What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – Chapter 107

If you and I were to team up

Chapter 107: If you and I were to team up

Join me, Ogre. We’re gonna take him down.

The man I’ve always wanted to beat, the man I’ve always targeted, he’s asking me to join forces with him.

I wonder what changed his mind. Ogre doesn’t know.

Maybe he’s up to something? The thought never occurred to him.

It’s just…

I’m glad.

Oh…! Thanks a lot.

Press the Yes button. This makes Ogre and Cross party members. Although they are from different guilds, they can no longer hurt each other with their attacks.

“Hohoho… So we’re what you call friends~. But Mr. Ogre… One more low-level player won’t change anything, will it?

“You’ll never know unless you try–[Power Arrow]!”

Cross fires an arrow from the sky with his hard-hitting skill. But Gardomor does not dodge. He does not even raise his shield, and catches the arrow with his thick breastplate.

Cross’ unique equipment [God Rage] is a powerful bow with multiple skills. [God Halo] gives the user the ability to fly and increases the damage of arrows fired while flying by 5.

“Ha ha ha! I told you yesterday! No matter how much damage is multiplied by 5, it’s meaningless if the original damage is low. And the current damage is 0.0 times 0.0,0,0,zero! Do you understand?

“Huh. I know. I just wanted to make sure.

“Oh. Is that a confirmation?”

“Oh. And I understand. You’re stronger than me!”

What? No, he’s crazy! There’s a crazy boy floating in the water.

Cross is smiling wryly at him, and I wonder where he got the confidence he had when he first appeared on the scene.

No, Cross… What the fuck is wrong with you?

Nothing. I’m just making sure they’re stronger than me. But if we work together, we can beat them… Don’t you agree, Ogre?

“… Huh? Yeah! You and me together, we’re invincible.

“Hmph. And, Auger. Look at the menu. You’ll see what I’m after, won’t you?”

“Menu…? Oh.”

Auger looked at the menu and was surprised and satisfied. He understood. He knew what Cross wanted.

And understand that I’m not here to be a fool or a drunk, much less harass you. I’m here with a good chance of winning.

The one who came to save me was that boy genius who wanted to win so badly.

“I hated you when you were my enemy… It’s funny. Now I’m excited to be working with you.”

“Me too. Yeah, I guess from then on… I’ve wanted to fight side by side with you.


It’s nothing. Let’s go!


“Is mission time over~?”

Gardomor swings his sword. A slash strike hits them both. But Ogre swings and avoids it. Cross flies into the sky.

I’m going to make sure you don’t make any more moves.

Judgment Arrow is a bow skill that you can get by defeating the boss of the first level, Kwagaiger, by yourself.

It’s a powerful skill that fires powerful blasts without arrows, and if you don’t have any resistance, it gives you a definite [Stun] Weakness. But of course, it has some disadvantages.

Every time you fire a shot, a material called [Lightning Ore] is consumed from the storage. It is a very valuable material item. Because of this disadvantage, Cross has never used this skill before.

But in fighting alongside Ogre, he has cast those thoughts aside. I recognize the enemy in front of me… and I do my utmost to win the war with my comrades. It’s a natural thing to do, but I’ve come to be able to do such a natural thing. It was proof that Cross had grown mentally since that defeat.

The oncoming thunderbolt strikes… but Gardomor does not dodge.

“Huh? No matter how powerful the attack is, it won’t mean anything if the user is low level~?”

The enemy seems to have been hit by the direct hit, but he is not stunned and looks unconcerned.

“Damage 6… That’s 30 times 5. It hurts! It hurts!

“You can joke around now–[Guard Break]!”


Oga slashes at Gardomor from behind, who was distracted by the lightning. His next attack will have the [Defense Penetration] effect.

“Go on–Final Saber!”


He slammed the golden blade straight into the enemy. But…

“Nn~420 damage. That was a good attack. If I had buffed him a little more, he might have used at least Guts~. Nn~ that was a close call~.”

We couldn’t defeat him. Furthermore, Gardomor is covered with a damage recovery effect. It seems that he regained his HP by some skill.

“Ku, oga!”

And the enemy slams his sword into Ogre. Cross hurriedly hits Auger with an arrow of Achilles. This allows him to withstand the enemy’s attack invincibly for once.

That stopped Gardemol’s counter takedown attempt and Oga had to hurry and get out of range.

Damage is healed. Boys, that was a waste of time.

Gardomor mocks Ogre and his men.


“Ha ha.”

But now the ogres laugh back at Gardmor. Gardmor looks a little annoyed, perhaps offended by that.

“Oh? What are you laughing at, you little shit… You’re making me nervous.

“I apologize for laughing. But it’s what I do. After all, everything’s going according to my plan.”


“Oh. Look behind you.”

Gardomor looks back. There were three boys and a girl standing there.

Zoma, Yuya, Pancho. Thank you for coming.


He is relieved that everyone has arrived. Yes, he knew that they had come too.

He was told to look at the menu, and noticed that in addition to Cross, Zoma and the others were also listed in the party members section.

Perhaps only the flyable crosses came first.

So all we had to do was hold Gardomor back until they caught up.

“I’m here to help you, Ogre!”

“I’m not busy with the guild, so come play with me.”

“Huh. The greatest enemy of all. I’m getting good at this!

The three who have joined up with the others are now in full battle mode.

