The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 66

92 Layer Strategy (1) First move is a must

CH66: 92 Layer Strategy (1) First move is a must

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Orn!”

Will swung his double-bladed sword at the approaching winged lion manticore, causing it to lose its stance.

I will thrust the Schwarzhase into the vital point and turn it into magic stone!

It’s a sword made mainly from black dragon scales by a talented blacksmith.

[The sword is better in its bare form than the one you’ve been using so far.

I feel as if he is bringing out the best in me, and I don’t have to adjust myself like I do with other swords.

I finally understand why advanced searchers are so concerned about custom-made.

Seeing is believing.

The ninety-second layer is like a huge canyon.

In contrast to the ninety layers, the number of demonic beasts is small.

However, each of them has a very high fighting power.

Some of the monsters are good matches for the floor bosses in the lower levels.

There are many differences in altitude and many monsters with the ability to fly.

You have to pay attention not only to the front and back but also to the top and bottom of the screen, because the top is often taken.

We’ve been in the 92nd layer for three hours.

I’ve been comparing the terrain of the ninety-two layers I know with the data I’ve mapped out on my own, and I’ve chosen a route that’s less likely to encounter magical beasts and will get us to the boss area as quickly as possible.

As a result, the number of battles with demonic beasts has been kept to a minimum.

Our goal this time is to reach the ninety-third layer.

Since the battle against the Black Dragon is coming at the end, you should keep the number of battles to a minimum in order to conserve your strength.

That’s the big difference between exploring a labyrinth and attacking a labyrinth.

“Oh, Mr. Orn, you have a cut on your hand. Hold still while I heal it.”

Leclerc points out to me that the back of my left hand is lightly cut and bleeding.

“You don’t have to go to the trouble of using a recovery magic for an injury like this…”


Lecrae shouts loudly, interrupting me.

“… You know, you might get some germs in there! If you can fix it, you should fix it, right?”

I… Oh, my God. I think I traumatized Lecrae.

If you’d have thought about it, you’d have realized how sensitive this kid is to his friends’ injuries.

I may have been insensitive.

“… There’s no chance of getting seriously ill. Well then, please do me a favor.”

“Uh-uh! Hold on!”


Then we advance steadily deeper into the castle, fighting many battles.

Finally, the cave leading to the boss area at the bottom of the ninety-two layers came into view.

Apparently, no irregularities occurred this time.

After walking through the cave for a while, you will see a huge double-opened door three meters wide and ten meters high.

There’s a black dragon inside this door.

Inside, the place is like a huge hall with a diameter of about 70 meters.

By the way, most of the boss areas are similar in shape, although they are different in size.

However, the boss area of the ninety-second level has no ceiling unlike the boss area of the fifty-second level which I fought the other day.

If they move into the air, in the worst case, they may rise to an altitude too high for your offensive magic to reach them, so you must destroy their wings this time.

“… We’re here. Everyone, final checks on gear and be on the lookout. And Rain, Orn, start getting ready.

You can find a lot of different types of magic tools and equipment.

Mr. Lane’s eyes are closed and he’s concentrating on constructing the procedure.

“[Forward Ability Increase Vanguard Up],[Rear Ability Increase Rearguard Up].”

Selma buffs Will with [Vanguard Up] and the three rearguards with [Rearguard Up].

[Rear Guard Up] is the same as [Vanguard Up], and applies five kinds of buffs at the same time, excluding [Strength Up].

I also activate [quadruple Quadruple] of [All Ability Increases Status] on myself.

All right, you ready… Let’s go!

We shake our heads in agreement with Selma’s final confirmation.

When Selma touches the door, it opens slowly with a loud noise.

As we slowly enter the boss area we hear the roar of the black dragon from above.

The black dragon was flying about twenty meters above the center of the boss area.

“Rain! Orn! Bring the Black Dragon down to earth as planned!”

The black dragon is about to fire a flaming bullet… but not fast enough,

“[Heavenly Thunder Hammer Mjolnir]!”

A thunderbolt of the utmost magnitude strikes from even higher above the Black Dragon.

Rain’s attack, which was almost a surprise attack, did not bring the black dragon down to the ground, but it did succeed in knocking it off balance in mid-air.

[I was right on top of the black dragon by the time the attack with Mjolnir the Thunder Hammer of Heaven was over.

The black dragon doesn’t see me. His attention is on Will on the ground.

“Heavenly Flash…!”

He swings down with his Schwarzhase and fires a jet-black slash.

This time you are not blocked by the tail, and a jet-black shockwave with [Instantaneous Ability Super-Rising Impact] obliterates the black dragon’s left wing.

The black dragon loses its balance and falls to the ground.

I seem to have landed well, but he’s staring at me with a reproachful expression on his face.

(Maybe the black dragon has a narrower view this time)

I stand in the air and look down at the black dragon.

Not all hexenbiests are created equal.

There is no great difference in ability, but there are individual differences in personality and body size.

And that’s no exception, even for floor bosses.

The double-edged blade of Will’s sword that is positioned in front of the black dragon emits a mixture of red, blue and green colors of magic power.

Will’s double-bladed sword is both a weapon and a storage device.

A storage spellbook can only hold matter.

But by modifying the formula he’s made it so that it can hold magic instead of matter.

It can be retracted only when it is in contact with the blade, so the timing is not so easy, but it can practically nullify magic and sorcery.

And if it can be stored, it can be made to appear.

It seems that you can manipulate the magic you conjure up to some extent by using the method of magical influx.

However, magic converted into magic or sorcery is magic, not sorcery.

But Will makes it possible.

I don’t know if it’s the result of his effort or his sense, but he seems to have completely tamed that jabbering magic.

Don’t look away! Chaos Slash Chaos Edge!”

The slash struck the black dragon directly in the face as he was focusing on me.

So far, so good.

Mr. Lane and I will attack you and bring you down to the ground, destroying your wings as well.

This allows Will to override the hate that was directed our way.

The black dragon let out a roar of rage as five purple blurs formed around it.

One of the blurs whips around and hits Will.

That’s a bad idea.

That’s not going to work!

When the blade of the double-edged sword touches Moya, it disappears without a trace.

Moya’s still a magical force.

I mean, it won’t work with Will.

“Go with Pattern C! Rain and Orn, switch and cut down the Black Dragon! Will, you manage the hate, and Lecrae, you support Will!”

“””” copy!!!!”” “””

Everyone responds to Selma’s instructions.

Mr. Rayne is going to cast a spell.


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