What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 115

The Last Virtual Monster

Chapter 115: The Last Virtual Monster

Johan dreamed the whole time he was in the cocoon.




When you pass a group of girls chatting happily.

When I’m looking at people happily interacting with each other on social networking sites from the outside.

I’m kind of bitter and lonely. I used to have some friends. I went to school, got a job. Every time my stage of life changed… I lost friends little by little. Then I suddenly think…

“Hey… How do adults make friends?”

That’s when it happened.

“You who were once children. Do you remember… The truth.”


I turned around and there he was standing.

A mask covers the upper half of her face. The bewitching lips that hint at her fair features peeking out from beneath. Her hair is gold and red. Jet-black armor and cloak. And the beautiful body hidden within.

Chaos Apocalypse, the last boss of Virtual Monsters, was standing there.

“Why are you losing friends? It’s because you’ve lost your chance at a future.”

Chaos Apocalypse Speaks.

“A child is a future possibility that consumes, grows, and matures into adulthood.”

I remember Zecca and Mr. Ogre. They’ve grown so much in the last few days.

“But adults are just leftovers who have exhausted their potential. They grow old, they rot, the world shuns them, and a new generation kills them. As I was.”

“That’s not…”

“You have no future, and neither do you. Your plan will fail. When you emerge from your cocoon you’re not any more powerful. Because as an adult… you have no possibilities… no bright future… nothing left.”

What, the cocooning’s gonna fail? That’s so embarrassing.

“Oh, my God… I don’t know what to do.

“You can’t help it. You’ll lose all your friends’ trust. Everything you’ve built up will fall apart. They’ll curse you. That you failed them, that you betrayed their trust. And when they’re all gone, you’ll be alone again.”

No, that’s not possible.

I rejected his opinion outright. If he’s right, then my cocooning plan must be a failure. I’ll never be able to match Mr. Roland without some kind of power upgrade. He’s strong, but he’s hiding something.

I don’t know what’s going on out there, but it’s a tough fight to begin with. We could lose.


Even if it did.

“My people don’t abuse me. They won’t leave me. If you apologize, they’ll forgive you.”

How can you be so sure?

“I believe in you.”

Three months ago. Saw an ad on a train and started this game on impulse. I was told that I would not be popular among young people. I was scared… but… I plucked up the courage and stepped into the game.

And I made a lot of friends.

Zecca. Lemma. Kong. Donald. Smokejaw P. Ogre-kun. Mei. They’re all dear friends now.

My greatest treasure that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t been so scared to start playing that game. So.

I don’t miss you now.

Since when?

I don’t miss passing groups of sorority girls or seeing people having fun on social media. I don’t feel lonely. I don’t envy them anymore.

I’m surrounded by people. And there’s a lot of bees.

“So I’m okay now.”


As I mutter this, Chaos Apocalypse’s body begins to fade away like a haze. It looks somewhat forlorn, and I call out to it.

“A friend of mine once told me. Your power has unlimited potential.

I don’t know if you’re getting this. But… I’m trying so hard to talk to its back. I have a hunch. He’s been… Ever since I got the armor. I feel like he’s been watching over me through it.

I think so, too.

20 years ago. When he was beaten by those kids on TV and that bachamon. I was genuinely happy. We beat the bad guy! We did it.

But then I was exposed to so many stories. Growing up. And I came to understand that he was there only to be defeated.

That’s why Zecca’s casual words saved me so much.

It’s gonna be okay. You and me. We don’t have no future.

Chaos Apocalypse looks back. I don’t know if you got what I was thinking. I don’t know. But I hope it did.

“I have potential… No one has ever said that to me before. Nonsense.

And then he spits it out. And after he spits it out, a slight smile comes across his mouth.

“It’s crap, but… It’s funny. Let me give you a hand.”


At that moment, a summoning stone appeared in my hand. It was a summoning stone I’d never seen before, its blackish-purple surface covered with numerous red X’s. Could this be the summoning stone of the Chaos Apocalypse? Could this be the summoning stone of the Chaos Apocalypse?

“I’ll use the indeterminate reinforcement factor of cocooning to unleash the power of my armor. Well, I suppose it’s no use…”

“Tsundere… You’re a tsundere?

“Hmm? It’s time to wake up.

Ignoring my words, Chaos Apocalypse looks up at the sky. The sky of the dream world, which had been pure white, is cracked, as if to announce the end of the dream.

Gradually, my consciousness begins to awaken. At the same time, my vision goes blank.

“Farewell, child. Farewell, child of old. The potential of my power. Show me.




Johann regains consciousness and finds himself in the throne room. The walls and ceiling have collapsed from the fierce battle, but the Guild Crystal is still intact.

“Mr. Johann!”

