, Called the Rasbos

“Skill Activation–The Final Champion!”

Roland’s body was filled with a golden fighting spirit. Then the overflowing magic became visible and clung to his body like a bolt of lightning.

“What’s going on, does he look really strong?”

“… This is a bad idea, sister.”

“Activate the skill effect. Triple all my status values for 30 seconds!”

“… . three times?!”

“But then, Hinadora is still stronger.”

“Not yet! Multiply that number and the time limit of the skill by the number of seasons I’ve been number one in the rankings!”


There have been 20 ranking events since Roland became number one. This means that the time limit and status are multiplied by 20.

 HP: 500×3 -> 1500×20 -> 30,000

 MP:140×3 -> 420×20 -> 8400

Strength: 295 x 3 to 885 x 20 to 17700

Defense: 165 x 3 to 495 x 20 to 9900

Magic: 70 x 3 -> 210 x 20 -> 4 200

Agility: 225 x 3 to 675 x 20 to 13500

Dexterity: 30 x 3 -> 90 x 20 -> 18 00

My status is now higher than yours.

“I guess so. This is where the real fight begins. Hinadra!


Hinadra charges at Roland as before. Roland catches it with his sword.



This time he doesn’t lose power and hits Hinadora back like a baseball. And then he kicks the ground and hits back at the Hinadora.


“… Why? Even if it’s Roland-san, if her status increases dozens of times, won’t she be unable to operate it properly like her sister?”

“Maybe, Mr. Roland, you’ve been practicing in secret.”

“… What?

Mr. Johann. We can’t go on like this. The time limit for the final champion is 10 minutes. But Hinadra won’t last another minute…

Hinadora’s advantage is completely shattered. That won’t give us time to prepare for the next summoner.

But Johann was calm. If you’re saying that he’s passed your status…

“If they pass you, just pass them back–[proliferation]!”

Johann cannot attack Roland directly due to the effect of Soul Convert, but he can help Hinadra. The proliferation, powered up by the effects of the Star of the End, has created twenty of Johan’s alter egos at once.

“… Twenty sissies?

I want one!”

“… Zecca.”

I don’t think you’ll be able to control them properly with just a few more alter egos… No, I don’t think so…

Roland’s face pales as he realizes Johan’s true intentions.

“Yes, that’s impossible. We all activate our skills… Soul Conversion! Take it Hinadora! It’s our power!


The power status of the 20 Johans born flows into the Hinadra.

The power-up is 15020 for 20 people, which is a 3 00400 power up.

“I don’t know, Mr. Roland. This is the power of the bond between summoner and summoned beast.”

The difference in player skill is pushed by the character’s performance. This has been Johan’s fighting style since the beginning.

“The summoner makes up for the summoner’s lack of power, and the summoner makes up for the summoner’s lack of player skill… Huh. Looks like you two make a great team.

Johann smiles when he hears this. And then…


Hinadra launches an extremely powerful [Black Flame]. Hinadra’s magic power has increased, and the size of his technique has grown so large that it is impossible to avoid.

“Excellent. One last thing, Johann, if I may?

Roland came in with a fresh look on his face. Johann says, “What?” Johan urged him on.

“May I challenge you again sometime? May I challenge you?

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. In the meantime, you’re gonna have to get a little better… Okay?”

“Huh… There’s someone you can’t reach even if you give it your all. I never knew it could be so frustrating. I didn’t know.

And so the mightiest of warriors vanished into the black flames.




The throne room has been half destroyed by Hinadra’s final blow and the walls are almost completely gone. After watching Hinadra disappear, Johan finally looks at the ranking list.

1st [Sword of the Farthest End] 1080Pt

Crystal Disappearance

2nd [Dragon Chicks] 865Pt

3rd [Second Stage] 570Pt

Crystal Disappearance

4th [Sacred Elysian Order] 552Pt

Crystal Disappearance

“The sword of the farthest reaches has pulled you out?”

“… The Elysian Order couldn’t protect the crystal either.

“It looks like another unit of the Sword of the Most Farthermost Sword has been raiding the points…”

The dragon chicks were on the defensive, and since there were only six of them attacking, they had hardly earned any points.

