The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 85

[Side lee on] bargaining

CH85: [side lee on] bargaining

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and two people are facing each other in the small meeting room of the Explorers Guild.

On one side is the guild leader who controls the southern part of the continent, including the Great Southern Labyrinth… Leon Conti.

The other is a Granted Sorceress currently serving in a heroic party… Philly Carpenter.

The atmosphere between the two is not a friendly one, and there is a sense of tension in the air, as if the two are on the edge of their seats.

“First of all… thanks for your hard work. You’re a valiant party to have reached your quota in less than two months. It must have been quite a task to collect that many magic stones…”

Leon smiles at you, his face as cheerful and cheerful as ever, and says, “I’m glad you’re here.

“… Is he being sarcastic?”

No, no, no, I didn’t mean…

Leon meant what he said.

The number of magic stones the guild demanded as a penalty this time, excluding the <Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky> and <Red Copper Haze>, it would have taken at least three months even if they were an A rank party.

And you did it in less than two months. That’s quite an accomplishment.

“… Well, I thought our first foray into the labyrinth as a party of heroes was a bit of a disaster. You were so wary that you dug your own grave.”

“Damn… It doesn’t matter. I came here today for one reason. Why did you report that Amuntsaas… Why didn’t you tell me that <Amuntsaas> was in the Southern Labyrinth ・・・・・・・?”

The tone is soft, but Philly’s eyes are so sharp that they would make a normal person tremble.

“I’m not sure why. I’ve been under a gag order, so there’s no way you, a simple explorer ・・・・・・, could have been contacted.”

He doesn’t flinch from Philly’s sharp eyes and tells them why he’s there.

“A simple explorer”? That’s just an expression. I’m a close associate of the Grand Master. I’m in a better position. You should know better.

“Suppose I told Mr. Philly that Amuntsaas was active. It’s easy to imagine what would happen. You and the White Devil would have fought fiercely, and the people of this town would have suffered greatly. How could I tell you if I knew that?

“… I think you’re right. If I had heard that, I would have killed her for sure… But what’s wrong with that? She’s a clear enemy. And we have a good reason to kill a murderer who’s been going around killing seekers. Killing her is our priority. If we can kill her, it doesn’t matter if everyone in this town dies.

“… What do you think you’re doing with a human life?”

Leeon’s cheerful face falls, and his voice sounds as if he’s trying desperately to contain his anger.

“You don’t care about people. If anything, you’re just a convenient puppet to serve as my legs.”

Philly, on the other hand, says so in a light tone, as if it’s only natural.

“The outsider…”

“I don’t understand why you’re so determined to protect those inferior ・・・・・… Oh, you’re a lesser species, aren’t you?”

He scoffs and curses with a look of utter contempt.

“… You shouldn’t look down on us so much. You’re going to get hurt sooner or later.”

“Hmm, I’m gonna hurt you, baby. How the hell did you do that? If I use my powers, you’ll forget this exchange one second and the next? What could such a vulnerable being do to me?

“… You think I haven’t done something knowing I’d be talking to you face to face like this?”


“Your abilities are powerful. You can even use it to ・・・・・・ create ・・・・・ the world as you see fit. But it’s not perfect. Use that power on me. The location of the Guild headquarters and all your misdeeds will be revealed to the whole world. I wonder what Amuntsaas will do when he finds out. Most likely they’ll storm the headquarters. With all the power of the organization.

“… But… But you can’t even…”

“I will forget… I will forget. But I’m not sure the trap I’m setting is that simple.”

Philly gives Leeon a look that confirms his true intentions.

“… Isn’t this clear treason? Aren’t you sworn to be loyal to her?

“I have no allegiance to the Grand Master.”


“Of course, the Grand Master knows this. I don’t care for the Guild’s true heart: ・・・・・・. No, I detest it. But the Guild has become a necessary part of our society. That’s why I work for this organization… For the innocent people who live in this world…!”

Leung was very determined when he said that.

The voice is eloquently described as being extraordinary.

“… Huh. It’s more likely a bluff, but you never know. Okay, I guess I lose today.”

“I don’t think there’s a winner and a loser in this story.”

“For now, I’ll leave you alone and ask you to stay out of my way.”

Philly’s comments have eased some of the tension.

Yeah, that’s fine… I hope your plan falls apart.

When they acknowledged their mutual non-aggression, Leon was sarcastic in return, but the filly just frowned a little and walked out of the room without saying a word.

“… Hmm. That was a dangerous bridge to cross, but it’s a good lesson in restraint… Now we need to get ready for Thanksgiving.”

The sound of Philly’s footsteps are gone, and Leon mutters to himself in the space left alone.

I took a deep breath and got up from my seat.


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