“… Sis!”

“Both of you! You protected me!”

Zecca and Rengma run up to me and hug me.

So what happened to the ultimate metamorphosis?

Roland coughed uncomfortably as Johann enjoyed the hugs from the two beautiful girls.

“Mr. Roland… When did this happen?

Johan asks as he navigates through the menu and retrieves his summons from behind the throne.

I’ve been here since the beginning. Well…”

Roland can’t contain his excitement as he readies his sword.

Did your ultimate metamorphosis thing work?

“I’m sorry you had to see that, Mr. Roland, but you’re a pervert when it comes to women!”

“… Yes, yes!”

Yeah, no, no, I didn’t mean to be perverted…

Roland looks to Johann for help as Zecca and Rengma shoot him a look. Johan makes a smug face under his mask and holds up the Chaos Apocalypse summoning stone in his hand.


“… Looks awesome.”

“This is the summoning stone of the Chaos Apocalypse. I’ll show you its power now.”

Johann tries the summons in his hand… Nothing happens. He looks at it, but no details appear.

“Oh, by the way, you said you were going to unleash the power of the armor… So this is…”

An imitation. It was just an object created in the process of cocooning. I put the summoner in storage to keep it as a memento.

And when I check his skills again, I see that he has added a third skill to his [Chaos Apocalypse] armor.

[End Star Gienend]

Increases the [Strength], [Correction Value] and [Reuse Time] of the skill activated by the [Dark Gene] by 10. The special skill effect has an additional bonus.

<Release Conditions>

Using [Cocooning] via [Dark Gene] with [Chaos Apocalypse Series] equipped finishes 6 hours.

<Date of expiry>.

Until the end of the retrieved event or logout.

“I see. It’s a limited time power-up form… I’ll go then– [End Star Jiend]!”

Johann activates his skill. An aura of darkness spreads around the throne room.

And .

Zecca screams.

“Oh! Johann’s equipment has changed from the rugged villain armor to a nice black battle dress! His beautiful face is exposed! And his hair is even longer than his knees! Her hair is dyed white with red and gold mesh in places! And her dress is just so good! Her breasts, arms, and thighs are mature and sexy! She’s full of adult charm that I couldn’t see when she was wearing armor! Hehe, this is so tempting!”

“… Thanks for explaining, Zecca. But stop giving me that look.”

“Hou… She’s more like the Dark Princess than the Lord of the Demon King’s Castle. She’s been powered up after all…”

Roland is a little tense in the face of a strong enemy.

And one more.

“Hahahaha!!! The end boss has finally arrived! I’ve been waiting for you.

I heard a man’s voice.

“What the hell is that voice?”

“… Kai?!”

“Surely you received a death notice?”

Kai who should have been defeated by Zecca appears from beneath a pile of rubble at the end of the throne room. He is not wearing a [Dragon’s Gust] in the style of a dragon warrior, but is instead wearing equipment that emphasizes his appearance in the style of an aristocrat.

“Ha… Dragon’s Gust’s second ability, Dragonic Transmigration, has been activated. Roland, I had planned to keep this a secret until we fought you.”

Dragonic Transmigration is a skill that resurrects a character when his HP reaches zero by destroying all of his equipment, including Dragon’s Gust.

The reason they’ve been quiet so far is simply because they’ve lost their equipment, their muscle values have dropped, and they’ve had trouble getting out of the rubble.

“So that’s what you look like under all that armor. Good. You’re quite beautiful. It’s beautiful and shiny… but it also has the aura of a strong man. I’m sorry about this equipment… I’d like to see you fight!”

Kai takes up his sword and attacks Johan in a straight line.

“… I have to help my sister.”

“Wait, Renma. If Johan really is the ultimate pervert, he’d kill Kai in an instant. Don’t you want to see that moment?”

“… I sure would like to see that.”

Zecca and the others exchange a few words. Roland doesn’t join Kai, and seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach.

Johan, on the other hand, is still staring dreamily at the palm of his hand. He has shown no reaction so far since Kai’s reappearance.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha! I’m ready…

Zecca and the others saw something incredible. First Johann raised his hand. It was such a natural motion, as if he raised his hand because he was called.

Despite this action, Kai’s HP vanished in an instant as he slashed at her. Before he had time to even let out a cry of despair, Kai’s body was gone as particles.

And .

Zecca and the others had also fallen between the thrones. They weren’t damaged, but the shockwave from Johann’s hand had sent their bodies flying through the air.

Johan turns pale at the result.

“What should I do, Zecca-chan… It’s good that you’ve become stronger, but…”

Yo, Johann?

“I can’t move my body!”

“””What? “””

The voices of Roland, Zecca, and Lemma filled the throne room.


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