What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 112

A Really Scary Story - A Murderous Clown Strikes Back

Chapter 112: A Really Scary Story – A Murderous Clown Strikes Back

“I didn’t expect this.”

In a dimly lit, eerie room filled with horrifying objects, Kai, the swordsman of the furthest sword, muttered to himself as he faced the corpse of Donald Smile.

Leaving Zecca’s opponent to Giltear, Kai, Roland, and Grace arrived at the fourth level, the final gate leading to the throne room of the Castle of Darkness, where Donald Smile was waiting for them.

He is a demon who wraps his huge inverted triangular body, which is almost 2 meters long, in a clown suit of bright red blood color. His figure, which looks like the ultimate combination of all the clown villains in the world, gives those who see him an unqualified sense of fear and trauma.

Donald Smile is a player whose appearance is the only thing that precedes him, but from the point of view of the Sword of the Farthest End, he is still a player with a lot of mysteries.

Donald attacked by strengthening his own body, while using illusionary magic skills to hide and disguise himself.

Kai and the others were at the mercy of this figure. And Kai finally used the unique equipment [Dragon’s Gust].

This white and blue armor with a flying dragon design accumulates dragonic soul counters every time Kai slays a dragon monster.

And by consuming the Dragonic Soul Counters you’ve saved up, you can unleash an extremely powerful attack skill.

“I never thought I’d see Kai-kun’s true spirit in a place like this~.”

“What do you mean, Grace? I’m flattered, aren’t I? Donald Smile… I never thought I’d meet a man of your stature. Next time, I’d like to fight you man-to-man.”

“Right. Well, let’s get up there. Hey, what’s going on, Mr. Roland?

Speaking of which, you’ve been strangely quiet since a while ago.

No, it’s… It’s…”

Roland pointed at him, his expression unwavering, but he was sweating coldly.

“Mr. Donald’s corpse isn’t disappearing…”



Kai and Roland looked over and sure enough, there was Donald’s body, leaning against the wall.

When a player loses HP in GOO, his or her body turns into a particle of light and disappears. However, the HP bar above Donald’s head is already at zero, but his body is still there.

“Is it a bug? No, some kind of skill?”

Oh, my God.

“I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared…”

Hey, wait, Grace… Where are you going?

In a complete panic at what she didn’t understand, Grace ran for the stairs to the throne room.

Maybe it was the right thing to do. Their goal is to destroy the Guild Crystal.




A chill ran down the spines of the three of us. A voice that could hardly have come from human vocal cords echoed through the field.

No, it wasn’t a song.

It even sounded like a curse, as if he wanted to curse all the living.

And .

“His body… Gone?


Roland realized Donald’s body was gone and heard Grace scream at the same time.

Donald’s corpse jumped up to the ceiling in an impossible behavior, crawled along the wall and attacked Grace.


Roland slashes at Donald from the side instead of Grace, who is too scared to intercept him.

“Are you crazy?”

But just as Roland’s sword reaches Donald’s torso. Donald’s body shatters into a thousand pieces, separating his upper and lower halves.

“What the hell is this… What the…?”


His upper body came straight at Grace, while his lower body floated in the air and kicked at Roland. Roland ducks under it with his sword, but the force of the kick is so great that his body slams to the ground.

“What the hell is really going on?

Maybe he’s not good at horror. No, I don’t know if he’s good at this in the first place.

“But you did good, Grace. Now all we have to do is get that lower half… No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Kai turned pale. Donald landed on the ground, and his upper body, which he had just knocked off, sprouted from his lower body.


And there’s been a change in his appearance. As it turns out, it looks more like a zombie.

Skin that had been painted with white makeup was dirty.

Where the eyeballs are supposed to be is hollow and dark. There’s a red light peeking out from behind it.

Above his head, where the player’s name should have been displayed, was a message like this.

[Donald smiles zombie] and .

“Come to think of it, I heard from Christer-san. The summoned beast called [Ancient King Skull Rex] has a skill called [Immortal King] that activates the moment its HP reaches zero.”

The Immortal King?

What’s that got to do with this situation?

Roland explains.

