What Kind Of Newbie Are You?! They Said That “Summoner” Is A Terrible Job, Yet They Call Her The Last Boss – 38

Johan's Case

Chapter 38: Johan’s Case


As soon as Johan enters the boss room, Crystal Leo wakes up and roars. At the same time, six floating crystals appear around Crystal Leo. They circle around Crystal Leo regularly, as if protecting the master of this room.

“I still don’t think you’re pretty…”

Johan sighed as he prepared to summon the summoner, observing Crystal Leo for any lovable points.

“If you don’t get it, I’ll have Zecca-chan fall in love with Inukoro… Summon the summoner–scapegoat.”

A round sheep-shaped monster appears from a geometric magic circle.

“[multiply] as you charge at the enemy!”


The Scapegoat splits into three and charges at Crystal Leo, bouncing around. Johan prepares to attack one of them with his Decoy skill.

“First, [multiply]… I’ll split into three bodies.”

Two alter egos of Johan appear. You can give some detailed commands to these alter egos. First, you cast Prelephor’s skill [Flower of Life] on the two alter egos.

This makes Johan’s magic number triple three times.


And all three Scapegoats have been defeated by Crystal Leo at this stage. Faster than I expected. But it doesn’t matter.

All right, alter ego A advances this time. Use [Metal Armor] and [Decoy].

One of Johann’s alter egos advances. Then he activates the [Metal Armor] skill of the Intermediate Summoner [Wall Golem] he’s just acquired.

[metal armor]

gives invincibility for 15 seconds. You cannot attack while it is active.

While you focus your attack on the invincible alter ego A, you strengthen yourself further.

“Summon the summoner–[Prelephua]!”


Summons a new Prelevere. Then, Johan casts Flower of Life on himself.

“And me… [Flower of Life]!”

Triple… And triple again.

Johan activates [Fighting Spirit] and his magic value is doubled.

“I think that’s enough. Let’s go… Hercules beetle stance!”

Johan bends down and assumes the posture of a Hercules beetle. (If he doesn’t assume this pose, he cannot fire his Terror’s Blaster.)

Then, you fire Buster Beetle’s attack skill [Terror’s Blaster] yourself.

“–Terrors Blaster!”

A white wave of energy shoots out from Johann’s arm and goes straight for the enemy.


All six of the floating crystals band together to protect Crystal Leo… But…

Johann’s attack won’t stop there.

The Terror’s Blaster, released from the super-enhanced magical power figures, vaporizes six floating crystals in an instant, yet its momentum does not weaken as it swallows Crystal Leo.


And he shaved that HP bar down in an instant.

‘Level has been raised to 24’.

When Crystal Leo disappears, a message appears telling you that your level is up.

“At level 40, you’ll be able to use advanced summoning. We’re one step closer. Well…”

As in the case of Kwaggaiger, an exit gate and a treasure chest have appeared. Inside it is a blue summoning stone.

Summoner [Crystal Leo].

Superlative: You can summon a summoner regardless of whether or not he has the summoning skill. <Non-transferable.

<Conditions for obtaining.

Summoner defeats Crystal Leo on his first try and solo.

“I’m glad we won. Now Zecca will be happy.

Johan put the newly acquired summons into storage and stepped into the third layer.


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