The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 71


CH71: Reception

The party is still going on, but I’ve left the venue and I’m walking behind the President with Selma-san towards the reception room in the main building.

I’m sorry, I was just having fun.

The president of the company calls out apologetically as he walks ahead.

“No, I’ve had enough fun. Besides, I think this is something that Selma and I need to deal with.”

“Well. I’m glad you enjoyed it… Once again, congratulations on reaching the 93rd level. I’m very proud of you.”

“No, it’s just the beginning. Reaching the 93rd level is just our first step. We will go on and on.”

Selma responds to the President’s congratulations.

Yes, revenge against the Black Dragon was a big goal for everyone, but the goal is to conquer the Grand Maze.

This clan will continue to conquer the Grand Labyrinth.

“That’s very encouraging. We’ll do our best to support you, so take it easy and go at your own pace. Well, we’ve reached our destination.

While I was talking with the chief, I came to the front of the reception room, which was our destination.

The Chief knocked on the door and then went inside.

Then Selma and I go in, in that order.

There was an old man in the room, dressed in fine clothes.

His name is Lazareth Eddington.

Former head of the Earls of Eddington.

And Count Eddington is a major sponsor of the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.

He has been almost completely retired since his son has taken over the reigns of the family, but he still exerts a strong influence on the public eye.

Master Lazareth, thank you for waiting.

The president of the group greets us with a bow, and Selma and I bow to him as well.

It’s my fault for barging in so suddenly. When I heard you made it to the ninety-third level I couldn’t stand around. I know this is a lot to take in… but would you mind having a little chat with the old man?”

My impression of Lazareth Eddington is that he’s a good-looking man.

He’s a nobleman, but he speaks softly to a commoner like me.

But that’s what I’m afraid of.

He is a person who has survived in the social circles where evil spirits of rivers and mountains are said to be rampant.

He can’t just be a good old man.

However, the Silver Rabbit and the Countess of Eddington have mutual interests.

That’s why they’re funding us and we’re not going to become their enemy unless something happens to them, so there was no problem keeping our guard down to the bare minimum.

… I’ve never seen that before.

“Orn, it’s been two weeks. I didn’t expect you to reach the ninety-third layer in such a short time. That’s really amazing. I wonder if the result this time was only possible because of you?”

“I’m sorry. My power is very small. This result was only possible because of the Night Sky Silver Rabbit’s abilities. I couldn’t have reached the ninety-third layer by myself.”

It’s a little strange to use “I” for the first person…

I can’t say “I” to a nobleman.

“Humble as ever. Good work today, Selma. I hope you were able to avenge Mr. Albert’s death.”

“… Yes. We couldn’t have done this without your help, Mr. Lazareth. Thank you for your help.”

“It’s a small thing I did. But it’s a good story to tell. Thank you for giving us something interesting to talk about. I’m glad I trusted you.”

I heard from the Marquis of Forgath during the time of the Brave Party that since Albert-san had passed away and the Brave Party had overtaken them in the hierarchy of achievement, the faction to which Count Eddington’s family belonged had called for the termination of their investment in the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky.

And it seems that just when they were about to reach an agreement to stop the investment, this old man stopped them.

For the past month, we’ve heard very little about the heroic party.

On the contrary, the Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit has updated the number of levels it has reached to ninety-three.

By the way, there are only three parties that have reached the ninety-third level, including the past three parties that have reached the ninety-third level, including <Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky>.

It is clear from this situation which side has the momentum and the public interest.

I honestly don’t know if the old man had read this far, but it goes without saying that his voice in the faction has grown even stronger.

And he owes the Night-Heavenly Silver Rabbit a great debt of gratitude.

When Lazareth Eddington makes a major move in the future, it is quite possible that the Silver Rabbit of the Night Sky will be caught up in it.

(We should be able to gather more information on this old man than ever before.)

“Oh, yes. I just wanted to ask you one question, Mr. Orn.”

… You want to know something?

I don’t know.

“Yeah, I’m talking about the leader of the heroes’ party, Oliver the Sword Saint.”

Oliver? I’m getting more and more confused.

I’ve already told you as much as I can about your heroic party.

“If Orn-kun and Oliver fight one-on-one, who will win? They must fight using only martial arts and no magic.

Fighting without magic?

Not using magic in combat is not an option for me.

I certainly pride myself on my mastery of various martial arts.

But I’m not a master, and my physical abilities are not as good as those of the more advanced explorers.

To make up the difference I’ve been incorporating magic into my fighting, mainly supportive magic, and I can’t imagine not using magic in battle.

There’s no place where there isn’t magic.

If you can’t use magic, then you’re definitely in a daze, so you’re in no condition to fight.

I’m not sure I understand the intent of this question…

“… You can win.”

I don’t know what the question was about, but I figured it wouldn’t make much difference if I lied or not, so I answered… truthfully.

“… Hmm. I’m sorry Orn, but I heard that you’ve never beaten Sword Saint Oliver?”

Where’d you hear that?

Yeah, I’ve never won.

Selma’s reaction to what I said.

Selma seemed to think I was stronger than Oliver.

“Hmm? Can I really win when I’ve never won before?”

“I’d say I’ve never won, but the last time I fought Oliver was in a simulation before I converted to a Granted Master. And Lazareth-sama, you are asking about victory or defeat in a purely martial battle without magic, aren’t you?”

The old man shook his head in affirmation of my question.

If you’re a “yes,” you can win. I’m familiar enough with Oliver’s habits to know that he’s an easy opponent… But I don’t want you to misunderstand me… this is only if Oliver and I fight one-on-one. If it’s a question of who can defeat the same kind of magical beast faster under the same conditions, I don’t stand a chance.”

Oliver’s a genius.

You don’t have to rely on my little tricks… to overpower them with pure power.

There’s no way that most of us, including me, who are normally mediocre at best, could ever hope to compete with Oliver.

“I see. It’s true that for nearly a decade… No, you’ve been watching the Sword Saint Oliver’s movements from the time you were born, so even if you’re limited to martial arts only, you’re still able to win in a fight. Yes, I’m convinced and relieved.”

… Safe?

You make it sound like me and Oliver are fighting on those terms…

What are you up to?

We talked for another hour or so, including Selma and the President, but what I had just said remained in my mind as a lump.


Lazareth Eddington’s reception is over, but we have another appointment.

That’s what Blanca, the newspaper publisher, told me.

I was the one who was interviewed by the brave party, and since I was with Selma, we both headed that way.

I was interviewed for about an hour, but Mr. Selma was basically answering the questions, and I was just supplementing him occasionally.

Most of the interviews were general ones about the battle of the Black Dragon and the ninety-second layer, so I won’t go into them here.

After the interview, I went back to the party venue, where they were already cleaning up.

Well, it was already late, so we couldn’t make any more noise outside.

After I helped clean up, I went outside to the bar for an after-party with Anthem, Mr. Bannard, and a few other adults and older who I had just talked to and gotten to know well today.

I had a bit of a hazy feeling, but I really enjoyed the time I spent with everyone.


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