“Haha. What do you think, it’s just more small fry~! Do you really think you can beat the strongest guild, the Royal Numbers of the Most Farthest Sword, this Garde Mall!”

Gardmor tries to attack the three of you. But lightning strikes him in the brain.

“Huff. God’s judgment. That’s a good skill. It may not damage you. It may not weaken you, but it can at least cancel your attacks.”

“Since a while ago… That attack is getting annoying! Die, you fucking gakka!”

The shock of the god’s judgment is still too much to bear, even if there is no damage.

But they can’t target Cross. The beam attack from his shield is caught by Yuya on the ground. He activates a decoy with his shield, focusing the enemy’s attack on him and protecting Cross.

He has six arms and a shield on each arm, and he’s looking at his enemies with a smug look on his face.

“Ha ha ha! I have five more shields! I can still be everyone’s shield!”

I guess I’m next! –Skill Lock!”

A red light bullet shot out from the palm of Zoma’s hand. The speed of the bullets was like soap bubbles blown by a gentle breeze, but they were fired from a distance so close to the enemy that it seemed difficult to avoid them.

And you’re in an exquisite position… just in time to avoid being struck by the sword. But the enemy doesn’t dare to make a move to avoid him. Perhaps he has his own policy.

“Skill lock… Oh no~ it’s not working~?”

“What? I got it right!”

“My attacks didn’t work either. Maybe he has a skill that neutralizes his Weakness.”

“Ha, then it’s my turn!”

Pancho yelled as he removed his equipment and placed his Unique Skill [Kiai Dama] on the ground.

“Oh… You’re members of the second stage, aren’t you~? No wonder you’re so weak~.

“I’m not a cheap provocateur! I’m a striker who can shoot no matter what they say.

“You can’t get a boyfriend if you talk like that, even if you’re a woman. You’re definitely lacking in both brains and sex appeal, aren’t you~?”

“I’m gonna smash your fucking skull in! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!

You’re not cool with this?

He shoots in anger, but it curves and flies precisely towards Gardomol.

Occupation:Destroyer’s unique skill [Kiai Dama]. This is a powerful skill that can destroy all of your enemy’s armor by hitting him.

[Destroyed armor is removed from your equipment and cannot be used until you log out of the game or have it healed by a producer.

“Don’t dodge, huh? You’re not avoiding me, are you? That’s your policy, right?”

What are you talking about? Are you an idiot after all? I never said anything like that~?”

With a jerk and a tilt of his upper body Gardomor evaded the kiai ball.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t dodge the weak attacks just in case something like this happens~? An attack I thought was going to hit me was dodged. Oh? Oh? How does that make you feel~?

Gardomor is taking advantage of this moment. But… Pancho wasn’t at all disappointed.

“… Hmm. What kind of expression is that?

Let’s see Pancho’s expression. His expression has changed from that of a neutral boy to that of a girl in love. It’s a passionate gaze. Of course it wasn’t directed at Gardomor, but diagonally above and behind him.

“… What?

Gardmor turns to look. But it’s too late.

“I can’t fly this far in real life… It’s a game!”

He jumped up high and took the so-called overhead kick position. The ball, of course, was Pancho’s kiai ball, which the enemy evaded.

“””Go, Ooga!””” “””


He then insteps beautifully and catches the Kiai Ball, knocking it straight into the Garde Moor.

“Oh, oh, oh.”

“Nice shooting, Auger!”

“Play striker, not keeper!”

“Ha ha, Gardomor!”

The direct hit from the Kiai Ball causes Gardomor’s heavily armored armor to crumple with a crunching sound.

“Damn… I’m gonna… I’m not gonna… Don’t film… Don’t film me.

The Gardomor, who had all of his equipment destroyed and was now in innerwear, made a gesture as if he was ashamed to hide his body, as if he was worried about the broadcast.

“Well, you’re a little shorter than I thought you’d be inside your armor.”

And above him was Cross, loaded with arrows from Aluvandil and holding his bow.

“You’re not going to take no damage without armor, are you? Well, you can avoid me if you want–Power Arrow!”

“Damn… I can’t just… I can’t be the only one who loses here.

Gardmor dodges Cross’s arrow desperately. But the arrow changes direction and strikes Gardomor again.

“Did you think you’d gotten away with it? Too bad. I gave you a [Strike]. Thank you for taking all my hits. It’s what’s kept me alive this long.”

“Ggh… Goooooooooo?

An arrow from Urvandil strikes Gardmor’s body. His combo attack deals 5x damage, leaving him unable to activate any of his skills, and this time he manages to reduce Gardomor’s HP to zero.

The Crosses have learned to accept their opponents as superior and still give it their all.

The battle with Gardomor, who had always looked down upon his opponent as a lower rank until the very end, came to an end like this.


Cross comes down to the ground to rest. Then Oga came running up to him. He looked happy and smiling.

“What the hell, Ogre? Don’t laugh. It’s disgusting. Is it so funny that I’m working with all of you?”

No, I don’t. I just want to ask you one question.

“Oh, you want to ask me a question? Ask me anything.

“Are you having fun, Cross? Are you having fun with this game?”

Cross looked at Auger’s question for a moment, but without hesitation, he answered.

“Oh, playing with you guys… It’s been a blast.”

“That’s good. Thank you for saving me. I’m so fucking happy for you, Cross.”

“Of course. Ogre, you’ve beaten me. You can’t lose to anyone but me.

And then we laughed at each other. A little shyly. They shake hands for the first time.


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