The Jack-of-all-trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party ~ The Swordsman Who Became a Support Mage Due to Party Circumstances, Becomes All Powerful – Chapter 56

Solo Combat

CH56: Solo Combat

“Alright! Then let’s go to the Grand Maze in the afternoon!”

After teaching them about magical beasts, I continued to teach them the basics of how to think about various rolls and how to be a good explorer, and it was just about noon.

“Are you sure…?”

I’m in charge of your education. I’m sure you’re bored if you’ve been in a classroom from day one and you want to move around. I’d like you to show me your abilities again so that I can decide on the educational policy for the future.

The three of them were asked to have lunch in the cafeteria. However, I instructed them to eat a small amount.

I was asked if I would not eat at the cafeteria. I told them that I would be fine because I would eat my homemade portable meals, and all three of them showed interest in the portable meals.

I make my portable meals taste like second best.

It has been improved to a level where it doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t taste good.

Naturally, as soon as all three of them put the portable food in their mouths, their expressions hardened.

“What is this? It doesn’t taste good… Mmmmmm!”

“Oh, it’s delicious, Master! You’re so good at making this kind of food, Master!”

Carol is about to give her honest opinion when Log follows up by covering her mouth with his hand.

“Puha! You’re going to die!”

“Ha-ha-ha… I know it’s not very subtle, so no pressure. Can we still eat at the cafeteria?”

No, no! I can’t leave what I’ve been given!”

It looks like they’re not just going to eat the logs, they’re going to eat the whole thing.

You didn’t have to go overboard here…


After lunch, we arrived at the tenth level of the Great Labyrinth.

“Now, from now on, you will fight me one at a time. I want you to show me how far you can go on your own. I’ll protect you if anything happens to you. And when you fight, wear this necklace around your neck.”

The three of us are more likely to get attacked by the beasties.

The first one to fight is Sophie.

Five slimes.

“Come on, Sophie!”

“Yes, I’m coming! [Fire arrow!

Slime is one of the most common examples of weak monsters.

However, it has high physical resistance, and its weak point, the core, is in the center of its body, but it is small and hard to see.

So a rookie swordsman would have a hard time against him.

Sophie, however, is a sorceress.

Five slimes should be easy to defeat.

You have chosen [Fire Arrow], an intermediate level fire spell that slimes are not good at.

If a slime approaches you, stay calm and keep your distance.

You must keep a certain distance from them and kill them one by one.

If you can build in parallel, the speed of annihilation will be much faster, but as a newcomer, your choice of sorcery and your standing are not a problem.

I think Sophie’s going to have to master parallel construction.


Then enter the battle of the logs.

Four goblins.

Since Log is a grantor, it is better to concentrate on buffing your allies and not attacking so much.

But since there are only three of us in the party, we’re forced to join the attack.

If only we had a new guy who could keep up with these three…

Log instantly invoked [earth thorn rock Needle] and [fire arrow Fire Arrow] and turned the goblin into a magic stone.

I’m convinced after seeing the battle again.

The logs are constructed in parallel.

Since the Search Management Department is the place to mentor newcomers, it’s unlikely that they taught the parallel construction required for advanced searchers.

If so, you must have taught yourself, or one of the explorers taught you.

In any case, I didn’t know that you could build a parallel system at that age.

Log may have had a bad attitude, but he’s already a good explorer.

So, what are we going to teach Log?


Finally, there’s Carol’s battle.

Two White Wolves.

The White Wolf is a fast-moving, strong-biting beast.

Carol is still on him, dodging and countering, slashing with her daggers.

Carol is a good vanguard attacker.

Now that you’re my apprentice, I’m not gonna let you be an evasive defender with the highest mortality rate in the world.

I don’t want you to take that risk.

But the only one who can play vanguard at the moment is Carol.

Not having a defender in the party is fatal.

I’m forced to play defender now, but that’s only in the middle tier.

When you get to the lower levels, convert them to vanguard attackers.

We need to find a defender who can keep up with these three.

Carol is slashing at one of the White Wolves, toying with it.

He is concentrating on one of them, leaving his unprotected back exposed to the other one that is coming up behind him.

“Watch out!”

Sophie screams.

You channel magic into the constructed formula and activate [Reflective Barrier Reflective Wall].

A white wolf touches a gray translucent wall and flies in the opposite direction.

[Activate [Agility Increase Agility] and close the distance between you and White Wolf in an instant.

You cut down the white wolf in the air before your very eyes.


“Carol, you’re fighting alone now, so you’re gonna have to watch your back, okay?”

I’ll try not to sound too accusatory, but I’ll keep an eye on Carol.

“Hmm? I knew you’d come from behind. That’s why you were so defenseless.

Carroll is making a statement as if it’s obvious.

What does that mean? I don’t understand.

You know what? That could have been a serious injury, okay?”

“Hmm? I’m not going to hurt you, okay?”

We’re not having this conversation.

Carroll said and slashed his own wrists with the dagger in his hand.

Of course there’s a lot of blood in the wrists.

… Huh?

I didn’t understand it for a moment, but I immediately construct a formula to activate [Heal Heal].

But the wound heals quickly before I can activate it.

(What the hell…)

Unable to hide his confusion, he mutters in his mind.

“This is my superpower. No matter how badly I get hurt, I heal instantly! I’m deathless! I’m used to pain and I never get hurt!

He tells me with a big smile.

I don’t feel safe!

She’s too unbalanced.

Someday… it may not be the time to wait.

This ability is the reason you’ve always been able to run into hexenbiests?

Biased thinking and this otherworldly ability.

This dangerous thinking has to change immediately…


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