What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 113

The Throne Room

Chapter 113: The Throne Room

“I’m here…”

The girl in the white gorilla suit guarding the throne room at the far end of the Dark Castle. Ranma opened the door and saw them enter, and his body trembled with tension.

Johan has 17 minutes left until he wakes up. Will the other members’ hard work pay off? The baton that everyone has been carrying has now been passed on to Renma.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What kind of a joke is this?”

Kai’s voice echoes through the throne room as he takes one look at Lemma as he enters.

“I thought I’d finally get to fight Johann. But…”

And glare at the lemma.

I’m not supposed to fight a stuffed animal like this.

The intimidating presence of a top player… Lemma, who isn’t good at socializing… shrinks.

“I’m not wearing a costume… No, she’s in a costume, but… This is Miss Lemma. She’s a friend of Johann and Zecca.

“Ha. I don’t need to remember his name. Now, where is Johann hiding? Will he come out when he hears you scream?

Kai’s lecherous smile frightens Rengma. But then…



Two summoned beasts appear to stand in the way of Kai and Roland. The mechanical stag monster [KwagaiGar]. And the blue-furred [Crystal Leo]. Both of these are Johann’s super-class summons.

The appearance of these two bodies will give me the strength to face Lemma. I’m sure I can at least hold them off.

(Yes. With these summoned beasts that my sister left with me… I can do it.)

“Ho… I miss these monsters. Well, I guess that’s enough of that.”

Kai manipulates the menu and holds up his sword.

I’ll take them both down, Roland.

“Be my guest.”

“… What the fuck… What are you doing?

Ten dragonic soul counters. –Dragonic Wyvern!

Kai swings down his sword and a white aura with ten dragon heads shoots out from it. They split into five pieces and attack Kwagai Gar and Crystal Leo respectively.

“… Attack? Then– Luminous Eternal!

Renma immediately activates her strongest defensive skill, granting her allies invincibility for 10 seconds. He takes up a defensive stance to protect the two summoned beasts. But…

“No use! Dragon Wyvern penetrates invincibility, and when calculating damage, it also penetrates defenses!”

“Oh, no?”

Even two high-statured creatures can’t stand a chance against five defense-piercing attacks. Kwagaiger and Crystal Leo are quickly obliterated by Kai’s powerful attacks.

“What’s wrong? “We’ve lost our best bargaining chip… “I’ve lost my best bargaining chip… –Ha-ha-ha.

And then the skill [Slash] hits Renma. Ranma is blown backwards, and Kai tries to laugh at the sight… But he discovers it.

“This is…”


A great cocoon. The cocoon in which Johann sleeps has been hidden from view in the shadow of the lemma.

“What is this cocoon?”

“Well, one of the guilds we destroyed yesterday had a summoner guarding a cocoon like this one. He cried and I killed him… Wait a minute…”

Kai opens the menu.

“So… That’s what you want?

“Can I help you, Kye?”

“Don’t be surprised, Roland. Johann is inside that cocoon.

“That’s impossible… No, it’s true.

Roland gazes at the cocoon and sees that the name [Johan] is indeed displayed on it. Kai tells Roland about the skill [Cocooning] that he learned from Mosler, whom he defeated yesterday.

“I see… But if that’s the case, then all the unnatural tactics the dragon chicks have used so far makes sense.”

So, what do we do now? We’re 13 minutes away from hatching. I think we should wait and see, don’t you?”

“While I am certainly eager to see how things turn out… But to cut corners here would be disrespectful to the dragon chicks and to our friends who are out there fighting to keep us going. Let’s give it our all here.”

“Yeah, that’s right. All right, Roland. I got this. This is the final battle. I will destroy everything in my path.

“Well… You seem pretty enthusiastic.

“I suppose so. If we had been even a little bit later, a super-enhanced Johann would have emerged from that cocoon and we would have lost.”

As he says this Kai looks at Renma, at the cocoon, and at the guild crystal floating above the throne. As if he were aiming.

“This battle has been long, but this moment is the last. Let’s go… Release all 198 Dragonic Soul Counters!

The spirits of the dragons start pouring out of Kai’s armor and converge in midair. They converge in midair and eventually take the form of a single giant dragon.

Kai’s unique equipment [Dragon’s Gust] has the strongest skill [Dragonic Collider]. An attack that would annihilate even the players outside is completed right before your eyes.

“Oh, no… We came this far… We’re gonna lose?”

Renma can only watch in silence as the Dragonic Collider is perfected.

“Don’t be so sad, costumed girl. You’ve done well with eight men. But this is the last. Come on, dragonic collider!

The souls of the white dragons turned into powerful energy and attacked Renma and Mayu. Just when Ranma thought he’d lost it…



As if to protect Renma and the cocoons and the Guild Crystal. One by one the summons appeared as if they were a wall.

That’s more than 50 daisies and goldenrods . Buster Beetles . Meteor Bird . Sword Angels. Dark Elves. Prelephua. Maid Lagoon. Little Wizards. Backup Cheerleaders.

Various other summons appeared and were swallowed up by the dragonic collider and then vanished. It was a desperate attempt. But even so… the dragonic collider’s power slowly drained away… and…

“… Guys, are you trying to protect your sister?”

Ranma remembered what had happened just before the event.

Unlike the usual defense today, I’m only going to place 200 summons in the garden. That leaves us with 300 slots left over. I remembered that Johan had filled that slot with his own summons.

”I was hoping it would help Renma-chan.”

(… I see. This summon was meant to protect me and my sister. And I just… I’m giving up.)

And the white dragon’s aura completely dissipates. At last the summoned beasts have managed to defend themselves against Kai’s most powerful attack.

“This is stupid… This is…”

Kai is stunned. Is he surprised that the summoned beasts abandoned their attacks, or is he surprised that his strongest technique has been defeated? Roland steps forward.

“It was indeed a surprise, but… Kai’s attack wasn’t in vain. It looks like this summoner rush is over with those two.”

In Roland’s view, two summons stand guarding the cocoon.

There were two of them, Metal Black Dragon and Warfenrir.

“Ha, yeah. Those two and their stuffed animals should be a piece of cake.

Yeah, let’s get this over with.

They ready their swords. But then… The throne room opens with a loud crash. They all turn to see…

Hey, Lemma! I’m here to help you!”

“… Zecca!!!”

Zecca had defeated Gilthia and rushed to the throne room. In Zecca’s right hand is the Abyss. And in her left hand is the Flame Sword of Fire, which Giltear had given her.

Roland saw this and smiled quietly, knowing that the two of them had made up.

Kai, on the other hand, smiles wickedly.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha. If you’re here, Roland. Your sister lost, didn’t she? A masterpiece. She had all that unique gear and couldn’t defeat a single unknown swordsman.

Seeing Kai like that Zecca understood. Giltia must have been enduring this kind of taunting for a long time. Understanding… frustration… And then she screamed.

“You’re the one who bullied my friend, aren’t you? I will bring you down!


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