What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 110

We're gonna win

Chapter 110: We’re gonna win

I’m Girtia… what you might call a second-generation girl.

Older men and women definitely know the love story between the greatest actor of the century and the greatest actress of all time, and the result of their dramatic love affair.

That’s me.

That’s why he started acting as a child before he can remember. He inherited his parents’ talent and became the greatest actor of all time… I was supposed to be.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I had no talent for acting… I had no talent as an actor.

I was five. I think it was during a commercial shoot for a juice for toddlers.

“It’s so good!” she says, taking a sip. “It’s so good!” and smile like a cute little kid. That’s it. A typical commercial… that’s all there was to it, but I couldn’t finish the shoot.

At the time, I refused to say, “Yummy.” I refused to say “yummy. The reason was simple. The juice tasted terrible.

I know. I know I have to say it’s good even if it doesn’t taste good because I’m getting paid. I know that.

But I couldn’t do it then, I couldn’t lie to the people on the other side of the TV… I had this sense of justice.

I heard there was a lot of public criticism after that incident. I was raised by my parents as a normal kid, because they didn’t think I had any acting talent.

I was lucky, to be honest.

I don’t regret it because I met Zeka and Miyu thanks to that, and I’m not that attracted to the life of an actor in the first place.

Seeing my brother makes me think so.

A story, a life, a character. Seeing my brother play everything out, play it all out, makes it all the more so.

I hated lying. I don’t mind being lied to. I mean, even my favorite anime and manga are lies when you get right down to it.

But I can’t lie to myself. I don’t want to. I’ll say what’s on my mind.

That’s why I couldn’t make friends easily, but I think Zeka and Miyu are really nice guys who were good friends with me.


I don’t know why.

I can’t lie. But… But in front of Zeka and Miyu, I can’t express my true feelings.

I’m gonna say something I don’t mean.

What I’m really trying to tell you is… It’s not what I really want to say. I really…




“One on one with me… I don’t get it. I don’t care about that vixen, Zecca. I don’t think I can beat you.

Zecca is not offended by Gilthia’s words. Quietly, she replies.

“You’ve all worked so hard for this fight. They worked together for this moment, for this moment alone.”

And he holds up his most powerful twin swords [Dead or Alive].

“We’re gonna win.”

“We’re gonna win… I’m gonna win… Hey, Zecca. Wanna make a bet?


“Yes. This is the game. If I win, come back through the dragon hatchling.

“Oh, no.”

“If I lose, I’ll join your guild… You don’t like it?

Zecca nodded cockily.

“Why not? That’s the vibe I got from him, right?

“I don’t understand what you mean, Giltia. I want to win because you mocked the two swords I love and this sword. You mocked the dragon chick I love. So… I will crush you. And…”

Zecca smiles provocatively as she readies herself.

We don’t need you in our guild.


You’re annoyed, but Giltier remains calm. He quickly equips his sword to his hand using his [Conversion] skill.

The one you took out was a fan-shaped sword [Basho Ken Rasenjo]. It has no offensive capabilities, but with a single swing it can create a large gust of wind, forcing the opponent to fall over.

(This will first discourage your fighting spirit.)

Gilthia wields the Basho Sword. A mighty wind rises and sweeps over Zecca. But…

“What the…?

Zecca runs at us and looks as if she’s fallen. But she quickly got up and ran towards Giltear again. To my horror, her speed had not slowed down at all.

“What do you mean…?”

Some kind of skill. Impatiently Giltier swings his basho again and again. But no matter how many times he tries, he cannot block Zecca’s approach.

(Okay… That’s a football slide. You’re sliding into the ground with your elbow and part of your back just before you hit the wind. You’re saying the system thinks you’ve already fallen? Damn…)

If you actually do it, you’ll be covered in scars.

(Even my brother can’t break through the Basho Sword. I can’t believe you came up with this… Zecca)

Giltear is annoyed at Zecca’s ignorance. She has changed her armor and is now equipped with the Kuragaiger Sword.

When the built-in skill [Lightning Bolt] is activated, several bolts of lightning fly out from the sword and strike Zecca.


Zecca clucks her tongue and avoids it. Girtia thinks he’s succeeded in keeping Zecca away, but then he notices something strange.

(distance… Are we getting closer?)

I released [Lightning Bolt] to distance myself from Zecca, but Zecca has been steadily closing the distance between me and Girtia while avoiding it.

(You’re getting better… I’m definitely better than I was back then… And))

Giltear activates [Conversion]. [She equips the Sword of the Dark Lord to her right hand.

(Do you think… Do you still think I’m not good at melee combat?)

Zecca finally approaches Giltear and reaches out with her left hand. The tip of his white sword snatches at Giltier’s armour.

Gilthia’s Grand Armor is a heavy piece of equipment. This makes it difficult to use against fast combatants such as Zecca and Roland.

“Second shot!”

Zecca’s white sword cuts through Gilthier. No damage is dealt. Gilteer’s Grand Armor reduces damage, so you must use powerful attacks to cut off his HP.

But Zecca has now recovered three Guts from her two blows. From the previous battle, he should be able to reduce Giltear’s HP to zero by spending one more Guts and hitting her with the Black Sword.

But I won’t let you.


Girtia shouts and a wave of darkness spreads from the Dark Lord’s sword and Zecca’s body floats away. Zecca is blown away and regains her bearings in mid-air and lands on the ground.

“I won’t let you rest, Zecca!”

Before Zecca can assess the situation, however, Giltier attacks. She switches to a new two-handed sword and swings it down at Zecca. Zecca decides that she can’t evade the attack in time, so she crosses her twin swords in a crossed cross.

“It’s… It’s heavy.”

“Ha! You’ve caught this sword!”

What are you talking… What are you…?

As we see, Zecca’s supposedly indestructible Dead or Alive cracks and disappears as particles of light.


He looks at Giltier quizzically. Giltier laughs triumphantly and points to his two-handed sword, which is also disintegrating.

“Ha-ha-ha. That’s too bad! This is Sword Breaker, a unique equipment that destroys unique equipment. How do you feel? How does it feel to lose your trump card?


But Zecca is not offended. He silently navigates through the menus and pulls out a new sword.

It was a blue sword.

“It’s… [Abyssal Sword of the Deep Sea]…

Yes. This is the sword Mew gave me when he left.

And Zecca takes up the sword of her other best friend.

“Gilteer. I’ll use everything I’ve learned since I left you, and I will win.”


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