The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 98

Martial Arts Tournament 5: Orn vs

CH98: Martial Arts Tournament 5: Orn vs


You haven’t taken a single step since the battle began, but you feel fatigue accumulating.

(Oh man… I can only see a vision of losing no matter how we attack…)

It’s been some time since the battle began and I’ve been on the offensive.

Fuka looks cool and nonchalant as she shifts her position to accommodate the next action I’m planning to take.

At this rate, I’ll be the first one to go down…

But it’s not for nothing.

We’ve learned some things about Fuuka’s [Future Vision] through the various games we’ve played so far.

First of all, how far ahead can you see? I can’t see more than ten seconds at the most.

And secondly, the future that Fuuka is seeing is not a confirmed ・・・・・ one ・・・・・・.

If you could see the unchangeable future, you wouldn’t bother to act on my every move.

Every time I try to change my behavior, she changes hers.

If this is a bluff, I’m screwed, so that’s what I’m going to take from this.

And if I’m wrong, I don’t stand a chance.

It took a while, but I got all the information I needed.

(I knew this was the only way…)

My strength is my adaptability and coping skills.

I’m proud to say that I’m as good as most people on those two points.

Even the strongest swordsman, Fuuka…

I can’t use magic.

Whatever capacity you have for magic… use it for this attack.

Fuka is a human being too.

There is always a limit!

I’m ready… and I’m going to get close to Fuuka.

Naturally, Fuka, who can see the future, will try to take the best course of action for me.

… The moment you see the signs, you change your behavior.

(Feints are useless. Everything you do must be done with the intention of really doing it!)

You change your behavior dozens or hundreds of times before you get within ten meters or so of it.

He’s able to move faster than I can even think, like a spinal reflex.

He moved into sword range, changing his actions every time he swung…

“Huh… Huh… Huh…”

My sword stopped just before Fuuka’s neck.

If I hadn’t stopped the sword it would have reached Fuuka for sure.

Fuuka’s eyes were wide open and she couldn’t move.

As I had assumed, I had seen so many futures in an instant that my information processing had been unable to keep up with them, and I had almost stopped thinking.

“… I didn’t know there was a way. I couldn’t move.”

Fuka mutters in the same indifferent tone of voice as usual.

But the look on his face seems to say he doesn’t believe it.

“Huh… Huh… I’m glad I caught you off guard. Am I right?

I’ve worked my head to the limit, and I get the same heavy-headed feeling that I get when I’ve overdone the magic.

If you force your head to work any harder, you’ll definitely get a headache.

“Yeah. “If it was a real fight, I’d be dead… I’d be dead.

“It’s settled…? The winner, Mr. Orn!

The MC informs the audience that the game has been settled by Fuuka’s declaration of surrender.

Naturally, many spectators were not satisfied with the process or the result, and there was a storm of complaints even more than before.

I understand how you feel… but we’re taking this seriously…

You didn’t stand a chance in a fair fight, so I don’t blame you.

I won this time because it was a fight with rules.

You can’t fight like this unless you’re in a martial arts tournament.

I’m usually too scared to devote all my capacity to magic just to get the sword to Fuuka.

If I had to fight Fuka anywhere but here I’d focus on how fast I could get out of there. It depends on the situation.

And maybe this is just a one-time surprise attack.

They’ll take care of it next time.

“… Why didn’t you get serious?”

He draws his sword… and Fuka asks him a question.

“… What do you mean?”

I didn’t understand what Fuuka’s question was about, and I answered her question with a question.

I was a little… serious the other day.

When was the last time? When was the last time we fought together?

He shakes his head at my question.

So when?

“When we fought at the Flockhart Trading Company. I was moving faster than usual.”

Oh, that time.

When Fuka says he’s serious, does he mean [overlapping]?

“It’s an original magic buff. It can’t be used in a tournament where magic is forbidden.”

“…? Magic? All you need to do to disarm… is say a few words with Ki.

Fuka points out with a cocked head.

Ki again.

And deactivate it? What are you talking about?

Sometimes I just can’t get through to Fuka.

“… I see. I didn’t know why you killed the black dragon ・・・・・・, but that’s what happened.”

I’m the one with the question mark in my head, and you’re the one who convinced me.

“I don’t blame you for telling Orn now but remember… I am your sword. I will fight with you even if it means turning the world against you.

… The whole world against us? What the hell are you talking about?

I can’t understand what Fuuka meant by that, coupled with the fatigue in my head.

After saying that, Fuka walked towards the waiting room.

“It was a bit of a disappointing decision, but now we have our two finalists! First up is Oliver Cardiff, the Brave! His opponent is Orn Dura, the Dragon Slayer! The match will begin at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! Tomorrow, the greatest explorer of Tutrail will finally be decided! Don’t miss it!”

I went back to the waiting room, listening to the crowd’s cheering again as the MC encouraged the crowd to get excited.

That’s how I made it to the finals.

Next up is a fight with Oliver.

He moves like Derrick… No, I know more than that, but there are some things I don’t know, like how to use Converge Magic.

Like Fuuka, he’s not an easy opponent to beat.


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