The Immortal King’s skill activates the moment Skull Rex’s HP becomes 0. After that, Skull Rex’s [head], [torso], [right arm], [left arm], [right leg], and [left leg] will each have a durability value. You can’t defeat Skull Rex unless you destroy all six parts of his body at the same time. If any part remains, it will regenerate instantly. As an added bonus, you gain 10% more health when you regenerate.

It is too powerful, but of course there are some disadvantages. First of all, the summoner itself becomes uncontrollable, and the player who summoned it and his allies will be attacked as well.

And even if the summoner dies, the Skull Rex will continue to rampage until the above conditions are met or one hour has passed.

Even Johan thinks it’s a bad idea if he activates it, so he never puts it in storage.

“It certainly fits this situation, but… So you’re saying that Roland-san used his summoner skills to get to Donald?”

“Well, Johann. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sharing his summoner skills with his friends.

“I think so… Donald Smile, who goes on a zombie rampage even when his HP is at zero… [“If the Immortal King is still active, that would explain everything.”

In fact, Roland’s prediction was correct.

Johann entrusted Donald with the summoning stone of the ancient king Skull Rex.


“Oh, there’s only one thing to do.”

Their strategy was a series of time-lagged attacks with their skills.

First, Roland unleashes his Final Saber.

When it hits, Donald’s zombie detaches both legs and flies up into the sky. Kai attacks immediately.

Donald avoids it by detaching only the head. He also manages to destroy the torso and both arms. The rest…

“Just destroy the head before it regenerates–Flameshoot!”

Grace fires a powerful fireball at Donald’s neck.

I won.

Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse. Donald Zombie smirked. And then he suddenly starts accelerating and dodges the fireball. And with that much momentum, the head comes flying towards Grace.



And all the parts are resurrected near Grace. Grace is hugged by the resurrected Donald zombie.

“Oh my God, I’m going to get raped!”

Calm down, Grace. I’m gonna help you.

“Wait, Kai.”

Roland stopped Kai as he raised his sword to save Grace.

“If we continue to attack, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to take out Donald’s zombie. Then shouldn’t we just leave this to Grace and head up there ourselves?”

“Oh, that’s the way to do it.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… Mr. Roland? Wait, wait, wait! That’s crazy, right? He said he’d leave you to me. He’s sacrificing you, isn’t he?

Grace screams while Donald Zombie is on her cheek. It was the cry of the soul.

Shut up, Grace. You’re a small price to pay for the sacrifice of one of your own.

“Even Kai’s terrible?”



Donald the zombie licked Grace’s ranting cheek. At this moment, Grace’s fear broke through the threshold.

“I don’t care about guild wars anymore… I just want… I just want to get away. I wanna go somewhere… I want to go.

And then he activates Final Explosion, a self-destruct spell he casts at the cost of all his HP.

A dazzling flash of light enveloped the entire floor.

Grace risks her life and unleashes a massive explosion that manages to destroy all of Donald Zombie’s parts at the same time.

And so their nightmare came to an end.

“Mr. Grace. I never thought you’d choose to self-destruct.

Grace. You finally showed your manhood.

Roland and Kai didn’t say much.

At great cost, Roland and Kai finally enter the throne room, a place no one has ever been before.

We’re 20 minutes away from Johann’s resurrection.




“Ha-ha-ha… What is this place?

Grace finds herself in what looks like the lobby of a luxurious hotel. It’s a place where many players gather, known as the waiting area.

“Well… It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Yeah… Yeah, I’m a survivor.

He seemed more relieved to be free from fear than disappointed to have lost.

“It’s wonderful to be alive. It’s wonderful.”

You take a few deep breaths to get yourself in shape, and then you get back to your normal, relaxed self and give a little gasp. I’m okay now.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

“Well, I’m disappointed that we lost. I’ll just watch Roland-san and Kai-kun’s battle from a height… I guess… I guess…”

That’s when it happened. Someone’s thick arm grips Grace’s shoulder.

I felt my blood boil. I felt as if all the sounds around me had become muffled, as if I couldn’t hear them anymore.

And then I heard his voice behind me.

“Oh, no, no, that’s a coincidence. What a coincidence. Let’s watch the game together.


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