On the other hand, the points earned by the units that attacked the areas other than the dragon chicks put them back in the top spot.

Oh, my God, what do we do?

“Hmm, don’t worry. Look outside.

“Well… It’s pretty chaotic out here.”

Zecca urges me to look into the garden and I see that the people of the forum are engaged in battle with various guilds at the entrance.

And in the center of the garden, Oga and his group of friends are fighting.

Plus, Kong and May were fighting six guys in the exact same gear as Roland.

The six are the six behind the Sword of the Farthest Sword Royal Numbers. They are called the mass-produced Roland, and their fighting style is a copy of Roland’s.

Though he is said to be a copy of the original, he is a very skilled player and ranks between 4th and 9th in the rankings. After destroying the Sacred Elysian Cult, they came to attack this castle of darkness.

The only reason Kong and Mei couldn’t come to support Zecca and the others was because of their arrival.

Zecca points at him and says, “There are people attacking us who are that dangerous, but he doesn’t seem to be in despair.

Let’s just collect the points where we can.




It’s been six and a half hours since the event began. The members of the Johan’s Overthrow Association have been fighting near the gate for a long time, but they are finally reaching their limits.

“Huh. Hey, what the hell have we been fighting for?”

“Ha-ha-ha. Philosophy…?”

“No, I’m whining.”

“Oh, man… But I know what you’re going through. It’s hard.”

The last three days.

They haven’t even fought Johan once. It’s no wonder their motivation’s waning.

“I wish I could at least see him again…”

“Oh, Mr. Avenger Masuo… There it is!”


Avenger Masuo looked around and saw that everyone had stopped fighting and was looking up. He looked in the direction his companions pointed, to the top floor of the Dark Castle, and saw a beautiful woman in a black dress looking down at him.

Masuo-san… That figure…”

“Hmm. It seems our Johann has evolved into something extraordinary again.

Life returns to the faces of the people on the board.


It’s so strong.

“But I can tell you one thing.”


“”””Fight us!!!!!!” “””

They have run out of patience. Throwing aside their foes they run for Johann with swords ready and spears drawn.

Johan raises his hand to the sky. Then a huge gate appears and slowly opens.

“Is that the total instant death skill [Gate of Heavens]?”

“Don’t let them fool you, not the way we used to be.”

“We’ve bought a talisman that gives us instant death resistance!”

“The new Johann is not to be feared!”


Their bodies, which should have been death-resistant, floated away.

It’s not just the forum people. It’s all the other guilds. The six Chaos Numbers of the Farthest Sword.

The bodies of all the players except for the elementary school students who were partying with Oga float in the air and are sucked up to the sky gate.

“Oh, no?”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Calm down.”

“You have instant death resistance, remember?”


“I just checked the logs and it looks like you ignored your instant death resistance and got the instant death effect.”


“You’re not making any sense.”

“Hey, look at this…”

One of the forumites points a finger at it, and the players of another guild who had been watching a short distance away from the Dark Castle seem to have been sucked into the air as well.


“I don’t want it to be true.”

“Okay. Say it.”

“Gate of Heaven’s effect range has increased by about ten times.”

“… Hi?”

“… Eh?”

“…. Ha…”

“… Nightmare?”

“… No, that’s impossible! Instant death at an area of effect equivalent to 10 fields, ignoring resistance? Did Johann evolve into a god?

No, angel angel.


“Hmm. Johann is neither angel nor devil…”


So, what is it?

He’s the last boss of this game. Holy shit!

Strong player,Weak player. Gobbler,Enjoyer. Veteran,Beginner.

All players were equally equal and powerless before Johann.

On this day, Johann travels to the Gates of Heaven to slaughter the players. And when the seventh gate opens, all players except the dragon hatchling and his allies are killed.

The dragon chicks are confirmed as the winners.

And .

On this day, one unknown player called Johan “The Rust Boss. became a common name for Johan among all players.




[Message] From GOO official

Dear players. Thank you for participating in the first Killing Festival.

The following skills have had their effects and text modified. The changes will be applied from 22:00 today.


He covers himself with a cocoon and after six hours, he evolves into a being that can break through.

Only the Summoner [Worm] can be used (Players cannot use it under any circumstances).


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