The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 67

92 Layer Strategy (2) Overwhelming

CH67: 92 Layer Strategy (2) Overwhelming

I’ll cast an intermediate offensive spell to match Rain’s.

And [Amplified Chain Raise Repeat] is placed on the projectile line.

Moya’s doing a good job of blocking our offensive magic, but we’re outnumbered.

The attacking magic begins to hit the black dragon.

The black dragon tried to move, but Will’s perfect position and attack prevented him from doing so.

Interval! Attack resumes in five seconds!

Mr. Lane’s voice echoes in my brain.

I hear that voice, and I switch to close combat.

You activate [Sharpness Increase] on Schwarzhase, and he flanks your rear left foot.

When the swords are in contact with each other, they slash the same spot several times in an instant from different directions.

The sword he used in the last battle against the Black Dragon was ordinary for better or worse.

With a normal sword, I could only break the hard scales and make shallow wounds.

But the sword I’m holding was made for me, optimized for me.

Furthermore, the quality of the materials used is also very different.

With my support spells boosting its performance, Schwarzhase… I can slash off the legs of a hard black dragon.

The black tracks running in front of me at high speed finally cut off the black dragon’s back left leg.

The black dragon screams.

The three remaining blurs are coming at me.

By the way, the second blur was erased by Will just now.

He avoided it without any difficulty, and just when he had gained some distance, Mr. Lane’s interval was over.

Attack magic rains down again from above the Black Dragon.

The black dragon, which had lost its hind legs, had produced ten blurs even as it was losing its stance.

Ten has been the maximum number in previous battles.

You’re moving too fast.

Moya intercepts Rain’s spell and prevents him from attacking.

I’ll also launch [Thunder Arrow] with [Instantaneous Ability Super Rising Impact] from behind.

Lightning has more penetrative power than other attribute systems.

[Thunder Arrow] pierces the black dragon’s body and damages it.

(I see. With this much power, it can pierce through without regard to the scales?)

He tried to close in again as Lane came back into the interval.

… But several more Moya’s attack you sooner than that, so you give up attacking, and concentrate on avoiding them while keeping your distance from them.

While our attack had stopped one of the blurs clung to the black dragon’s left hind leg and took the place of the foot.

(I didn’t know you could use it like that. Interesting.)

Unlike the last battle against the Black Dragon, I still had a lot of energy left in me, and I was honestly impressed by Moya’s versatility.

The Black Dragon moves its center of gravity forward.

“Here comes the tail attack!”

He instantly knows what the Black Dragon’s next move will be and alerts everyone.

The black dragon’s tail pounces on Will so fast that he can’t even react without a buff.

I won’t let that attack happen again!

Will cries out as he parries the tail’s attack with his double-bladed sword.

… He extends the blade with the power of the chaos he’s reawakened and thrusts it into his tail.

I activated [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rise Impact] in time with Will’s attack.

The blade’s power is greatly increased. The tail is pierced and sewn to the ground.

After confirming that the tail is fixed, I move closer to the root and swing my Schwarzhase.

Just before the blades touch, he activates his [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rise Impact] here as well, severing the tail with a single sword stroke.

The black dragon roars in what could be described as a rage or a scream.

Flamebombs are coming!

Selma’s voice echoes in my brain.

I hear that and move to a position where I can see the black dragon’s face.

I see flames leaking from the black dragon’s mouth.

The black dragon tries to fire a flaming bullet.

At the same time, he activates a [Reflective Wall] near his face.

The fireballs shot out of the black dragon’s mouth immediately return to its mouth as if they were retracing their steps, and they explode inside the black dragon’s mouth.


And the one-sided battle continues.

Will takes all the Black Dragon’s hate and gives it away.

If Will is damaged, Lecrae heals Will immediately.

Leclerc is not taking part in the attack this time, and is concentrating on recovering his allies.

The reason he can do this is because Rain-san is slamming high powered magic into the black dragon in a short interval.

Selma is concentrating on managing everyone’s buffs and the Black Dragon’s movement.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see the entirety of the huge black dragon from where I’m relatively close to it.

That means we have a lot of blind spots, but since Selma has been telling us what’s going on, we’ve been able to deal with the black dragon’s attacks without any problems.

The four of them have been simulating the battle with the Black Dragon in their brains for the past year.

We’ve been meeting since I joined.

And the result is this.

The Black Dragon has no power before us.

This party was originally capable of defeating the Black Dragon.

In addition, we consider all possible patterns and decide how to deal with them.

… I was not so careless.


The black dragon made 20 blurs appear.


Will is startled.

Of course.

I’ve fought the Black Dragon twice and the First Squadron once… but we’ve never had more than eleven blurs appear.

There is no precedent in the guild records for a black dragon to have more than eleven blurs.

Five out of 20 will come at me and Will.

The remaining ten needles turn into numerous small needles and are shot out all at once at the location where the three rear guards are.

(Damn it! I’m not in a situation where I can afford to be generous!)

I build a formula while dodging the blur that’s coming at me.

“[Demon Sword Combination Ortration]!”

After you’ve finished constructing the formula we’ll activate the new function of the storage grimoire.

A spell is only activated when magic flows into the constructed formula.

Its magic and Schwarzhase become one.

The black sword lost its shape and transformed into a jet-black fluid gas, liquid or solid, that could be taken to be a converged magical force that mimicked the sword’s shape.

“Heavenly Flash…!”

Schwarzhase is already converged magic.

It doesn’t take time to converge the magic power to release the heavenly flash.

He unleashes a heavenly flash against countless needles, obliterating most of them with a shockwave.

But we couldn’t wipe them all out.

Some of the rest fly towards the three rear guards.

I’m gonna make my next move.


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